Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CNY Dragon Dance 2012

Date:  Jan 30, 2012

This year the CNY Lion and Dragon dance celebration started on Jan 29, 2012 at Park West.  The drummers is lesser this year and more girls playing the drums.


The kids eating their McDonald and sitting at a nice spot to watch the Lion dance.


The first show is the two lions dancing.  Wow!  The MP Foo Mee Har came to Park West.  Well Done!  This is two years in a row that there is an MP visit during CNY out of the 10 yeaer I stayed there.  Later talk to her see what she says.


A lion roar and jump into the sky.


And Huat ah!


Very nicely done.


Next is the Dragons.


Displayed wonderful coordinations.  This is their dance this year as it is a water dragon year.


And they bow to MP.  Now, you know why you want to become MP, you get the first row VIP seat.  :)


The guys are making a dragon.


Huat ah! The water dragon.  (looks more like fire dragon)


Its the Lion throwing sweets and candy time.


The kids all went to picked up the sweets.


And Huat ah!


And about the front row VIP seat, you also get to hug the lion. Huat ah!


How fortune that Kay Kay picked up an orange thrown by the Lions...  Yipee... Huat ah!


Finally, the handshake and chit chat.

MP:  How old is your kid?

Boon:  5+ (6 years old)

MP:  Oh, that is great, he can go to Nan Hua next year!


Boon:  Not really.  We have to go ballot.

MP:  Why?

Boon:  The headmaster rejected our volunteer applications 4 times.

MP:  Really?

Boon:  There are too many people staying far far away also come and do volunteer work.  But my kids is walking distant to school.


MP:  OK.  I tell you what.  There is a method you can get your kids to Nan Hua.

Boon:  Oh?  Really?

MP:  Yes.  Join the Grassroot.  Get the applications form from the grassroot.

Boon look to me, smile.

Ken:  But I am not a Singaporean "yet"!  I am a PR.

MP:  Yes, you can still join.

Ken:  Huh?  Sure or not?

MP called to assistant and ask, "Can he join the grass root?"

Some guy: "Yes, can!"

MP: So, you go see him, the next meeting is Mar 1, and be there!

No wonder my wife looks happy in the photo.  But are you sure we are in time to do this?

Huat Ah!


Huat Ah!


It is very interesting topic where there is a school just 50 meter away from where you stay and you cannot even get into the school as you need to ballot with people who stay 2 MRT stations away and so on.  I simply just want my kids to walk to the school and enjoy the childhood life like every one else.  The educations systems in Singapore is rather quite interesting.  Oh Well, if you cannot win them, I guess, you need to join them.   We will make a decision what to do next regarding this.  :)

Btw, this year, Kay Kay picture with the Joo Chiat NCMP who happens to be a distant relative.


Huat ah! Everyone!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Malay Fishing Village

Date: Jan 26, 2012

City kids usually will not see these in the city.

This is a Malay village by a small river. The fishing boat will sail out to bring back the seafood.

We live in Singapore. There is no chance of seeing this. The kids ask a lot of questions.

It is so cheap! This is what Jay Jay loves to eat.

We also bought some Oysters back. Freshly caught from the sea.

The Malay pasar is no different than the wet market.

I have no idea what fruits are these. But they say you fried it like Cempedak.

And I really don't know how they going to cook the banana trunk.

Banana flowers I know you can steam it!

These are the fresh sea prawns that we bought from the market.

Jay Jay simply loves his clams.

He finished his portion and ask for more!


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Malaysia Boleh! Fireworks and fire crackers!

Date: Jan 26, 2012

The kids who grow up in Singapore seldom had a chance to play fireworks and crackers.

But luckily there is a friendly neighbor such as Malaysia that you can play with fireworks!

Of course there are more dangerous fire crackers that is not for kids too...

And when you take photo at night, it really looks like a light saber show...

See Jay Jay with two fireworks and swinging...

The grown ups also love to play too...

They will build romantic fireworks...


All fireworks are connected one after another, and the fireworks love bridge will burn...


And a more dangerous move is to tied 4 together and launch it...

And you can see more beautiful design too...

Jay cousin can swing the fireworks pretty well.

And some like to throw the 恐龙蛋into ah Ma's mango tree.

Of course, playing fireworks is very dangerous. Do not wear crocs shoe to play. As if the fire bits went into your shoe, you will scream ouch ouch.

You can buy lots of different crackers. It will guarantee to provide hours long fun for the kids.

Of course Malaysia Boleh also allow you (sort of) to fly your sky lantern which I blogged earlier...


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放天燈 Only Outside Singapore

Date: Jan 26, 2012

In Malaysia, you can buy these ready made sky lantern 天燈.

So, what you do is to write your wishes on the sky lantern. So, mommy wishes Jay Jay can be balloted to Nan Hua. When you run out of options, and when the headmaster rejected you 4 times to become a volunteer in school, this is the only few unconventional options that you have...

For me, I drew an angry bird to fly into the sky...

All you need to do is to light up or burn the burner soup bar, placed at the bottom...

And then, let it heat up the air inside the sky lantern.

Take some nice photos before it flies...

Ok. Jay Jay, wish you good luck for the primary school ballot.

Up up and away...

And it really can fly.

Fly about 10min before it disappear in the dark sky...

Every one just enjoy watching the sky lantern flew In the sky.

Wish Jay Jay have all the luck he needs for balloting into a school just 50 meter away from home. 加油!

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