Thursday, July 30, 2015

Blue Sky - The New Cats Story So Far ...

Date:  July 30, 2015

The Old Cat

Last Sunday, Molly (our 14 years old cat) passed away.

Last Wednesday, a rather big cockroach running around in the toilet.  Must be coming up from the drain, climb 15 floors up.

Haiz, no more Molly, means, cockroaches and lizards will rule again some day.

Must find a solution.

The New Cats

Meet Blue Blue.

We named this cat Blue because, he is a ragdoll, and his eyes are blue.  Very blue.

He is an Australian cat, and his real name is Bentley.

Now, he is "Blue Bentley Liew” on the registration.

He sort of looks a lot like my old cat that died 3 years ago.  Mel Mel, a Siamese-Tonkinese cross breed cat who was 11 years old and died of illness 3 years ago.

Blue’s character is just like Mel Mel.  He is Jay’s cat.

IMG 7124

This is Blue.

IMG 7125

Yesterday, my wife reported that Blue caught a lizard in the toilet.  Good job Blue.  Too bad, there is no footage on that.

This morning, when I wake up and go to the toilet.

I saw this amazing scene.

Blue Blue caught a cockroach and play with it until the cockroach died.

Wahahahahahaha!  Good job Blue! 

IMG 7209

Very good job!  Well done Blue.  Blue - Just like the Velociraptor in Jurassic World.  (No Charlie and Echo).  

Blue hunts at night and keep the house clear of roaches.

And he likes to play with it after he caught it.  It is his trophy.

I quickly take it away and wipe his feet.  Good job!

You have earned your stay in this home.  hahahaha

Did I mentioned that, there is a younger cat too?  

He is three months younger than Blue.

IMG 7131

This got to be Kay Kay’s cat.  As this cat is very small size and thin.

Meet “Sky Liew”.

IMG 7121

Sky is a local breed ragdoll.  At the first glance, I saw Molly (our 14 years old cat who pass away last week) in the face.  He looks really like Molly when Molly was young.

IMG 7126

Molly is mistakenly labelled as a female cat at first at the Pet store.  

Only at night when we bring both the cat to do their first check up at Joyous Vet, Dr. Heng, our long term vet-friend-and-doctor told us, that Sky is actually a boy boy cat.

Oh well, sorry Boon, you are indeed out numbered at home.  2 male cats, 2 boys and a husband.  hahahahahaha

IMG 7146

Sky spent two nights sleeping in the kids room, as we need to separate both of them for few days before getting them to used to each other.  So that both cats well not fight.

And the kids love it.

IMG 7189

And we think it is about time to introduce young pets in the family for the kids.

This will teach them to be responsible.

It is very important to teach them such 爱心 since young. 

They will need to change their food, change the water, when they get older, may be clean up the poo, and wipe their eyes, and hands and legs… 

Play with them every day, etc.

IMG 7137

Our previous 2 cats lives a long life.  So, let’s see whether this two can out beat them or not.  :)

The new cats are our Blue Sky!

Monday, July 27, 2015

RIP Molly

Date:  July 27, 2015

I was going to toilet the other day in the morning.  

And I saw the most terrifying things.

A cockroach.

A huge cockroach is moving inside my toilet.

And it suddenly struck me!

By the way, Molly passed away last Sunday (July 19).

For those who does not know, Molly is a pure breed ragdoll from Australia.

And she has been with us for 14 years.

IMG 2694

This is what he looks like 14 years ago.


A fun, little cat.  

Molly lazy 1

This was shot on July 19, 2001.  When we first got the cat across the street from a pet shop in Holland Village.

Ken molly

My home does not have cockroach problem for so many years.  The two cats has done a great job to make cockroach and lizards stay away from our home.

Mel Mel (a local Tonkinese cat) passed away 3 years ago.  And now, Molly follow him. 

Sometimes, they also play with the Ants.  (Sorry Antman!)  She actually squashed the ants on the floor.  

Very fun cat.  

So, after she has gone.

Last Tuesday, I saw a cockroach.

Last Saturday, the ants storms my sweet mangosteen.

And yesterday, an ugly lizard jumped onto our dining table.  

So, I think we need some help.  We need the cat power again to help us keep all these bad cockroach, lizards away.

At the mean time… R.I.P. Molly.  We will miss you. 

IMG 6254

Very Delicious Penang Restaurant

Date:  July 25, 2015

Today is National Youth Day.

I took a day off to spent time with the kids.  So strange, they always busy during the weekend because of the enrichment classes.

Only time to go cycling is on this sort of holidays.  Kind of nice to have such holiday.  :) 

IMG 7078

We cycled to West Coast Park today.  The round trip journey takes about 17.24KM.

During lunch hour, we quickly stop at this restaurant.  

Just 10 minutes before 12 noon.  We reached at this restaurant at Clementi West St. 2.

IMG 7149

Island Penang Kitchen.

They used to be at China Town. 

And only recently they moved to Clementi.

Sometimes I do my morning walk, I walked passed this restaurant.

IMG 7115

And we ordered three of this Penang’s famous food!

