Sunday, November 29, 2009

Joan Bowen Cafe

Today, I went to have lunch at Joan Bowen Cafe with ah-Lian and my family. The food is OK! They are at 9 Jalan Wangi, Singapore 349354. It is off-Macperson road just in case you wonder where it is. Give them a call if you don't know where is it - 6281-3629. Just part the cars at the road side, whenever you found a car park.

What so special about this restaurant?

From the details from their name card, they serve food, coffee, desserts, you can print your photos here and they sell handy crafts. Hmm... interesting mix.


I ordered a fish and chip. Jay Jay & Ah-Lian ordered a mushroom spaghetti, and Boon Ching ordered a Chili Crab spaghetti. Both my wife and me had Leffe Blonde, a belgium beer. They serve wine as well.

So, what so special about this restaurant?

Look, the portion of my fish and chip is big. And the Dori fish taste good. The Chili crab spaghetti is nice.


Later, I ordered a Oreo Cheesecake, and a latte.

So, what so special about this restaurant?

The Latte is served using NExpresso from Nestle. I have one of these and it really serve great coffee from the capsules. My wife had a tea but with Vanila sugar. I believe this is the first time I know what is a Vanila sugar. Very fragrant and tasty.


Got a chance to take some pictures for the kitchen. They have this open kitchen concept to let you see what's in there. The chef is teaching a kid to cook.

So, what so special about this restaurant?


Oh look. I think she is the owner's daughter. And she is the one who cook my Fish & Chips. And by the way, she did a great job. Few days ago, she fried her 1,000 fish & chips. It is a greatest achievement given that she suffers from a kind of illness (I cannot remember the medical names) that she cannot remember things. The questions is, if she cannot remember anything, how did she manage to cook? Her job is to fried the fish. It is a repetitive job. Do nothing but fried the fish, every day until parts of your body remembers.

Remember the kid that is cooking just now, he too suffers from Down Syndrome, but managed to serve good food for us. His job is to cook the noodles.

The kid that is serving the Latte does not know what is a Latte. But there is a special toy that they made that equate that to Latte. When we ordered the latte, that toy will be given to him, and he knows he needs to make a Latte by putting the Latte capsule into the Nexpresso
coffee machine, place a cup there and press the button. As simple as that.

This is not just another ordinary restaurant. It is a restaurant with a big heart. They have a real cook, but they have also all these Down Syndrome patients to present there to learn and do real work by learning repetitive work. It is a very new concept, and it touches every body's heart. To eat here, you need a big heart. Take a look at their blogs, and you will know what and how much things that they went thru to set up this.

These super-teens cook with a big heart, and you eat with a big heart. Enjoy... All food best served with Laffe Blonde beer.


By the way, those handy craft is made by them too. Yes, the owner of restaurant teaches handy craft skills to those super-teens.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Jay Jay & LWPS Year End Concert 2009

It's that time of the year... I can still remember, my little Jay was crying when we sent him to the backstage last year... and he refuses to wear the bulky "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" costumes... and I remember he was having fun last year at the stage...

This year, the concert is held at Nan Yang Secondary School. And when we sent him off to the backstage, our Jay is smiling all the way, and no more crying... he has grown up...


Up in the stage, he is really performing for everyone to see, and of course, when he sees Lily doing the wrong thing (placing her little umbrella on wrong photos), he will complaint to Miss. Haz about it, even during the performance, but you can tell that he is having lots of fun.

After the show, he will stick around with his friends, chit chating, taking photos, etc etc... My little Jay is now 3 years old, and he is much much grown up now... and you time flies very fast...


you can watch the video of his performance here

compare to the last year one... it is here

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Today, was at the IDA's workshop for the Next Generation Broadband...
After hearing all the presentations, here are some of my thoughts...

1. Setting up SGIX @ 1-Net and Global Switch? So, to peer, you still need to buy a local loop to connect. So strange, Equinix is there, and all Telcos are there, why does the decision makers decides on these 2 locations? IDA shall change it to Equinix and pay for all the cross connect charges, etc and fund the project.

I think this will be another failed project. So funny, up until so many years, they finally realize that this is a problem in Singapore. How many years that HKIX (Hong Kong IX) has exist??

2. Yes. 100M or 1Gb to your home. The questions is where is the contents? Unlike Japan, Korea or Hong Kong, Singapore has no Content. So, even if you have 100M, your latencies and download speed for overseas website still going to be slow. Look at today, if you subscribe to 100M from Starhub, does it mean that your web surfing experience improved? nope.

I think IDA should fund the International bandwidth so to make it successful.

But also becareful... that means P2P downloads will increase, visits to porn sites will increase. So, how does IDA going to fix the related social problems?

Let's wait and see...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Feng Shui: Missing Corner & Dark Corner

Directions within a house will be important. Each direction can have different meaning within your home. And making sure these direction is well taken care of, is a must.


Missing Corner

From my living room, the south west corner is a common lift / elevator. So, there is this piece of space missing from my home. By right, it should be a square or rectangle shape for the living room, but because of the space this lift takes, the missing corner is there. And this missing corner is sitting on the Relationship direction. To fix this, I try to find a love birds photos that is 3D depth look.

