Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Taiwan Vacation 吃 - 阿美麻糬 & 活跳虾 (Day 3)

Date:  Dec 9, 2013

After all the thrill rides, we have to switch he channel back to the seniors and adults.

The tour guides decided to bring us to 花莲阿美麻糬 店.


This is very good.

IMG 4377

The salted egg yog is very nice.

IMG 4378

This is what I am talking about!  Whahahahaha

IMG 4383

The kids are having fun too while their parent shops.

IMG 4387

This is what I am talking about… 

IMG 5827

Wahahaha 手信.

IMG 5828

Almost every one brought back a lot of snacks.  Famous Taiwan snacks.  

IMG 5921

Yeap!  Those two boxes that we brought back from Taiwan contains the snacks we brought back.  You simply ask them to pack it, and leave it in the van for the whole journey.  You don’t even have to bring it down to the car.  On the last day, it will follow you to the airport, magically check in and then, you bring it home.  Wahahaha.

IMG 5738

OK.  活跳虾!We arrived at the Coy Fish Pond.  鲤鱼谭.

IMG 4424

Frist task, let’s sent the kids to the pond first.

IMG 4396

Let’s go ride the boat...

IMG 4416

All kids have to wear the life vest.

IMG 4400

We sent off each boat by each boat.


Bye Bye...


Good.  They have to take at least one hour for the dragon boat cycling.

IMG 4406

Bye bye Jay Jay & Kay Kay.


OK.  While they “struggle” and pedalling at the pond there, what shall we do...

Let’s go.

IMG 4427

wow… Lots of eating place.

IMG 4391

OK.  What is  活跳虾?????

Take a look at the video, then, you know.  Self explanatory.

Its just live jumping shrimps.  And they add in some Chinese wine, sauces, chilli...

IMG 4426

And you simply eat it alive.  YES, while it is jumping.  YES, without taking off the shells.

YES.. eat it alive!

IMG 4423

OK.  Let’s try it.

As you can see from my worried expression.  I did worry a bit.  Will it jump in my mouth?

Will I be sting by its clams?

But as soon as I bite the live shrimp, the FRESH juice of the meat go straight into my throat.

That is when I turn my worried far into big smile. 

It is damn tasty!

My father in law enjoys it too!

Esther, you got to eat it alive you know.  This is like that TV game show.  FEAR FACTOR.

This is what its like after 10 minutes, the live shrimps become dead shrimps.

IMG 4422

Recommended dish.  Not for weak heart.  Try it!

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