Saturday, November 30, 2013

Kay Kay Writes His Name

Date:  Nov 30, 2013

My Chinese Surname is not easy to write.  

Today, at Liang Court, just outside the Wonder Works.  Kay Kay, was writing his name on this sample Boogie Board.

IMG 2847

It was pretty amazing feeling seeing your kids know how to write his Chinese Name.  

IMG 2850

I must say, Lorna Whiston did a great job in teaching my son writing his own name.

IMG 2851

I like!

Another video clip...

You still can make it out what he is writing.  Well done Kay Kay!

IMG 2859

Well done!  Well done too Gwen!

IMG 2855

Boogie Board is something good to have.

IMG 2872

Jay and Kay love their boogie board.


A happy Kay Kay indeed!

IMG 2884

Lucky Draw - First Prize

Date:  Nov 29, 2013

Week #2 of his long P1 holidays, I sent him to a tennis camp.

It was a fun 5-days two hours work out.  Today was the last day of the camp.

Wow, the camp end with a buffet treat for the kids and parents.

Jay must be hungry after the work out.and after the meal, it was the give prize ceremony.  All the kids gathered around. 

They announced the best player for each categories.

Of course, Jay is not one of them yet.

Wow, they even prepare 10 prizes for lucky draw.  And what do you know, tennis bags, and racquets.

Wow, Babolat racquet.  There are 7 bags and 3 racquets to be give away. 

Just about when I envying the small little boy won the 2nd prize of the Babolat racket, they announced the first Luck Draw prize winner.... JAY LIEW...

What a lucky day for Jay Jay!

Did you see the BIG smile on his face????

He just can't stop smiling.

This is his very first ever lucky draw big prize win.

It shall be a very memorable day for him.

And of course it makes my day happy too.

As Jay not only improved his tennis skills, he just won himself a racquet so I no need to spent money to upgrade his racquet next time.  Wahahaha

We'll done Jay.  May be I let you pick four digit later.  Wahahahaha

I will post the 4 digit he picked yah.

A Sudden Accident

I certainly did not expect this to happen.  

It was a kind of a beautiful day, a bit hot, but you know rain is coming soon.

Let's play golf anyway.

The rain came, and we have to stop playing two times during Hole #6.

When the rain stopped, we went back to Hole #6.  I hook the second shot into the left side where there are quite a fair bit of trees.  

All I did is to do a punch shot to bring the ball back to the fairway.

So, I swung the golf club low, and swung forward.

Suddenly, I feel like the golf club hit some roots below the thin layer of grass.

And it is then, I broke my 7 Iron at the handle grip there.

As you can see the handle breaks into half, the sharp metal breaks the rubber grip, and imagine the sharp edges just poke into my fingers on my right hand.

Immediately, I saw my hand is full of blood.  The entire hand.

Luckily I carry clean handkerchief, and there is ice box and mineral water.

My friend tied my wound with wet icy handkerchief, and I went to the club house seek for medical attention.

Luckily the staff just attended the refresher course of first aid, and he quickly wash my hand, and wrap my hand like this.  Ask me to go see doctor immediately.

I brought my broken 7 Iron back to the Pro Shop and ask them to sent it back to manufacturer.  I asked why and how it can break into half.  I just bought these Romaro clubs few months ago.

Then, I drove to Mount Elizabeth A&E to get my hand check.

Three cuts, one deep cut, and two surface cuts.

The doctor says no big deal.  

The cut is quite deep.

What a nice job!  6 stitches.

Mount E is celebrating the Christmas light up at the lobby.  

Wow, what a grand event for the staffs in hospital.

Seems very grand.  The food looks so nice, the performance looks very professional.

Merry Christmas.

Glad that I can contribute!!!


They gave me only these... A very small little bandages, a cream and painkiller.  You know me, high pain tolerance and will not risk to take these painkiller if not necessary as it likely to stay inside your body for 50 years.  Wahahaha.

The shocking thing is the hospital bill come up to be $668 dollars.  Don't ask me how and why?

I just pay.  They also give me the 破伤风 vaccine too.  Suppose to protect me from infection from metal cut for 5-10 years.

It's a nice job on stitches.  But I really did not expect the hospital A&E bill come up to so high.  Need to figure out how to do my insurance claims.  Wahahaha.

Hey, I certainly did not expect this.  Wahaha.  Now is not even December yet.  Wahahaha.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Netflix & Hulu on ViewQwest FreedomVPN

Date:  Nov 28, 2013

This week is SITEX week.  So, it will be appropriate to talk about this.  :)

I wrote a blog entry 16 months ago about the magic DNS that I have been using to access Netflix and Amazon Movies.

