Monday, December 16, 2013

Taiwan Vacation 吃 - 达基力部落风味餐厅 (Day 2)

Date:  Dec 8, 2013

We are still at 太鲁阁 - 清水断崖.  The kids are jumping as hard as possible to try to leave the best star jump of the trip.

Doing so, will exhaust a lot of energy.  So, we need food soon.

IMG 3942

Not far from 清水断崖, we arrived at our lunch destination.  达基力部落风味餐厅.

IMG 3935

It is a small native restaurant, run by the natives (达基力部落). They have a lot of wood crafting in this location.  And let’s hope the food is nice here.

IMG 3933

Within minutes, the hot dog is gone.  

The right hand side is the pickled Rebina flowers (洛神花).

IMG 3937


IMG 3938


IMG 3939

Wow, during lunch time, there are performance by the natives.

IMG 3940

Not too bad, the singing.  This is not 张惠妹’s 部落, ok?

Next, it is the guy who is singing.  Also not bad.

I love this dish.  This is a very simple veggies salad using the Red Dragon Fruits & Mayonnaise as their salad sauce.  It is very refreshing.  Very nice.  The veggies are some ferns leaves. 

IMG 3951

I love the chicken and the char siew too.

IMG 3952

They serve all the food quite fast.

IMG 3953

The tofu is quite nice too.

IMG 3954


IMG 3955

The fish.

IMG 3956

The soup.  I love the soup.

IMG 3957

The yam dessert.

IMG 3958

Overall, the food is nice.  The music and singing performance is nice.  

After our heavy lunch, it is time to move on.  Going to walk a little soon.

IMG 3966

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