Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feng Shui Magic

When I come back from Bali, Dec 14, I went shopping for Christmas presents. One of my favourite place is WOFS at Vivo.

It was there I bought a pair of auspicious fertility fruits - pomegranate. One for my good friend, Terrence & Amanda; and the other for myself to keep. This pomegranate is basically a fruit that has a lot of seeds, and the appearance similar to the testicle. And need to place it beside the bed.

So, guess what? Both Boon and Amanda are pregnant around the same time around Christmas. So, is it magic, feng shui or....

Here is my explanation: you received the pomegranate and was told to place beside your bed. It was red, and you can easily spot it, and then you make fun of it, "looks like your testicle" and then you feel like or have the mood to make baby... So it increases your chances... And bingo, that's how you make a baby successfully!

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