Dark Corner

It is easy to identify the dark corner of the house. From the entrance, look around in the living room. Identify those places where normal sun light will never get to. That will be your dark corner. To fix this, simply put more lights there. For me, a fish tank that has lights will help to do the trick. The dark corner is at the east side corner, the Family/Health of my home. you definitely wanted to fix that. Make this corner brighter!

Nothing much to fix, just these two. And it is easy fix. :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Feng Shui - Home Office / Study Room & the Bed

Today, we talked about home office or study room.

Yesterday, I was discussing with my buddy about having a bed inside a home office or study room. Here are some of the collections of thoughts thru our conversations which I think is interesting to share...


1. I don't think one should place a bed in the home office or study room. the reason is very simple. When you work or study, in front of you, you see a bed. There is this seduction force will seduce you to lie down on the bed. So, it will de-focus you, and you will lose concentrations gradually. So, it is no good for career or education. Basically, it will make you lazy.

2. However, if you have no choice and wanted the home office or study room to serve as a guest room when friends or relatives come over. Then, I suggest you put a sofa bed instead.

3. Of course, the buddy argued, he may also sleep on the sofa bed. So, the correct thought is... yes, it is a sofa, and it is comfortable to sleep on it.. But you will sleep on a bed more longer than sleeping on a sofa. So, having a sofa bed is fine if you think it this way. Btw, the sofa of course is a reading corner. So, don't treat it like a bed. But if you use a bed instead, in front of you is a bed. Visualize it and connect it with lazy.

4. My buddy already married and he wanted to have a kid soon. So, my advise to him is to donate the bed away as soon as possible. The reason is very simple. His home office is on 3rd floor. His bed room is on second floor. Sometimes you dozed off and sleep on the bed inside the home office is OK. But if you do it too often, it becomes a habit. So, the lesser he will sleep on the bed in his bedroom with his wife. How can make baby like that? Hahaha... Think further, that means he will spend lesser time with his wife, so, the relationship may become very far... So, it is no good if you are married.

5. Of course, if one is not married, he/she can do whatever he/she wants lar. But when one is married, it is a different story. Especially if his/her job requires to travel a lot, plus do not have a fixed office, then he/she should really think about that bed in the bed room.

Here, I would really hope that my buddy can have a "Rabbit baby" by 2012. :)

As for me, I will make sure my home office or study room will have a sofa bed instead of bed. And the home office or study room will face East for good luck.

Remember, all my thoughts on Feng Shui are not superstitious, but it is purely based on natural thinking and common sense. I only believe in common sense. My buddy told me that during his younger days, he is sort of rejecting Feng Shui by coming up with scientific method to proof it wrong. So, I said to him, try the reverse way, use the scientific method and common sense to make some sense out of Feng Shui. Once you thought about it, and if it make sense, and it will make you feel better, then, that is what I call Feng Shui... Good Luck...

10 Good Habits to Become a Successful Person

Read this article some where on the Net, and I think it is very true... Look at the people around you, those who is successful, normally, they will have a few of these quality habits ...






Comments: To survive in this corporate world, just be the real you, learn how to become a human. Learn how to treat people nicely, put yourself into other people shoes, try understanding from other people stand point, and live harmony with all your friends and colleagues. In return, people will start respecting you and treat you good.



Comments: A leader is a leader because he or she knows how to make decisions. A good decision that covers all the area, but not only for his own benefits. A good leader will always take charge and make decisions.




Comments: You must have a strong believe in yourself. You must understand your own capability, and be confident about it. Once you lost that confident, it is also the time that you should step down from the leadership.



Comments: Setting a clear target is very important. With a target set, you can have a target to work towards. For example, I want to buy a bigger home. I want to bring my family to Japan. All these are personal targets. In office, you can set target too. I want to be a CEO by the age of 45. Some thing like that.




Comments: Be very passion about your target, your believing. You must create that huge fire in the belly. Only those who has huge passion will succeed.



Comments: Of course, there will be obstacles here and there. Having a target, passion will not enough. You must be persistent. If fails 1 time or 2 times, try it again smartly, be persistent.



Comments: Look around. Use your heart to see people. Every one has its own ability. If they cannot see it, you must be the one that is able to open up their eyes so they can see it themselves. Once you know they are capable, delegate everything to them. Let them have a chance to excel. Never stop talented people to excel.




Comments: When you hire, you want to hire people who can have the capability to take over your job. So, never afraid of hiring people that is better than you. Once you hire, delegate the job to him. So that you can free yourself to do other things and excel yourself.




Comments: motivate the team is very important. You have to have a team that works together towards the target. Therefore, you must learn how to motivate team. Slowly, one step at a time.



Comments: Knowledge is never ending. You must learn every day. You must look around, and learn new things. Do not confine yourself into a very confined space. Step out the box, and think, and learn all the fantastic things around you.

Good luck to all the people who wants to be successful. Before getting there, this checklist is pretty good and if you found that you have done 10 out of the above 10, it is very likely that you will be a very good person and leader.