Saturday, April 30, 2011

GE2011 - Why Sometimes People Vote for PAP

Date: April 30, 2011

I wanted to share this story...

I told you before that my wife is a new citizen, and she definitely will vote for the ruling party.  Today is her birthday, and yesterday we had a good dinner at Le Bristo De Sommelier.  In front of my friends, I called her "胆小的叛徒“ (cowardly traitor) because of the fact that she has converted to a Singapore citizen last year, and I am assuming that she wanted to vote for the ruling party because she knew that the ruling party will win, and she wants the family not to be marked by the ruling party.


When I told her this joke I called her, she then tell me, that she is OK with the 叛徒 (traitor) part but not the 胆小 (cowardly) part.  HaHaHa, I asked her why.  So, she gave me the following reason.

Wife:  Do you know where we are?

Ken:  West Coast.

Wife:  Do you know who is fighting there?

Ken:  PAP Vs RP

Wife:  Do you know anyone in RP?

Ken:  Not really.

Wife:  Do you know what is their Manifesto?

Ken:  No, I have not read it.

Wife:  Do you know what is their policy on PR, New Citizen and Foreign Talents?

Ken:  Errr. NO.

Wife:  Read. (On iPhone)

Ken: I quote "Reform foreign worker policy to ensure that businesses get skilled labour.  but citizens come first.  Require new citizens and PRs to do national service or pay lump sum tax instead." unquote.

Wife:  So...

Ken:  Oh Shit!  No way I pay lump sum tax as PR.

Wife:  Read others... SDP is good, so as worker party...

Ken:  SDP wants company to show skills requirement, try fulfill singaporean first.  WP is about transparency, show the citizens and PR  and foreign talent numbers.  And then work from there.  (I continue read...) NSP impose FT quota, raise salary of employment pass, etc.  SPP flat 17.5% tax instead of layered levies on skilled FT.  SDA raise pay of unattractive jobs.  WOW, only RP is the one that also target at PR and New Citizen.  and PAP policy is always kind to us.  At least I don't have to serve national service.

Wife:  So, do you think I will vote.

Ken:  Kiss Kiss.  Sorry ah wife.  From now on, you are "明智的叛徒".


The key points of this story is, DON'T VOTE BLINDLY.  And not all PAP are bad.  And sometimes, when you are in a area, where there is no strong opposition, and if you do not like the opposition manifesto, you don't have to vote them.

A very good friend ask my help to translate some Chinese for RP today.  If without the story above, I would have help.  But since RP policies are not good to PR and New Citizen, In principal, I cannot help them.  So, I told my good friend about this, and she understands it.  She said "Opps... I also did not read the manifesto".  So, I say, how can you not read the manifesto lor?  I support my wife in this case.  But I still like Silvia Lim and Nicole Seah thou.... and Chen Show Mao, and many...




Friday, April 29, 2011

Unusual Taxi Driver from Malaysia

Date: Apr 29, 2011

Just saw the youtube for Ms. Sylvia Lim from Workers Party.  Talking about PM Lee's Taxi Driver analogy for the PAP's Manifesto.  And I suddenly remember this story below...

Normally, when you go to any country, you just hop on to the taxi, and tell the taxi driver where you want to go, and the taxi driver will drive you to the place.  In Malaysia, if you can buy a "Taxi Ticket" before you hop on, that will be safest as the price is guarantee to be reasonable.  If you get a taxi from a remote area, make sure you have your Google Map on your Mobile Phone to see where the taxi actually bringing you.  Otherwise, the meter can start clicking to a very expensive price.


I wanted to share my encounter with this Mr. Tan, a taxi driver in Malaysia.  I find it quite unique and makes me think about a lot of things.

So, I was finishing my favorite nasi lemak at Toast Box just outside Boulevard Hotel @ Mid Valley.  I was counting the taxi in the queues just in front of the Toast Box.  This Chinese taxi driver was looking at my direction.  We exchange a few eye contacts.  As soon as my colleague finished her tea, we walk towards the taxi and hop on it.

