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Taiwan Vacation Rules - No iPad/iPhone/Gameboy Policy

Date:  Dec 14, 2013

iPad, iPhone are great tools to teach children.

Sometimes, a lot of parents feel peaceful when they hand over the iPad & iPhone to their kids.

But it will soon develop a very unique, anti-social scene when iPhone and iPad are out.

Especially when there are more kids around… 

Then, all of them started to surround the kid who has iPhone, iPad.  And all stop talking.

All watching.

Occasionally, there are a bit of laughter, and small talks, but it is about games, etc.

When you go to restaurant, you must have seen those tables whose kids are playing iPhone/iPad, is very quiet.

No more family talks on the table.

So, in order to make this trip successful, uncle Kenneth will have to set up strict rules.

And all parents and kids must obey this rule.

So, before we go on to this trip, I put this into the itinerary for all the parents to show their kids.

Screen Shot 2013 12 17 at 5 58 49 am

========== (The text are available here)

IPAD / IPHONE / GAMEBOY (or any equivalent) policy

As you know, 32 of us (12 children) will be going to Taiwan Tour together on this coming Saturday.  Dec 7-14, 2013.

It is very rare opportunities for all our kids to enjoy the sun, the cold, the view, enjoy the friendship together by going on a group tour together (6 families).

So, I would like to urge all parents that all IPAD/IPHONE/GAMEBOY should be kept in the ROOM, or in the VAN or on the FLIGHT.  When the kids are not with other kids, they may be allowed to play it with your permissions.

Hopefully we do not see iPHONE/IPAD/GAMEBOY/ or any equivalent at the lunch / dinner table is BEST.

Means, when kids are together, they should be playing together, chit chatting, and not sitting there alone to play games on IPAD/IPHONE/GAMEBOY.

Make rules with your kids, negotiate with your kids, so that they understand this is a group tour, and they should be playing together.  Not sitting there play iPad, iPhone, smart phones, gameboy, etc.

Remember, if one started it, all the kids will keep quiet and they will gather around the one who started it, and they stop talking, they just watch, and then, they start to become moody, and ask mommy and daddy, why can’t they have iPad, iPhone Game boy or whatever.

So, if we want to make this trip very successful, we should start doing so.


And I am very PROUD of all the parents and the kids in this Taiwan tour.

Not a single moment, that U see any smart phones, smart tablet on the children hand.

IMG 3668

And look at the children.  What will they do without the smart devices?

They play.

IMG 3703

They talk to each other.

IMG 3729

They communicate.

IMG 3773

They remember.


They have fun!

IMG 3891

They coordinate.

IMG 3905

They play games.

IMG 3834

They piled sands and rocks.

IMG 4033

They point to the sky.

IMG 4100

They jump.

IMG 4208

They draw things.

IMG 4098

They play monopoly.

IMG 4125

They touch water.

IMG 4198

They stand behind a train.

IMG 4246

They queue up.


They still playing water.

IMG 4281

They point at the sky again.

IMG 4397

They learn from each other how to play Monopoly Deals.

IMG 4540

They let their friend to push the cart.

IMG 4676

They feed the cow.


They climb.


They jump again and again.

IMG 4571

They build precious memories.  (sorry about the wrong grammar).

IMG 4830

They put themselves in a frame.


They swim during winter.

IMG 4999

They soak in Onsen hot spring pool.

IMG 5048

They dry themselves in the toaster.

IMG 5074

They sleep together.

IMG 5204

They play bakugan and toy cars.

IMG 5238

They watch the sting rays.


They stand on the sands.


They play on the beach.


They run from the waves.

IMG 4800

They sit on the jeep.


They pedal their boat.


They sit on thrill ride.


And they spin together.

IMG 4986

That is the story about these 12 children spent 8 days together in a trip to Taiwan along with 20 adults company. 

We had a very successful Taiwan Vacation together and our kids sure will remember this trip.

IMG 5697

We shall do it again.

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