Thursday, November 19, 2009


Today, was at the IDA's workshop for the Next Generation Broadband...
After hearing all the presentations, here are some of my thoughts...

1. Setting up SGIX @ 1-Net and Global Switch? So, to peer, you still need to buy a local loop to connect. So strange, Equinix is there, and all Telcos are there, why does the decision makers decides on these 2 locations? IDA shall change it to Equinix and pay for all the cross connect charges, etc and fund the project.

I think this will be another failed project. So funny, up until so many years, they finally realize that this is a problem in Singapore. How many years that HKIX (Hong Kong IX) has exist??

2. Yes. 100M or 1Gb to your home. The questions is where is the contents? Unlike Japan, Korea or Hong Kong, Singapore has no Content. So, even if you have 100M, your latencies and download speed for overseas website still going to be slow. Look at today, if you subscribe to 100M from Starhub, does it mean that your web surfing experience improved? nope.

I think IDA should fund the International bandwidth so to make it successful.

But also becareful... that means P2P downloads will increase, visits to porn sites will increase. So, how does IDA going to fix the related social problems?

Let's wait and see...

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