"Plaza Sentral" I told the taxi driver to go to.

The taxi was quite clean.  The taxi driver is quite chatty, and we start to talk.  And this is where it gets very interesting...

Taxi Driver:  Sir, let me ask you this.  When you go overseas, and before you hop on to the taxi, do you make observations.

Me:  What sort of observations?

Taxi Driver:  For me, when I take a taxi, I will always do few things...

Me:  Oh, what is it?

Taxi Driver:  First, I checked the taxi tyres.

Me:  (Surprise to hear the answer)  Huh?  Why?

Taxi Driver:  Checking the tyres will tell you if the taxi driver gotsent his car to servicing or not?  Some Taxi drivers don't do that.  That will gives you the personality of the taxi drivers.  If the tyres is old, and no more patterns, then, I will not hop on to that taxi, and I rather wait.

Me:  Oh, I see.  (Taxi Driver in Malaysia usually are the owner of the taxi, except for the Blue Taxi belongs to a company)

Taxi Driver:  Because, what if it rains and the tyres are not functioning.  If the taxi driver do not take care of the tyres, do you think he will take care of the engine?  So, what if engine breaks down in middle of no where.  All these inconvenience will make you unhappy.

Me:  Oh, I see.  (So, not only to see the tyres, see if the taxi got any accident dents, etc is equally important).

Taxi Driver:  Next, you see the driver.  Feel his breathe.

Me:  Huh?? Are you sure or not.

Taxi Driver:  Sure, To see if the taxi driver is in a good condition to drive the taxi or not.  If he drinks alcohol, you straight away can tell, and you should say No to the taxi driver.  Look at his eyes, lips, some times can tell you whether he is sick or not.  If you can sense that he is no condition to drive the taxi, don't take it.

Me:  I see...


We reached the destination, the meter says RM8, I gave him RM10 for a good chat.  And I took his name card.


The above conversation actually makes me think deep.  I never done what he has explained to me before.  Since when you hop on to a taxi and check the tyres and check the breathe of the taxi driver.  I can tell you every one of us, flag a taxi, and then, simply hop on it, and tell taxi driver where to go.

May be the taxi in Singapore is very well maintain, and there is very well organized law to govern them.  And I suddenly remember, that the taxi fare in Singapore is ain't CHEAP at all.  The fact that I always leave my car in the Airport for a short 2 days trip is... the car pack fees is much cheaper than the taxi fare to bring me from my home to the airport and going back.  i.e.

S$13.60 for budget Airlines leaving your car overnight there from 8am to next day 4pm

S$40 for T1, T2, T3 leaving your car overnight there for 2 days.  (Daily cap is $20).

So, if compare to taking the taxi during peak hours plus ordering the taxi, wow, It can come up to S$30 x 2 for the return fare.

So, yes, our taxi is clean, our taxi is well maintained, and the driver is safe.  But one thing that makes me mad is the taxi fare keep increasing.  10-15 years ago, I don't recall it is that expensive.  How about, passing thru the ERP, all these cost was passed down to the passengers.

So, the key message from this story is...

1.  Do we really check the taxi condition, the driver condition when we get on to the taxi?  Do we need to check?  I think we should check all the time.

2.  In Singapore, taking taxi is safe, too safe, but the fares of ERP, taxi charges are not cheap.  And it is constantly increasing and we cannot do anything about it.

So, I don't think it is the driver that is matter, I think we should also think of the policies of public transportations, those who set it.  And who can make the people who take the taxi happy.

So, after my meeting at Plaza Sentral, I hop on to another taxi, and oh SHARKS!  I forgot about checking the tyres.  I forgot about checking the taxi drivers.  and I just simply blindly hop on to the taxi.  HaHaHaHaHa

It is this video, after I watched, and makes me remember about the taxi story.  That is where I woke up.




Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Nice Deed on Labor Day

Date: April 28, 2011

These few days, FT (Foreign Talent) seems to be a hot topic of the GE 2011.  Yours domestic helper should also be grouped under the FT as well.  They should have done hard work to clean your house/apartment, look after your kids, and cook for your family, etc.  I also understand that there are majority of the domestic helper do not have Off Day too due to the Agent loan, etc.


