Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saving A Kid


Will never forget this day.  Sep 19, 2010.

I was swimming in the pool today, as Jay Jay is taking the swimming lesson.  Suddenly, I heard a struggling "Help", and I turned and saw this kid is almost drown at the 2M mark there.

Without any thinking, first instinct is to swim to his location, and then carry him over my head, and walk back to the side.

I told him, next time, don't swim in deep water.  He said, uncle, can you help me to take back my float pad.  I saw that yellow float pad in the centre, so, I swim there and bring it back to him.

He thanked me and then, went to his parent there and said that he almost drown.

Later I found out that he was a guest in this condo, attending another kid's birthday party.  And there was another 3 kids came with him.  And all of them later jump into the kids pool.

I am glad that I have save him.  But if you are my friend, you should know that I always "scare" of deep water.  Even in the swimming pool, I seldom swim pass 1.6Meter mark.  But it is interesting that without thinking I swim to rescue him, and when I carry him, I was totally submerge in the water for almost a minute.

Of course, I did not cough hard when I brought him back to the side there.




Kite Festival @ Marina Bay

Sep 18-19 is the Kite Festival.  This year it is held at Marina Bay here.  With lots of practice last week @ West Coast Park, we bought a new kite, and prepare to demonstrate our kite flying skill...


At first, we was wondering why there is such a long queue here.  After inquiry, we were told that they queue for the goodie bags.  Hmmm... Interesting...


When we arrived there, around 3:30pm, there is less than 20 kites in the air.  The weather is OK, a bit hot, but I think the wind is quite erratic.


The HDR function on iPhone 4 is fantastic.  It displayed fantastic colors too.  But I sometimes uses the TrueHDR app that I bought as it gives more in depth HDR photos.


Hey, this is our new kite.  And it is quite big.  And it comes with proper strings and the handler.  Which is good.  Let's see how this kite flies.


As usual, ladies first.  Boon Ching got the kite flying in the sky.  I promise to fly Kite with her since 14 years ago.  And finally, I deliver this promise last week.  Hahahahaha...


Then, I took over the helm.  See, how the kite flies.


Then, Jay Jay will take over.


Sorry baby Kay, no kite for you yet.


Mommy, see my kite fly so high...


Finally, around 4pm, a lot more people shows up.  And I notice that there are a lot of girls like to fly kite.  Hmmmm... very interesting...


OK baby Kay, let you play with one of the strings handler.


Baby Kay spotted something ... I think he saw some pretty girls over there.


Baby Kay still playing with it and we put him sit on top of one of our kites.


Mommy flying the kite high... but something is wrong, she goes to the other direction... hmmm...


The two boys were so hot and perspiring..


Boon Ching flew the kite into the water.  Hmmm.... and now we have a kite down beneath the water.  I am salvaging the kite.  Boy... its heavy when the kite flying in the sea water.


The wind speed suddenly slow down.  See, this is what I called erratic.  And more kites goes down to the water.


We managed to salvage ours.  And the wet kite is flying again.. but a lot of dirts on it.

I didn't know flying kite can be so peaceful and fun.  Therefore, I am now waiting for 3 kites to be shipped from Taobao.  I think each kite cost about $6-$10.  Good kites.  And let's try to fly kite now and then.  At the West Coast Park.  I think both Jay and Kay enjoy very much of it too.






Monday, September 13, 2010

News Report

Today, I was having lunch with a few friends. Suddenly, he says that I was famous. Because one of my iPhone Apps was featured on 新明日报. I was so puzzled and a bit disturbed. As I have not spoken to any reporter lately about it. And certainly I don't think I have advertise or do any marketing to attract any local news reporter. So, I went to search the paper and found this.

And amazingly this guy know my Chinese surname. How did he know about it?

And of course, I should not complaint about it at all... But still it remains as a mystery.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lorna Whiston 30 Years @ Jacobs Ballas Children Garden

Lorna Whitston Preschool celebrate their 30 years birthday @ Jacobs Ballas Children Garden.  (Sep 12, 2010)


Its a treasure hunting game.  So we got to remember all the point of interests within the Children garden.


Next stop, Jay learned how to plant a seed... Well, he did that at home all the time with us... so this is easy for him...


Surprisingly, Jay has a lot of good smile on his face today... I think he is happy and this is very good childhood memories for him...


Jay used to be very scare running thru the suspension bridge.  But today, he is super brave.


Here is the activity where he has to find a dry leaf and use crayon to trace the leaf.  What a fun...


Here's the Lorna Whiston 30 years old cake...


Next year, Jay will go to full day class and in the afternoon, he will have to learn Drama and speech.  The teachers from Lorna Whiston Drama and Speech class was here to tell the Space Alien story today.  I think he loves it, its in his blood.


Yeap... that is his new girl friend - Erika.  Look at how he smile and post the victory sign. hahaha


Yeap, both Erika and Jay is still waiting for the cake.


His good friend - Riyandy.


How can we forget about the cute little Kay Kay.


Conrad has been in his class since day 1.


Today, Jay went down the tallest slide in the Children Garden... and I think he enjoys it.


Look at baby Kay, mommy and baby Kay loves it too.

Both kids came back and went for swimming and then both kids sleep soundly that night with this superb childhood memories...










Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jay Flies Kite

After a great day outing... we decided to do just one more thing...


Yes!  Fly Kites.  Next week is Kite Festival for Singapore.  So, we went to West Coast Park to fly kite.  And we were lucky to find a car park there.


Jay's kite is not small.  It is a green doggie doing parasailing.


Jay's kite is almost the same color as his shirt.


And there he goes, Jay flying the kite all by himself.


And Mommy's kite also in the sky... Flying kite is easy, and that is where you can also take photos using your iPhone.


See what I meant... so easy flying kites...


Both Kites on the sky...


See daddy, I hold it in front of me...


I hold it using my mouth and teeth...


and I can also hold it behind me... see, so easy...


OK Ok... I hold it this way so that the kite still can fly high...


And Yes.. look at my shirt, and you should know which one is my kite.

Yes. The colorful one...


Remember, always creates MEMORIES for your kid.  Facebook it.  Video it.  Make into a movie, so that your kids can watch it all over again.  童年的神奇。


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rebooting Golf


It's been few years that I have not been playing golf. I am not a very good golfer as I remember I am still stuck at the above 100. And guess what, recently, my first golf game is at Changi Safra where my boss dragged me to the fairways and greens on one fine afternoon. And surprisingly, I still can swing my woods and irons.


And it follows by a golf invitation by IPC to play at Tanah Merah Garden course. A beautiful but difficult course. And I am glad that I swing the golf ball to the island green nicely placed on the left of the pin.


And then, followed by a few games in ShenZhen. Here is one of the very fine course in ShenZhen area.


Very relaxing golf range.

Everything happened within 2 weeks timeframe. And as a result, it has re-kick-started the golf hobby within me. My next few games will be the Tampinese course (TMCC) and Cebu. (Yes! will be playing at Cebu).

At the age of 40, you played golf differently. The first thing you came across your mind is NOT TO INJURE YOUR BODY. So, when you swing, you try to swing with easy going and comfortable swing. And you now PUT MORE THOUGHTS into the game to see how to get the golf balls onto the green at the most safest manner.

For me, you play golf with a reason. To entertain your customers and partners. Of course, its still a long way to play in their league. But at least that is the target you set to yourself. Because in future, you going to meet them in every event, seminar that you go.

I will break 100 this year!