Sunday, December 22, 2013

Taiwan Vacation - 力阿卡铁牛 Iron Cow (Day 1)

Date:  Dec 7, 2013

What is 力阿卡?

IMG 3752

This is the Iron Cow (direct translation).  力阿卡铁牛.

IMG 3744

We are going to sit on this 力阿卡铁牛, and tour the inner town of 宜兰 (YiLan)

IMG 3750

The 力阿卡铁牛 is introduced and designed to replace the real cow or ox.

Let’s move out.

IMG 3760

They used to be the tool for faming rice or any crops.  

Each cart can take 6 to 8 person.


We stopped by this small farm stalls and eat some of their farming products.


Old tree.  300 years old.


The local tour guide explains.  Please protect our forrest.


Very nice view.


Learning the history of the tree.


Oh.. got water.


Got water, got kids.


Kids are having fun playing with the water.

IMG 3769

I don’t know what they are playing, but more kids coming.  One started it, and every one follow.  That is the game.  That is childhood.

IMG 3776

This is how they start the engine.  

IMG 3779

In this town, there are a lot of mosaic art pieces.


Like this is the name of the bridge.  So, they use a very unique way to present it.


Quite nice.  Simply says the boat can park here.


Crossing the bridge.


Nice bridge.

IMG 3782

Our 力阿卡铁牛 convoy.

IMG 3783

Explaining more trees.


The roots of the trees came out.


Nice view.

IMG 3789

Tells you this is some sort of plant.  The mosaic way.

IMG 3790

Some trees, and a mosaic interpretation of the tree.  Nice.

IMG 3791

In fact, every where has that.


Look at the bridge.


It is full of all these art pieces.


The country side.  Nice.

IMG 3797

Fresh air.  Our 力阿卡铁牛convoy passing thru the padi fields.

IMG 3805

Every thing here is safe.  No poison.

IMG 3807

Remember this?

IMG 3808

Skip skip skip.

IMG 3810

It’s time to fill up my stomach.  美女,三条春卷, Please.

IMG 3812

Very nice spring rolls.

IMG 3814

The kids now on to the swing.

IMG 3815

I love the fresh air.  The slightly cold weather.  The wet drizzling.

IMG 3817

That concludes our 力阿卡铁牛 ride.

IMG 3818

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