May 1, is labor day.  So, may be it will be a good idea to give your domestic helper a day off.  It is a nice thing to do, also a good deed too.  If not comfortable to let them go out, ask them not to do work that day, may be bring them out for a nice meal, and be nice to them.  HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!!


GE 2011 - Why concern? You are not even Singaporean!!

Date: April 28, 2011


1.  A lot of my friends are very puzzled.  Ken, you are not a Singaporean, how come you are so interested in our country politics.  And you seems to support opposition.  why?

==> Although I am not Singaporean, I am a PR who worked in Singapore.  And every year, I pay tax.  Every time I buy things, I pay GST.  Every time, I go outside, I am damn piss off with the Wireless@SG that uses our tax payer money, and implement some worst public WiFi service in the world.  That is why I wanted to know more about the GE 2011.  And Guess what, the more I knew, the more I become angry.  And my thoughts are, Singapore cannot have a single party government.  It is not right, you must have opposition "noise" in the government.  I came from Malaysia, and I saw how Anwar and the oppositions make it back to the Parliament.  I saw how Penang was well managed by Opposition.  And guess what, do you know Kuala Lumpur is belong to the opposition?  I also see how Perak was once managed well by Opposition, until, the BN got the Perak state back, and then all development stagnant.  That is why I know it is important to have some opposition in the government so that policies are not simply any how being approved and made.  So that there is a checking point.  Everybody already know that, PAP is going to win the GE 2011.  But it cannot be opposition only have 2 out of 87 seats in Parliament.  So, I was hoping to see, opposition at least have 7-9 seats out of the 87.  By having such minority in there, it does make some different.  At least the ruling party also think twice before passing a policies.


2.  So, when does it all started?


==>  It all started from her.  A 27 years old chic participate in election, and wanted to be a MP.  Yes, we must give her the credit.  From this young face, it attracts people like me to actually go to see what is going on, why government is recommending this young girl to become the next MP.  Then, I think she does not know what is "Social Media" impact, and did not even think of creating a new facebook page or what so ever, people start "digging" things out from the facebook.  The "Kate Spade" photo la, the "dump your boyfriend and married a government connection 40 years old la", the "stomp your feet and I don't know what to say la"... all these negative things seems to back fire this poor kid.  So, at that time, my only interest is to see and look for you tubes of hers, and then, all linked to a group of unhappy Singaporean discussing about PAP, etc... andI continue to read all these shocking and shioking things that is not available on The Straits Times.

And then, there is another cute chic in the block, she suddenly appeared...


And she is only 24, even younger then the 27 years old.  And WOW... she looks pretty... So, you know, lets hunt for more youtube, and hoping to find something more interesting...  So, when you see her youtube, it is totally different class of performance between the two youngster.  This one is very mature despite of her young age.  And she is totally clean at least for now.  And every words from her mouth are very powerful.  i.e. telling her seniors that "I will take this questions from the press (myself, don't help me)"... that actually shows that she is ready and mature to take any questions and she has her own opinion, and she wanted to bring changes...

So, you then thought the 27 years old was brought in to do something on Social Media for PAP and yet, she only has 3140 likes for a months of efforts... and Vs the 24 years old... the facebook page was setup on April 14, only merely 2 weeks, 31,293 likes, and YES, "REAL LIKES" (not fake one)... and if you read her comments, she really did a lot of hard work... So, Singapore should have a lot of people like her, and perhaps PAP should have asked her to jump ship to PAP, but then, she is little Nonya, and won't be Miss Yes-Lady, then, how?

Screen shot 2011-04-28 at AM 06.27.09.png VS. Screen shot 2011-04-28 at AM 06.28.55.png

So, as you can see, that is how I started to read Singapore GE 2011 news, and start making comments.  And I am sure there are thousands of people like me also, do the same thing.  i.e. Wow, cute chic, search for youtube, see facebook page.... Basket, why government like that one... and then... the next questions for Singaporean is "Who will you vote?"... all these will be the new generation votes and it is a swinging vote.  It can go to ruling party, and it can also go to opposition.


