Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Taiwan Vacation - 七星谭 (Day 2)

Date:  Dec 8, 2013

On the second day, our last stop is this 七星谭 beach.

OK.  This place is a real beach, it is not a pond or lake as suggested by the 七星谭 name.  

IMG 4068

This is the first time the kids touch the beach.

 IMG 4004

Let’s take some more group photo here.

IMG 4071

Let’s take a mega group photo here.

IMG 4084

The kids all enjoy the sea.  But the weather is a bit too cold to touch the sea water here.

IMG 4090


IMG 4100

Lots of clouds in the sky.  But the sky blue, the sea blue and the sand creates a magnificent view.

IMG 4093

The sand is not a sand, it is a fine stones sand.

IMG 4096

The wave is huge sometimes...


Just standing there and look into the sea and listen to the waves makes you feel very good.

The kids started to throw stones into the sea.  Isabelle taking photo first.


Let’s throw the rocks and stones into the sea!

IMG 4012

No Kay, that is too big to throw..

Kay: “No, I want!"

So happy throwing stones...

IMG 4129

The kids throw the stones into the sea...



Then, they build stones piles...

IMG 4033

Let’s take a photo with the stones...

IMG 4157

I love the beach.

IMG 4163

What is my wife trying to do?  Is she trying to do star jump?

IMG 4103

Isabelle, please show aunty Boon Ching how to do the star jump...

IMG 4108

Let me show it..

IMG 4167

Rusdi will do a Jordon jump...

IMG 4185

Here comes a running jump...

IMG 4175

Synchronised running jump...

IMG 4193

Who cross the finishing line first...

IMG 4202

And then, the kids all jump...

IMG 4208

Brayden so happy and start doing Michael Jackson’s dance moves...

That concludes our second day walking trail and beach visit.

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