Friday, October 23, 2015

Old Photos Equal Memories

Date:  Oct 23, 2015

I bought a new gadget.  Jumbl High Resolution Digital Scanner.

It scanned old photo film (Kodak or Fujifilm) into digital photos.

IMG 2434

I bought it from Amazon.  US$99 + shipping.  I am a Amazon Prime member, so local shipping in US is free.  Borderlinx shipping from US to Singapore is about US$24.


Screen Shot 2015 10 23 at 11 56 31 AM

unboxing it.  It has the power adapter, the USB cable, the film (big or small) or slides container, and the Jumbl scanner itself.  Very simple packaging.

And a TV output cable.

IMG 2435

The film scanner feels very light in your hand.

IMG 2436

Very simple control.  Basically OK button to say OK, left right button to navigate or flip or mirror flip the photo.  And the scan button.

IMG 2437

You can plug in the SD card.  (IT DOES NOT COME WITH SD CARD), whatever you scanned will be scanned into the SD card.

You can output the photo onto a TV screen.  Or you can plug the USB into the computer and use whatever software to view the photos.

IMG 2438

Let’s get ready my old photo films.

IMG 2439

Open the compartment of the film container.  Fit the film onto it.

IMG 2444  1

You will notice that the rails on both side of the film will click and fit nicely onto the container.

IMG 2445

Close it, and you are good to go.

IMG 2443

Just slot in this film container to the scanner like this.

IMG 2446

Turn on the scanner.

IMG 2440  1

Move and position the photo container correctly.  And simply press SCANNED button.  Oh ya, make sure every time when you turn on the scanner, set the photo resolution to 22MP.

IMG 2442

You can see from he LCD screen your photo you just scanned in.

What this device is actually a camera inside and you place the film on to a lightbulb.

IMG 2448

Once it is done.  All the photos are saved onto the SD cards.  So, unplug and SD card and plug into your computer to read the SD card.

IMG 2449

Every photo is 4032 x 3024 in pixel sizes.

IMG 2451

But most of the photos are quite yellowish.

IMG 2452

That is why you need the Photo app on Mac (For PC, use the one you familiar with).  Photo app can do a lot of amazing thing.

IMG 2458

Change the white balance, change light exposure, contrast, or simply press the AUTO button in each modification… 

IMG 2464

So, you remove the yellowish color, and it becomes like this.  Or you can change it to much vibrant color.  I like it this way the natural grey.

IMG 2463

Compare to the photo I scanned from the actual photo itself.  It is much smaller.

IMG 2455

The resolution quite sucks. (this photo is the actual size I took from my iPhone without enlarge it).

IMG 2456

This is the big scanned photo I just scanned and change the color.

IMG 2467

After the editing, this become a new album in my digital photo collection.  And look at the color is much better to my taste.

Also all photos are scanned into Jan 1, 2011.  I don’t know why and there is no way to change date.  So, select all the the scanned photos, and go to Menu to select Image -> Adjust Date and Time… and you can mass change all the dates.

IMG 2468

Scanning old photos is a quite fun work.  I can now sent this photo to my brother’s friend.  hahahaha  His 17 years ago photos.

IMG 2466

It is portable.  I will bring this home to my mom place one day and get all his film and scanned it for her.

IMG 2469

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Urban Ski Lesson #2

Date:  Oct 3, 2015

Yippee!  Urban Ski re-open again after they successfully obtained the “Amusement Park License” from the government.

IMG 1366

So, we are back in here for the Ski training.

Mainly for Kay Kay.

IMG 1207

I am glad mommy can join in the fun too.

IMG 1227

The lone ranger at the back.  As usual.

IMG 1363

And Jay Jay started to remember the moves… embrace move.

IMG 1367

Don’t worry Kay Kay, the more you fell, the more you learn not to fall next time...

IMG 1261

All seems like having fun like that...

IMG 1260

Coach Aaron uses the hula hood to teach.

IMG 0273

The hula hood method seems to work… hahaha

IMG 1305

OK.  I am done!

IMG 1339

 Here are some video clips.

Small Pizza move front and Large Pizza move back.  Medium Pizza to stay.   

His hand looks so akward.  Looks like he uses hand to control direction.

As long as you look in front… you will not fall.

Jay Jay: “Eh Daddy……"

He moved to the top of the conveying belt.  hahahaha

Kay has the tendency to move to the right.

Kay is getting quite comfortable.

I took out my iPhone and shot this.  Then coach Aaron says cannot use that during lesson.  I think that is one of the safety rules.

