Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jay Jay & the Castle Logix

At the world book fair, I also came across this building blocks logic game - Castle Logix.  It is a very simple sets that contains 3 castle block and 3 castle roof stick.  The castle blocks comes with holes oriented differently, and they have picture on each side.  The castle roof stick comes in 3 length.  So, there is a stack of cards where you are instructed to build exactly according to the pictures in the card.  

I think Jay will like this game as it is also innovative in a sense where it build your logic thinking.  It is a Belgium product.  Europeans are good in this.  and It costs about $48.

Jay Jay & the LUK Learning Systems

Today I went to the World Book Fair @ Suntec after work.  And I happened to see this small shop selling this learning system imported from Germany.  I found that it is very innovative
as it combine play and learn at the same time.

I bought the 2-5 years old version that has a learning system which consists of 6 small little square pieces that has easy to recognize picture on it, i.e. house, flower, duck, heart, apple and car.  The learning system will be placed on pages of the learning books.  first you transfer these square tiles to the top container on top of the picture and according to the items.  Then, you remove the tiles one by one by matching the picture on the book to the lower part of the book pages.

When I reached home, I immediately try in on Jay and he seems to love it.  I recommend this learning tool for toddler age 2-5.  It is not cheap.  5 books cost S$100 and the learning system (square tiles) cost $33.  

It's worth it.