Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Taiwan Vacation - 敦煌宝石博物馆 Precious Rock Museum (Day 2)

Date:  Dec 8, 2013

After visiting the 七星谭 beach, Danny (our private tour guides leader) asked if we are interest to go to his friend’s place to take a look, i.e. Taiwan Tun Huang Precious Stone Museum.  

I say “Why Not?"

IMG 4045

So, here we see and learn about all these jade, ruby and precious stones.

This one is the rose jade.

IMG 4046

Taiwan jade.

IMG 4047

Blue ruby.

IMG 4050

Does not seems like a ruby to me.

IMG 4049

Cat eye jade.

IMG 4051

The amazing thing bout cat eye jade is no matter how you flip it, the eye is still there, and one side darker and one side light.  Light properties does not change.

IMG 4052

The colourful 七彩艺石.

IMG 4053

It is nice.  But I don’t like it.  

IMG 4054

After learning all the stones, we are about to step into this 2 storey mega stores.  This is where they going to try to sell us the stones, jade, ruby, etc etc.

IMG 4056

The outside of the rose jade looks like this.  black color.

IMG 4059

After process, it becomes like this.

IMG 4060

The colourful 七彩艺石.

IMG 4061





The kids are shopping too.

IMG 4069

Now, you know why three sales girls surrounding this Boon Ching.  

Now, you know why she put a smile on her face.

Because you did not see the one who take this pictures has a tear coming out from his eyes.

And the wallet suddenly have 2 wings on it.  (imagine it)


She bought a 168 Taiwan Jade.

IMG 4071

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