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Taiwan Vacation - Farglory Ocean Park 远雄海洋公园 (Day 3)

Date:  Dec 9, 2013

When you bring your kids overseas, you must have a few kids friendly activities that the kids will enjoy.

On Day 3, we went to the Farglory Ocean Park.

We arrived here around 10am.  

The theme park sitting on the hill side awaiting for us to come.

The weather in 花莲 today is just perfect!  Blue sky, less clouds.

IMG 4188

It is a private operated theme park, but from the first glance, you already knew that it is very well done!

IMG 4195

The price is a normal standard pricing. S$30-$40 to enter. 

IMG 4196

Danny (our private tour guides leader) went in and settled all the bills and get our tickets.

Danny said we can spent about 3 hours here.  But we bargained it to 4-5 hours.  Wahahahaha.

That is the beauty about private tour with your own van and private tour guide where you can easily shift the timing, change the itinerary.

IMG 4205

While waiting for the tickets, kids are playing the water just outside.

IMG 4279

Wow!  There are 10:30, 10:40, 11:10, 11:50 shows...

Well, when you are in such a theme park, you forget about these shows.  Let the seniors or grand ma grand dad go and watch these dolphin shows...

We are going straight to the ride.  Skip the aquarium too.

IMG 4208

This is a very super young toddler friendly theme park.  Just look at the height requirements for most of the ride...

Wow, Kay Kay & Gwen can ride all of them!  

IMG 4209

That is when we knew we came to the right place.


Are you ready?  

IMG 4210

Let’s rock!


A lot of places to shop and eat.  Let’s go to the ferris wheel.

Screen Shot 2013 12 18 at 4 10 20 am

Our first ride, sitting on the ferris wheel.  Boring!


Boring, but strategic!

Why?  When you are so high up, you see everything.  And this is when you decide with the kids who followed you, what to play next, how to get there, and you simply need to make the decision fast.  As soon as you gets off the ferris wheel, that is where you going to start your day.

IMG 4224

So, we ran to the roller coaster.

Screen Shot 2013 12 18 at 4 10 05 am

I have no idea where are all the rest of the people and kids.  I think there went for the shows or something.  But what is important is 3 kids followed me.

IMG 4229

We sat at least 4 times of the roller coaster.

IMG 4245

It seems fun.  Not so thrill, but fun!  As long as it is roller coaster and it has the G-force that pull you here and there.

I sat it two times and it seems quite fun for the kids although it is a short ride.

The kids love it!

IMG 4252

We sit in the swing shells.

IMG 4268

We sit in the crazy sub.

IMG 4276

The bouncing balls.

IMG 4279

Quite fun!

IMG 4286

We reunite with other kids … 


And we go on board of the pirate ship.  You will notice that there are no queue.

Well, you have to go there during off peak season.  

Where there are no kids queuing most of the time where the kids can keep riding the rides.


Kids sit in this pirate ship at least 2-3 times.  They are having lots of fun!

Fun fun Fun!


What?  Even Kay Kay can sit on the pirate ship?


Jay Jay … hang on to uncle Shawn.


Wah.. Auntie also having lots of fun!


The kids love this prorate ship so much!

Uncle Rusdi very high!  (hmmm… where is auntie Esther?  She seems to be missing in all the rides?)


Its time to change to another ride.  The Pong Pong Boat!


Kay Kay seems to having lots of fun too!


OK.  This theme park is specially for the younger kids.  Those who just reach 90cm and below 110cm.  They have lots of rides that they can play.


I am simply just glad that I have chosen the correct theme park to come to.

Mommies have to have fun too.


Jay Jay can’t stop smiling.


We have so many friends riding the same ride.

We have balloons...

IMG 4362

The wet rides...

IMG 4318

Prepare to get wet!

IMG 4347

Are you guys wet?

IMG 4349

Yeap.  Wet indeed.

IMG 4359

Gwen: “Kay Kay, you want to go ride this?"

Kay Kay: “Nope"

Gwen: “Kay Kay, you want to get wet?"

Kay Kay: “Nope"

Gwen: “Kay Kay, let’s go see other things…"

Kay Kay: “OK"

IMG 4361

Just like all the theme park, they have the parade here too.


There are bubbles all over the place...


It is a nice parade show.


OK.  We had our lunch, before 3pm, let’s take the last ride.

IMG 4413

We sure have fun together at this theme park.  It is unbelievable fun!

Strongly recommend this place if you have kids < 7 years old.

IMG 4389

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