Thursday, December 19, 2013

Taiwan Vacation - Onsen Swimming Pool 台东知本温泉 (Day 5)

Date: Dec 11, 2013

Its 18 degree outside.

IMG 4960

I have already done one round of onsen when I wake up.  So, now wearing my heat tech form uniqlo, and sitting outside doing my usual readings.

IMG 4961

The kids are having fun in their private onsen pool.

IMG 4962

The pool is very big.

IMG 4969

Open the curtains beside the onsen pool and open the door just right beside the window… let the cool breeze comes in.  The feeling is nice and it feels just like Japan.

IMG 4974

Why do I go and pay $800++ for Japan onsen hotel, where here you can get the same thing at slightly above $200?

This trip to Taiwan, I specially design and add in a onsen hotel to try out.  And it seems that all 32 people in this tour groups agrees that this is a nice hotel.

Wait. you have not seen the next thing our kids going to have fun with...

IMG 4976

First, let’s feed our stomach first.

IMG 4989

Again, the food is nice.  I specially made this 卤肉拉面 for Jay Jay.

IMG 4990

Kay Kay loves his 卤肉饭.

IMG 4991

Taking lots of photos.

IMG 4987


IMG 4984

Merry Christmas...

IMG 4981

Next thing… most of the kids came to the public onsen swimming pool and play.

I did not bring any swimming gear this trip… because I cannot imagine of swimming in the public pool is so fun.  So, as soon as I see the pool, I decided to buy on the spot a swimming suit for Jay Jay.  

All must wear swimming cap so to minimise the dropping hair.

IMG 4999

It is fun indeed.

IMG 5007

 The kids love water.  And the water is warm.  And the air around the pool is not so cold.  But cold. 

There are water jets and their on off button every where.  So, by pushing the buttons, the kids already feel so happy.

IMG 5010

These are quite powerful massaging jet.

IMG 5013

Anna & her daddy Eric.

IMG 5017

OK.  Now, let’s try the real onsen pool.  hot hot hot.

IMG 5019

This pool must be 36-38 degrees hot.  But the Guan’s family is no problem dipping in such pool.

IMG 5022

Jay Jay beh tahan liao.  Too hot too hot.

IMG 5027

Don’t worry Jay.  We are not cooking you.

IMG 5028

Let’s move out to the big pool outside.  It is 38.7 degree for centre of the pool.

IMG 5030

Remember, the weather is about 20 degrees outside.

IMG 5031

We sit beside the pool to dig our legs.  Quite shiok too.

IMG 5034

The kids loves it.  Only Kay Kay don’t like to dip in the hot water.  All kids are there.

IMG 5046

Let’s go back to the indoor pool (not so indoor), only different is got roof nia.

ouch ouch ouch.  The water jet is quite strong.

IMG 5057

Let’s go to the steam room.

IMG 5066

Then, we change to the dry sauna.

IMG 5070

Almost dry up...

IMG 5074

Almost time to leave.  Almost noon.

IMG 5080

All the 6 vans is ready to move out.  Each van can sit 6-7 people.  The luggage follows you all the way.  Some times you don’t even have to bring down the luggage to the hotel.  Quite convenient.

IMG 5083

Bye bye 东游季!

IMG 4650


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  1. wow all the taiwan trips look so fun! When will you organise another trip to Taiwan, can other families with kids join? : )