Monday, December 31, 2012

Jay New Swim Wear

Date: Dec 31, 2012

Jay Jay is considered a bit big size for a K2 boy. So it's not easy to buy swim wear for him of his size.

I bought size 32 (biggest) for him from Takashimaya. It is Arena brand. Looks quite fit.

Of course, he will argue and says must buy a new matching orange color goggles.

And of course Kay Kay must wear the same too.

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Monday Wet Market Close!

Date: Dec 31, 2012

A note to myself.

Try not to host party on Monday.

No meat.
No food.
No seafood.

And really all stalls closed on Monday.

This is Tiong Bahru!

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Exploring the last Unknown Railroad

Date: Dec 31, 2012

My bicycle front wheel punctured. So I will be doing my last walk for the year.

As I need to catch the kids who is on the bicycle. I decided to explore short cut!

And I finally caught up to them. And WOW!

I didn't know there is an old train track here. I always cycle pass this small little hill under the bridge. But never came up here before.

Jay Jay: "Papa, you mean you don't know there is a train track here?!"

This is the bridge and MRT track above. It is on top of this Ulu Pandan River. (Yes! It's a river!)

There is this small road going up this slope.

When you go up, the old railway is there...

Look left is a small short stretch of railway.

Look right is going into bushes.

Walk up... You will reach...

Commonwealth Ave. Just opposite the fire station and the temple. Before Jalan Lempeng Nan Hua Primary School turning.

My kids love to come here and play. They love trains, and therefore they love train tracks!

Now with the improved bike, he rode much faster now. Even going short cut also cannot catch up him liao.

YouTube Video

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Coloring Car

Date: Dec 31, 2012

Jay or Kay received this present from one of the auntie or uncle. Thank you!

It is an Art Painting set to paint a wooden or cardboard car.

Lets do it!

The kids has colors painting all mess up on their fingers.

Jay is like professional painter like that!

Most importantly the two brothers work together and paint the car, have fun together.

And of course some final touch from mommy.

And the car is done.

Not a bad toy for the siblings to work together. Cool!

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cook with Ken: 梅菜扣肉

Date: Dec 29, 2012

Today I cooked Mui Choy Braised Pork.

It's actually very easy to cook this dish.

1. The main ingredients is Mui Choy (Mei Cai).

Soak in the water for 10 minutes.

2. Pork belly.

3. Garlics.

4. Cut out a few garlic cloves. Put into the iCook pot.

5. We need some ginger too.

Cut and slice the ginger, place it into the pot.

6. Place the pork belly inside.

7. I used Swanson chicken stock. A small packet. Place the whole packet into the pot.

Ok. The chicken stock is not enough to cover the meat.

So I added in some rice wine.

8. Next put in dark soya sauce. Put 2-3 spoonful of dark soya sauce.

It's actually for coloring. :)

9. Then top up with the water to slightly cover the meat.

10. Add in some white pepper.

11. Add in some soya sauce.

12. Add in some rock sugar.

Add in a few. This is to add in the sweetness and a sugar coating outside the pork.

13. Add in the Mui Choy.

That's it! Cover up and slow fire slow cook for 1.5 to 2 hours.

And it's completed!

Yummy. Collagen very high too. :)

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Playing Football

Date:  Dec 28, 2012

Watching your kids playing football can be very enjoyable.  Especial for the kids nowadays.  Most of the parents would sent their kids to pre-school as early as 18 months.  These kids has known each other since 18 months old.  They play, eat and sleep in school everyday.  They are qualify to become "Good Friends" or "Childhood friends".  Unlike our times, where we only had 1 or 2 years of kindergarden and we can hardly make any "good friends".  


Of course to play football, you must have a good coach.  Yesterday, Jay Jay hang out with some of his friends at the POLW@Sentosa.  Beside the pirate ship, there is this nice little field for the kids to play foodball.  It is nice to have Riandi's daddy to teach the kids how to play football.  And I can really tell that the kids are learning it and play the ball.


They really chase after the ball.


Some talented kick like a pro.


Jay Jay had never learned how to kick the ball properly, but you can see after this crash course, he also know how to kick.


Most importantly, the coach must be patient teaching.  :)


Of course, you can have some fun time too.  Like Jay Jay throwing the ball outside the POLW compound.  hahaha


 See what I mean.  The coach teach them how to do heading.


And the kids must be able to have interest in kicking the ball.


Here is the throw in.


Here are some clips to be remember when they grew up.  GOAL! 


Another GOAL!


And the ball is OUT!


 Let's try to organise some outdoor sports even when they are in P1.  And they have to find time for their friends too.  :)

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