Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Taiwan Vacation 吃 - 骏 怀旧餐厅 (Day 1)

Date: Dec 7, 2013

That is why I like to have 私人导游 personal tour guide where he can bring you and eat.

We going to eat at this place.


无敌铁金刚 & me.

This restaurant got a lot of old stuffs.

While waiting, kids played together.

Records decor on the wall.

Very oldies.

I quite like. Unique.

Let's check out the food. This is to mix with your rice.

Love the prawns.


Can remember what's this, but it's nice.

Tofu. But the shrimp paste or fish paste up there is quite nice.

The steam fish.

More veggies.

I quite like the soup. 3 bowls for me.

This trip is about eating too.

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