Magic DNS: 

This pair of DNS works fine until I changed my home router from ASUS Black Diamond into DLINK DIR-868L (AC1750).  According to the SmallNetworkBuilder router chart, the DLINK is ranked #2 on WAN-to-LAN throughput.  Scoring 931.4Mbps throughput.  My old trust worthy Black Diamond is 11 place behind with a score of 802.4Mbps throughput.

IMG 1724













Suddenly, my magic DNS breaks.  I think is the way how they do the DNS rerouting that breaks my magic DNS.  So, my son was sad as he can no longer watch Mighty Machines on Netflix.  I was sad as I cannot watch my favourite movies and TV shows.  

So, I decided to upgrade my home Internet and top up with the Freedom VPN service.  Using this service, the ISP will give a pair of DNS that will interface with Netflix and tell Netflix that “Hey!  I am in USA.” so that Netflix will allow us to watch Netflix from outside USA.

So, I went to ViewQwest to picked up a new ONT.  (Mine some how spoiled, after I mingled around the settings, etc).

IMG 2319






















OK.  I have to wait for 2 working days for ViewQwest to place my home IP address range into the “Super Magic DNS” servers.  Once that is done, my home Internet are given a new pair of DNS address.  

In this case, it is the ISP who give me the DNS so that I do not have to mingle around with the DNS settings on my IOS devices.

Two days later, I just type, and I am able to access Netflix without doing any special settings on my DNS settings.

IMG 2578













Jay was so happy to finally see Netflix working at my home again!

IMG 2580













There are so many cartoon and documentary he can watch.  Netflix is only US$7.99/month and it is much cheaper than Starhub Video on Demand services.

IMG 2582













So, I also configured the Hulu Plus on my TV.  And it is US$7.99/month again.  

[Go Google How to do it...] To sign up, simply click on Signup.  When you need to fill in the credit card info, I fill in the correct home address and card number, but I change the ZIP code (Postal Code) from 198798 into 19879.  And I check with the US zip code, there is actually a place in US owning that ZIP code.  And Walaaaa…. Hulu Plus activation is approved.

Hulu Plus provide more Korean shows.

IMG 2593













I am very sure there are ways to turn the Advertisement off.  But one of the annoying thing about the Hulu Plus is the Advertisement.

IMG 2596













Also there are some categories are not suitable for kids too.

IMG 2601






















I am very surprise that the speed of accessing and buffering the Hulu is VERY FAST.  Take a look at the video below and you know what I meant.  (After the Ads)  yes, and the Ads are indeed annoying.


Look at this one.  See what I mean the speed of playing the video.  And the video is quite good quality.


Now, if you compare to Netflix, the playing of video and the buffering takes slightly longer time.  About 15 seconds.  But the quality is also amazing.


Not only I can do Netflix and Hulu, I continue to sign up for PBS.

IMG 2606













PBS have quite good shows too.

IMG 2607













So, my recommendation is if you can afford the S$10/month, please get a FreedomVPN from ViewQwest and watch these fantastic shows at your own convenient time.  Quit cool.

Suddenly I felt like terminating my Starhub’s subscriptions and make it as minimal as possible.  Wahahaha.  Because I am paying almost $50/month for it but the contents are not much nowadays.  Wahahahahahaha.




Sunday, November 24, 2013

Impressions on Building on Fire

Date: Nov 24, 2013

Jay has a two weeks project. Trying to draw a Van Gogh similar drawings.

Outlining and final touch.

He is having lots of fun in the art class.

Finally finish. Drying it now.

Fire in the building.

In his Robotics class yesterday, they designed robots to rescue people from a building that is crashed by an airplane.

So, this is Jay Jay's building on fire!

Looks nice. Kay Kay's flower vase is nice too.

Kay Kay signing his big name!

Nice or not nice?

Of course nice! Well done Kay Kay!

Tonight we will hang both on to the living room wall. Oh dear, running out of space soon!

Children always expressed their thoughts in paintings. He draw the fire in building. He drew the gondola boat as he saw it at MBS. After the painting ask the kids what are they drawing. They will then give you all kinds of reason why they use this color why draw that and so on...

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FM958 Interview

Date:  Nov 24, 2013

This week, I have a chance to be interviewed by Ms. Regina from Mediacorp’s Capital FM 95.8.  We have a good chat for around 20 minutes, and they have selected a few and air it on FM95.8 on Nov 22, 7:50am.


The main topics of the Interview are 

1.  How does the school holiday enrichment class such as Wonderworks’ Space Inventions and Robotics class help in developing a child?

2.  Does the programme help in the overall child’s holistic educations?

3.  Do you find such courses are too expensive for the kid to attend? 

Here are some of the recorded interview...

And here is what I feel.

