Sunday, June 28, 2015

Côte Du Boeuf @ Casse Croute

Date:  July 27, 2015

Two weeks ago….

This is not on the menu at Casse Croute.

IMG 5222

But if you wanted eat it, he can make it for you.  :)

IMG 5215

Côte Du Boeuf.  In my opinion, one of the best steak available in Singapore.

IMG 5232

Juicy and nice!

IMG 5234

And Amanda has to bring Julius to see the pig head.  Chef Patrick is cutting the pig head.

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The boys are having their usual creamy mushroom spaghetti.

IMG 5217

We have our great food!

IMG 5221


IMG 5225


IMG 5227

Look at the red meet… Cote Du Boeuf...

IMG 5230

And we enjoy the food so much!

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After the meal, they can do a light saber duel.

IMG 5277

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lego Land Visit (2015)

Date: June 27, 2015

On the Father’s Day, I suggested the kids to "bring me” the big kid to Legoland.  And both Jay and Kay are so happy.

Half an hour later, we arrived at Legoland.

 IMG 5489

It shall be the first time where both Jay and Kay are driving the Lego cars on the same road with traffic lights.

IMG 5494

He is so happy about it.  And he has a driving license.  HaHaHa...

IMG 5498

There is always lots of things for the boys to do.

IMG 5509

Perhaps one the main attractions this time is the Earth Quake machine.  They spent quite some time here to build the building that can withstand the strongest earth quake.

IMG 5520

They aim is to build the tallest and stable building.

IMG 5524

This is my design.  I thought may be do something that has a hole in the middle will be challenging.  But I did not expect that it last so long.

So I decided to build it even taller.  Seems the theory sounds very solid.  And it was completely destroyed.

On the other hand, Jay and mommy build a similar one, stealing the idea from Kay and myself.  But they placed the middle stabilising pillar.  Looks very promising.

And it really did not drop.

But the second time they make the quake, it was destroyed.  HaHaHaHa!

You can tell the kids were having lots of fun!

IMG 5528

This is the winning design.  :)

IMG 5531

Kay has grown up.  He becomes more gutsy!  He likes the roller coaster.  So, we sat 5 times on the Big dragon.  We did not even bother to go for the smaller dragon ride.

IMG 5539

We sat in the middle, we sat at the dragon head, we sat at the tail, etc etc.  He just love it!

IMG 5544

Ayo…. I sit until I want to vomit.  hahaha

IMG 5547

Hey look at what I am wearing today!

IMG 5551

We love R2D2

IMG 5552

Jay Jay force push the Millennium Falcon.

IMG 5563

Millennium really good looking!

IMG 5567

Hey look!  It is Luke Skywalker.

IMG 5605

Spotted Dart Vadar.

IMG 5582

Kids enjoy Robotics.

IMG 5587

And he really grew up.  He is more than 110cm now, and are able to sit in most of the rides.

IMG 5588

And we sit in this Techniq for 5 times too.  Hahahahahaha.  Really feel like vomiting.  HaHaHa

IMG 5599

So, after 3 years.  Legoland is still my kids’ #1 choice of theme park.  The reason is the queue is shorter than others.

But as they slowly grew up, they will have lesser things to sit.

So, while they still young, let them go more times and enjoy the park!

"I Am A Young Botanist" Badge

June 27, 2015

Nowadays, it is not easy to raise a kid, man.

This June holidays, Jay has a couple of school project.  It is voluntary project, but the kid says "must do”.

Because once you do it, you can get a badge.  “I am a young botanist” badge.  And this badge is given by Science Centre.

And the kid sure wants it.

IMG 5901

It has a couple of categories.  You can either become a botanist, or a zoologist or a environmentalist.  But looking at the process of how to earn it.  It is NOT EASY man!

At the beginning of the term, Jay says he wants to be all three of them.  

And now, we figure out it is not easy.  And this term, we can only accomplish one of them.  Although I did bring them to the Zoo, River Safari and so on.

But after 3 weeks, we finally figure out, it is not easy project.  And it takes time to do it.  If the kids can do it themselves it will be ok, but the problem is, the parents need to give some guidance here and there.

That is what makes the project difficult for both me and my wife.  We need to travel and we need to work.  So, it will be impossible to finish all three of them.

But all of us were so happy when we finally done 23-24 stars out of the required 20 stars.

Here is what we did.

After discussion with Jay, we decided to do the Botanist project.

IMG 5900

We have to find all kinds of seeds for him.  And luckily, I bought a lot of seeds from Taobao.  hahaha

IMG 0191

Here is my seeds.

IMG 4331

Let’s give it a box.

IMG 5902

Place it nicely in the box.

IMG 5903

The leaf press.  

Every day, when Jay is free, he will go downstairs to pick up leaves.  There are so many different kind of leaves.  So, it will be parents job to match the leaves to a name.

Not an easy job.  But slowly, cross referencing it here and there, and google it.  We finally got it done.

IMG 5411

Here is the plant press.

IMG 5906

Next is to make the Eco Bottle Garden.

IMG 5451

We even let Kay Kay help Jay Jay to make the bottle plant.

IMG 5455

The kids love the process of making the bottle plant.  Kay Kay has a larger bottle.  Jay one is small.  Well, just think about it, you still need to bring it to school.  So, the bigger the bottle the heavier.

IMG 5458

Jay Jay hand pick his plants and seal it inside.  It is a eco system.

IMG 5460

Don’t know what plants he picked.

IMG 5464

But it looks nice.  He even took some of the moss I got back from Taobao.

IMG 5471

Kay Kay one looks really nice.

IMG 5476

It’s time to seal it.  

IMG 5466

Few days later, the eco-system started...

IMG 5603

Collections of ferns.

IMG 5904

No joke.  He spent 1-2 hours every day just to collect and make all these collections.

So, hope that he will get 20 stars for all these efforts.  Let’s wait and see...

IMG 5905