Saturday, January 30, 2010

IPhone App - Word Worlds

I downloaded thus game for Jay Jay quite sometimes ago. It appears to be one of the TV kids program on Disney Playhouse Channel.

I don't recall I have the time to teach Jay Jay how to play this game. But today, Jay Jay was launching this game and spent some good time playing with it. Then, I realize it is one of the very well down game for kid.

The UI is great. When it tells you to shake it, Jay will listen and shake the iPhone to get to the next level. I think this is a great UI design for kid who still cannot read but can listen to instructions...

The aim if the game is to catch the moving alphabets to build simple words such as DOG. Then you squeeze the word together to bring the dog alive... Then you shake the iPhone to build another word...

Great game and learning tool. Good for your toddler!

-- Post From My iPhone