Sunday, November 29, 2009

Joan Bowen Cafe

Today, I went to have lunch at Joan Bowen Cafe with ah-Lian and my family. The food is OK! They are at 9 Jalan Wangi, Singapore 349354. It is off-Macperson road just in case you wonder where it is. Give them a call if you don't know where is it - 6281-3629. Just part the cars at the road side, whenever you found a car park.

What so special about this restaurant?

From the details from their name card, they serve food, coffee, desserts, you can print your photos here and they sell handy crafts. Hmm... interesting mix.


I ordered a fish and chip. Jay Jay & Ah-Lian ordered a mushroom spaghetti, and Boon Ching ordered a Chili Crab spaghetti. Both my wife and me had Leffe Blonde, a belgium beer. They serve wine as well.

So, what so special about this restaurant?

Look, the portion of my fish and chip is big. And the Dori fish taste good. The Chili crab spaghetti is nice.


Later, I ordered a Oreo Cheesecake, and a latte.

So, what so special about this restaurant?

The Latte is served using NExpresso from Nestle. I have one of these and it really serve great coffee from the capsules. My wife had a tea but with Vanila sugar. I believe this is the first time I know what is a Vanila sugar. Very fragrant and tasty.


Got a chance to take some pictures for the kitchen. They have this open kitchen concept to let you see what's in there. The chef is teaching a kid to cook.

So, what so special about this restaurant?


Oh look. I think she is the owner's daughter. And she is the one who cook my Fish & Chips. And by the way, she did a great job. Few days ago, she fried her 1,000 fish & chips. It is a greatest achievement given that she suffers from a kind of illness (I cannot remember the medical names) that she cannot remember things. The questions is, if she cannot remember anything, how did she manage to cook? Her job is to fried the fish. It is a repetitive job. Do nothing but fried the fish, every day until parts of your body remembers.

Remember the kid that is cooking just now, he too suffers from Down Syndrome, but managed to serve good food for us. His job is to cook the noodles.

The kid that is serving the Latte does not know what is a Latte. But there is a special toy that they made that equate that to Latte. When we ordered the latte, that toy will be given to him, and he knows he needs to make a Latte by putting the Latte capsule into the Nexpresso
coffee machine, place a cup there and press the button. As simple as that.

This is not just another ordinary restaurant. It is a restaurant with a big heart. They have a real cook, but they have also all these Down Syndrome patients to present there to learn and do real work by learning repetitive work. It is a very new concept, and it touches every body's heart. To eat here, you need a big heart. Take a look at their blogs, and you will know what and how much things that they went thru to set up this.

These super-teens cook with a big heart, and you eat with a big heart. Enjoy... All food best served with Laffe Blonde beer.


By the way, those handy craft is made by them too. Yes, the owner of restaurant teaches handy craft skills to those super-teens.

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