3.  Opposition need donations, funding, let's donate!

==> One day, I say this, asking for donation.  So, my thoughts is, even though I cannot vote, why don't I help the opposition a bit.  WAIT WAIT - NO  NO.  Thanks for a big NO NO shouted to me from my colleague in office.  Ken, you are NOT Singaporean, you cannot donate to them.  That will or may disqualify them as there are strict law governing that.   Oh, I see, lucky the web site does not have Paypal otherwise, it is a click away from me.  So, my question to my colleague is ... where is PAP's donation webpage?  And everybody laugh, I guess they know I wanted to donate to PAP now... hahahahahhaa  Yes, indeed, when you submit your nomination paper 35 seconds late, the election department will reject you.  And if you fill in the forms wrongly, i.e. "Unemployment", and the election department will allow that.  Hmmmm.... something is not right here, 无风不起浪!  There must be a certain facts being gathered.  But when the public service came and verified, the candidates no longer working for us, she is not clearing leave, etc etc...   What can you say?  you don't run their HR, all papers are confidential in HR, you know... hahahaha


4.  Your wife is Singaporean, you not afraid ah?

==> Aiya, voting is secret one la.  I don't know who she will vote, I think she very scared one, so, may be she vote for PAP for our children sake.  I am not going to break up my family just because of we have different opinion on GE 2011 issues.  I am guessing that because she wanted our kids to go good school, etc have good educations, although some one says it is cheap, but I don't think so, you know.  She is a good mother, good wife, and she got brain.  So, I am very sure and confident she will vote for what best for our family, and for the country.  HaHaHaHa

But as I observed, this country, the only paper media is "controlled", the only TV channel is "controlled".  So, there are a lot of scared tactics, and a lot of Singaporean, will normally get their news from the Straits Times and Mediacorp News channels.  So, I am guessing there are a lot a lot of Singaporeans may not see the real pictures out there.  They also afraid losing the PAP government.  Don't worry guys, you won't lose PAP.  PAP is going to win this election as well, with hard work.  Your opposition is not that strong in this country to over throne the ruling party.  So, don't worry.  But please be worry that if there is NO opposition in the government.  I don't want to pay 9% of GST.  I don't want to drive on a congested road, with so many ERP to pay.  I don't want to use that stupid Wireless@SG that most of the time does not work.


5.   So, what do you wish to get at the end?

==> 爽!That's all I wanted.  Makes be feel better when there are brave souls out there and winning a few seats (more seats than 2).  And hopefully these new opposition voice will really make a small difference, and this actually is enough for many Singaporeans who love their countries.


In conclusions, I cannot vote in Singapore, so, whatever I said is only purely my opinion from a outsider views.  Singapore is a free speech country, right?  So, I can say whatever I want, as long as I don't do personal attacks on any government persons, and as long as I don't flame up any illegal issues or topics, I guess I am fine.  I think that guy burning the vote slip is "not wise" and "may not have right brain functioning".   I am a professional, a non-Singaporean and wish to express some of my views towards some matters... hey, you don't like what I say, blame on those two cute chic facebook page... it all started from them, also, don't forget to blame on facebook and twitter, what a scary social media that delivers the truth (at least in my opinion) to everyone virally, and dangerously....  Oh ya... did PAP marketing team (do they have one?) really misunderstood when the MP says, please put up some Facebook Ads... Hmmmm.....

facebook ad.jpg

arghhhh... lastly, blame on Apple, for coming up with fantastic devices like iPhone, and iPad to read all these fantastic RSS/News real time ....

Good luck on May 7, 2011.  Make the right choice, you have your own brain, so, ask your brain what you should do.  And MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU ...