IMG 7116

The Penang Fried Kway Teow is very nice.  The sweet sauce that they used to fried the Kway Teow is the authentic Penang one.  Very nice, and taste very good.  I like it. 

IMG 7097

The Penang laksa is very nice.

Quoted my wife saying: “This is the best Penang Laksa I have eaten for the last 10 years…”.  Very authentic.

IMG 7098

Especially with the prawn paste.

IMG 7096

And I ordered myself the Special Prawn Mee.

IMG 7107

Just look at it.  It is one of the only expensive dish they have.  $15 per bowl.  The rest of the food are $5 to $7.  

Why this one so expensive?

IMG 7108

Because got scallop.

Few big prawns.  A note about the prawns, very big and fresh.  That is why the prawn soup base is nice. 

IMG 7109

The Tu-Kar (Pork Leg Meat) looks damn shiok.

IMG 7110

Tu-Pee.  Pig Skin.  Very tender and nice.

IMG 7111

Pork Lard.  Overall, nice.  I like the Prawn Mee soup.

IMG 7112

Golden Fried Rice.

IMG 7104  1

At first I ordered the fried rice for Kay.  But he does not like it.  So, we let him taste the Char Kway Teow.  And he loves it!  This is the first time Mr. Kay eat fried kway teow and say it is very nice.  

IMG 7105

So, this Penang famous food place is really live up to the “famous” word.  Nice!

IMG 7103

Not expensive.

Every thing is like $5-$6.  Only my Special Prawn Noodle is costly.  

I think I will come here and eat quite often.  :)

IMG 7117

Hardy Boys

Date:  July 27, 2015

Wow… that was how many years ago that I last heard of Hardy Boys.  

Hardy boys and Nancy Drew story books were the reading books of our time.  And these characters were created back in 1920’s.

I don’t recall that I saw any of these books in Singapore book stores.

I actually bought a few online books then, order the hard copy from Amazon.

The Hardy Boys Secret Files.  Was created in 2010.  

It tells the story of Hardy Boys, Frank Hardy & Joe Hardy when they are very young.  

And I think this is very suitable for the kids.

IMG 6946

I have been reading the Hardy Boys to my boys and they love it.

IMG 6948

Let me tell you why I like the books.

I have two boys.

It is a story about two boys.

Similar age or younger than my two boys.

And these two boys solve mysteries.

The wording is big.

And it does not have those “colourful” zigzag words such as Geronimo Stilton (which I don’t really like).

The English is correct for their grade.

IMG 7062

I have read two books for the kids.

And we have solved two mysteries.

And the method of solving mysteries is simple.

You got to ask the six W’s.







When they solve the mysteries, they will go to their three house to brain storm.

They will write on the board or a piece of paper...

of the six W’s.

IMG 7063

You got to ask these questions, in order to find out the truth.

You got to ask these questions, in order to write what you wish to write.

So, it helps in compo too.

IMG 7064

Only when you answers all the six W’s then, you can get your answers.

IMG 7065

So, at night, I will read to them the story.

And I also buy a few hard copies for Jay to bring to school to read it.

Often, we will discuss on the cases, and hopefully my boys will have a logical mind after reading these books.

So, when they grew up, hopefully they will continue to read Hardy Boys to solve the murder, and bigger case. 

Artichoke @ Casse Croute

Date:  Jul 27, 2015

My In-laws were in town last week.  So, I brought them downstairs for french food. 

These are the artichokes from France. 

IMG 6753

And this is our dish.  Chef Patrick steam the artichoke.  And present it on the plate like this.

This is after steaming it for close to 1-hour I believe.  Of course, we called and ask him to steam it before we arrive. 

IMG 6709

Of course, he showed us how to eat it.

IMG 6710

So, you peel one leaf by one leaf out from the Artichoke.

IMG 6711

And you only eat the bottom part.  It kind of taste like those sweet potato texture.  

So, what you do, is to put this in your mouth, use your teeth and push the “meat” into your mouth.

That is the the only part that is edible.

IMG 6719

My father in law seems happy eating this.  He had never eaten this before.  Neither do us.

IMG 6714

After you peeled, it looks like this at the bottom.

IMG 6722

Patrick said call him when we finished all the leaf out side.  


Patrick came out, bring this piece of left over artichoke into the kitchen.

IMG 6724

Blink blink!

5-minutes later.

He brought this out.  He peeled the flowers, and decorate nicely onto the plate, and there are more stuff to eat.  This is the second course followed after we eaten the leaves.

IMG 6732

You can lift up the top part.  And there you go.  More stuff to eat.

IMG 6745

Now French chef also do like Chinese chefs, decorate their dish like a lotus flower.  hahahaha

IMG 6740

Very nicely presented.

IMG 6742

You can’t eat the flower thou...

IMG 6747

Of course, we eat other food.  The smoke herrings is nice.

IMG 6704

The kids always love his creamy mushroom pasta.

IMG 6725

Teo Chew style cold dish - the pig head meat.

IMG 6736


IMG 6748


IMG 6751

Nice wine too… $48 wine.  Good value.

IMG 6707

This is where I eat.  Just downstairs at the club house.