Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Taiwan Vacation - Cycling & Train Cart at Sugar Factory (Day 4)

Date:  Dec 10, 2013

Early next morning, we rented the bike and we set off to explore the Sugar factory surroundings.

IMG 4545

These early birds ride the bicycle and discover this place.  Got some abandon trains.

IMG 4547

Hey, you see what we found?

IMG 4566

There is a cycling track.

IMG 4570

Another abandon train.

IMG 4587

The train is coming… run run run...

IMG 4597

Mommy saw my Whatsapp posting.. and immediately, she arrived with Kay Kay.

IMG 4600

She is amazing with this train cart.

IMG 4607

Here we arrived on the train… yeah!

 IMG 4617

More people came.

IMG 4655

Uncle Rusdi trying to understand the push and pull mechanism.

The power of facebook and whatsapp and have attract all the kids to be here.

IMG 4679

And they are having funs!

We stayed two nights here.  And everything has packed and moved onto the van.

Let’s take photos.

IMG 4708

This place is very fun!  We will definitely come back here again next time.

IMG 4724

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