See there is a huge mirror in front so that you can look at yourself at the mirror.

During skiing, you need to look at in front to see if any obstacle or not.

Hula hood in action.  He hold it like he is water skiing.

More hula hood skiing.

Its me and Jay Jay turn now.

Kay Kay continue his hula hood.

Me and Jay Jay learning to turn left and right.

OK.  I think one or two more lesson and we are set to go Hokkaido for another skiing trip.  Hopefully this trip all 4 of us can go up and ski freely.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Jay Jay's New Golf Swing

Date:  Oct 21, 2015

Today, Jay jay has learned how to turn the hip.  And his swing is just so good that I enjoyed watching the video over and over and over and over again.

I can’t even learn so fast like him.

Yeah I know I know is exam period coming soon, but could help it.  As long as he has school off day, I will try sent him to practise.  HaHaHa...

Well done Jay!

IMG 2398

Here are some of the golf swing highlights in slow-mo.  

I love to take the slow mo so that you can see how he carried the golf club up, got chicken wings or not, and how his hip turned and how he hit the ball and follow thru in a perfect camera posture.  Well done Jay.

A bit overswing at the back.  But this is a very good shot.  It is 160m, rolling a further 10 meter may be.  And I am sure he Jay Jay has out driven his mum with this shot.  hahaha

No over swing, and the hip turn is good.  And the hit is powerful for the 9 year old boy.

This is not the slow mo.  And look at his hitting, with more practise I am sure he got the chance to compete against the P5 & P6 in his class.  :)

Hopefully this coming Sunday, the haze is gone, and they can proceed with the Monthly Competition on the 9-hole game.  But because he just changed his swing, he might need the hang of getting knowing about his distance.  He no longer can use the Driver for some holes.  His 7-Iron can reach 100 meter too with this swing.

IMG 2330

Good Luck Jay Jay!

IMG 2358

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Coney Island Got Sand Flies

Date:  Oct 14, 2015

Coney island is open!

IMG 1931

We drove to Pasir Ris Coast Industrial Park 6 and park the car along side.

I am very sure there are almost hard to find car park at Punggol Point Park or Punggol Settlement.

That is why we go to the East end to park.


There is a very big field along the right hand side of the Pasir Ris Coast Industrial Park 6 road.

And don’t play play, there are a lot of old uncle playing aeroplane here.


Don’t play play.  Their aeroplane is not a simple toy aeroplane hor.


I am guessing these uncles are ex-air force militants.


The only thing is the runway is a bit bumpy.  (There is no runway actually).


These planes really got the speed and agility.


Let’s move on!


After 10 minutes walk, we finally reach Coney island East Entrance.


There isn’t a lot of flowers growing yet.  But there are a lot of grass, and trees.

IMG 1952

The Lantana clusters.

IMG 1964

Different types of Lantana.

IMG 1968

Hey, how you know the names?  Well, NParks place a lot of signs there.

IMG 1966

Not sure what are these.

IMG 1960

Some plants we never seen before.

IMG 1972

A lot of such signs.

IMG 1974

We finally reach the beach.  2KM long beach.

IMG 1976

Here is how the beach looks like.

IMG 1979

Really make sure make sure you apply insects repellant on your kids hands and legs.

The kids are playing.

IMG 1982

Its a nice walk on the beach.

IMG 1986

The kids jumped on the beach.

IMG 1992

Jump high.

IMG 2002

We covered half of the island, and turned back.  The sky getting dark.

So, we went to Punggol Settlement to eat.

It is amazing that Punggol Settlement is only on the west side of the island.  But it takes 20 minutes to drive there.  Making U-Turn at TPE, and then, exit punggol there are a huge traffic jam before the traffic lights.

When we reach Punggol settlement, so many people.  No car park spaces too.  So, something to keep in mind.  Weekends!

IMG 2005

After the trip, 2 days later.  I start to have rashes.  I got 6 bites on my legs.  

My wife one is every worst.  She has to see doctor to get some anti-hesimine to cut the itchiness.

When they bite you, you won’t feel it.  The sand flies I think are on the island.  The kids are ok as they are applied with insects repellant.

My friends family is ok too as they used insects repellant.

So, don’t be “Gek Khiang”.  Please remember to apply before you go.  Those sticker one might not work.  I think you have to apply oily oily insect repellants lor.

It is really bad.  and when you scratch, you see blood.  And it will spread.  So, not easy to tackle with the sand flies problem,

IMG 2041

It is a fun day after all.

Good to visit … not too much thing to see.  But you want to walk on the beach this is the place to go.

Please remember to apply insect repellant.