Monday, December 16, 2013

Taiwan Vacation - 清水断崖 (Day 2)

Date:  Dec 8, 2013

The second day morning, we took a train ride from 宜兰 to 和平站 @ 花莲.

The kids are very happy for the train ride.

The parents also happy, as we do not need to sit and drive the dangerous 苏花公路.  No vomit.


IMG 3811

After a short ride, we finally arrived at 太鲁阁 (Taroko).


First photo taking stop is this 清水断崖.


It is indeed breathe taking.  Look at the sea.  If the sky do not have so much clouds, it will be perfect.

IMG 3927

The sea water is greenish blue, the beach line is so long.

IMG 3928

Even my younger son stare at this amazing blue ocean (Pacific Ocean) for so long.  He just sitting there and watching.

IMG 3930

And the sea water change colour bits by bits.


It’s time for more photo.


Let’s jump.

IMG 3945

Let me fly.

IMG 3946

wow wow wow.

IMG 3947

Jump!  Jump over 清水断崖.

IMG 3948

I will make another trip back during the time there is no rain, no typhoon, not so much clouds.  

IMG 3955

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