Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Taiwan Vacation 宜兰传统艺术中心 (Day 1)

Date: Dec 7, 2013

After we soaked our feet in 礁溪温泉公园, next we dropped by Yilan Cultural Center 宜兰传统艺术中心。

Our first group photo is taken here. Only 32 people nia.

The kids were amazed with the top spinner.

There are some shows too.

The kids... 8 of them, younger one not around...

Feeding the fish here...

Buying things here...

So drama ah?


Touch and touch... Huat ah!

Not so special leh... There started our eating journey...

Looks just like normal tofu, but but you take a good look at the water.. What is that water made of?

Don't care! Just eat!

Rocking horse. What all queue up here and ride??

The kids enjoys the running around, shop with friends shop by shop, feeding fish and ducks... Watching the opera, and much more...

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