- Every parents has a choice to sent or not to sent their child to any enrichment class.

- If you read the book by Malcolm Gladwell, “Outliers - The Story of Success”, you will understand why certain parents wanted to sent their kids to enrichment classes.  In summary... It takes 10,000 hours to master a skill.  The earlier you expose your kid to opportunity the better.  Opportunity does not happened just like that, opportunity has to be created.  My Jay is born on October, he is 10 months behind students who is born on January for the same grade (P1).  Parents need to recognised that there is a certain advantages for the kids to have 10 months gap difference in their age.  


- Jay really learned quite a fair bit of knowledge from his Robotics class.  He learned how to program a lego Mindstorms program to make his robot moves.  But if you look closer, you know that he has learned how to do basic computer operations on Windows.  I do not have Windows at home.  I am using MacOS across my home.  So, it will be good for him to learn that there are other operating systems other than Apple MacOS.  He learned how to cut and paste.  That is something that they have not learned from P1 classes at school.  He learned about Angles.  What does a 180 degrees mean to him?

IMG 1366

- Mommy going away to US for a business trip.  We showed him the Earth.  Where we are (Singapore), and where mommy is (USA).  Then, he suddenly said “Hey, mommy is at 180 degrees location”.  We were like shocked as we know he definitely did not learn Algebra from P1 classes yet.  So, he said, he learned it from the Robotics class.  90 degree to make a left or right turn, 180 degree to make a U-turn.  So, these are valuable knowledge about applications that the kid will imprint it into their brain forever.

- Jay also learned other things such as Newton law of force.  Who is Isaac Newton?  Why it is important in the robotics programming?  Well, in order to make a 3-legged robot spider to move, you need to learn how and why a robot will fall if the force are not apply appropriately.  These are the things that Robotics teachers are teaching the kids.  Regardless of they are P1 or P2 or even P6.  

- Jay also learned from people from different grades.  This is an opportunity for the kid to mix around with older kids.  When you have that you also wants to become like them.  

- Just like the Golf & Adventure Camp that Jay has just completed.  There is not a class that is specially for P1 kids.  It is a camp that is designed for different aged kids from P1 to P6.  Older kids do other stuffs, but younger kids get to see and learn what is coming for them in a couple of years.  So, these are the valuable knowledge where you can never teach a kid.

IMG 2245

- But one of the most important thing is as a parent, you try not force the kids to go to these enrichment class.  Your job is the same as a marketing executive trying to sell these courses to the kid.  Young kids even at K1 or K2 already have their own mind.  You simply have to let them make the decision.  Yes, all the Golf, Badminton, Tennis, Taekwondo, Swimming, Art Boot Camp, BrainFit, CMA (Abacus), Piano, Violin are selected by Jay.  The only course that I “force” him to take is his Chinese Tuition.  He hated the Berries as it does not help him much in improving his Chinese, but I feel as a Chinese, he got to master a bit of the mother tongue.

- You got to have an agreement with your kid.  You do not allow them to simply any how drop a course that chosen by them.  Do not make that as a habit.  Jay only quit his Violin last month after learning for 2 years.  He talked to us and express that he wanted to learn more on Piano instead of violin and the way how his fat body handling the violin may not suit him after all.  And we granted his wishes.  And now because we expose him to music, he likes Piano and Ukulele.  He can do whistling too.

IMG 9837


- Do I think all these course are expensive?  YES.  I do think it is expensive.  But here is the relief.  Jay went to Lorna Whiston full day pre-school class.  And his school fees back then was a bit lesser than 2K.  So, when he went into P1, the school fees is about 2 digit number.  So, the money we suppose to spent on him, is simply re-channeled into these enrichment classes.  He did a lot of sport and art related classes, and thru out the year, I have seen how my boy has grown up become to.  He is mature, his social skills is superb.  Although his academic result may not be tip top, but I am very sure that he is a strong contender in becoming a bright kid in coming years.  I have no regrets in spending those money.  And I have seen how he has obtains lots of knowledge that the school does not teach him.

- So, my comment to the DJ @ FM95.8 is, if as a parent, if you can afford it, you should expose your kids to different kinds of activities.  There is no need to follow exactly the MOE curriculum or spent more time on academic.  The other soft skills, such as communications with other kids of diff age group, diff schools are equally important.  Those the skills that kids do not learn from school.  So, expose them to activities that is non-academic related.

IMG 9762

- I also thinking of sending Jay to Cooking Class/Camp.  Or learning how to create E-Book.  There is also a course teaching young kids how to program BASIC.  Wow.  Bill Gates invented BASIC.  At very young age.

So, the interview went well, and I got air 2 times in the interview.  I did not know I sound like this on Radio.  Wahahahahaha