Master Yoda, are you voting too?  Can you vote?  And who you voting to?  Remember, don't let other people use Jedi mind tricks on you, voting is secret!


oh... I think Master Yoda is just like me... cannot vote in Singapore.  But at least he can light up his lightsaber.  Oh Man, got to get one of these lightsaber.  hahahahaha




Sunday, April 24, 2011

Anerton's Birthday Party @ Polliwogs - East Coast Park

Date:  April 24, 2011

Today's is Anerton's Birthday.  Jay was invited to go to Polliwogs.  We have to change Jay's violin class earlier so that he can do the violin as well as going to Anerton's Birthday party.

Wow, the kids has visited Peek-a-Boo 2 days ago and now Polliwogs.


It's seems that this is the most popular game in birthday parties.  Every party you go, will have this game where the kids take turn to swing a stick at a paper animal that is full of sweets and candies.


The kids are to pick up all these sweets and candies on the floor.


Jay Jay did picked up a hands full of candies in his hands.


The little one has waken, an now, he is very active playing in the playground.


Wow, that looks dangerous... I wonder how many kids will claim up there...


There he goes, pick up bullets and keep observing all the turrent/Air Gun location, and trying to see how to shoot.


Yes, he got hold of the turret.  Fire.


1.  In order to make it more fun, you will volunteer to be the TARGET.  So, every kids will aim their Air Gun at you.  And you just dance like monkey and jump up and down at the center.  The kids will love it.

2.  Help to pick up the bullets for the kids.  And give it to them.  So that they can load their guns and shoot you.

3.  Also throw the balls at them.  So that they will also now that enemy will fight back.

Of course, before you go, you must organize and invite your kids' friends there... so that they can play together.

Wow, they have a web site...

The Polliwogs, in my opinion is much better than the Safra one at Jurong West/Boon Lay there (opposite Jurong Point).  The Air Guns are much more and it is much lower than the Safra one.  And the gun can shoot people.  :)  Not many slides there though for the bigger kids.  But its fun.

Look at Kay, how he have fun!





Facebook Apps Problem

Date:  April 24, 2011

The latest Facebook App 3.4.1 has caused a lot of users to see this page.  And it is affecting everybody.  A simple search on google, and it seems some one has posted some solutions.  And it works for me now.


Thanks to Dee Kay Dot As Gee.  My life is back to normal again!

Extracted from the Dee Kay Dot As Gee page...


This bug seems to be affecting version 3.4.1 which was released on 20th April.

Right now, the only workaround solution is:
1) Go to Facebook app’s main page
2) Go to Account on the top left corner
3) Select Help Center
4) Login to your account (Remember to check “Keep me logged in”

This should work for most users. But there are some users reporting that this method doesn’t work for them. Let’s wait for Facebook to fix the issue.

PS: If the steps above doesn’t work for you, try going to the Accounts settings on to disable Secure Browsing (https). Note that by disabling https, you are surfing Facebook unencrypted. Do not do this if you are using Facebook on a open WIFI.

<END snip>

Durian @ 717

Date:  April 24, 2011

The gang went to watch 881 @ Espanade.  The show was very entertaining, and don't worry, if you only knew a few lines of Hokkien swearing words, there are English subtitle on both side of the stage.  And my only comment is "HaHaHaHaHahaHa" those three Fu, Lu & Shou are really funny!


After the show, hungry and we end up at Highland Centre.  There is 717 Durian with all the seating area for you to eat durians.

Screen shot 2011-04-24 at AM 07.29.12.png

We went there around 11:30pm.  And it is the time where they started to wrap all things and clean all mess.  We managed to get hold of 4 boxes.  Later the 7-Series BMW bought every single box from them.  I think these 4 boxes is enough for our craving for the night.


It's really been a long time we last eat durian together.  And everybody enjoys it.


When you see a Chiong-Sam lady eating with plastics gloves, then you thought about the 881 that we saw just a moment ago.  HahaHahaHahhahahaha


Oh No.  Not only Melissa, Laurel and Amanda too.  HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa


We enjoy the durian place, although there are no more red prawns, mountain cat, green bambo, etc etc.  The D24 is just nice and we all enjoy the night talking about every single details of the 881 stage performance...

@Esplanade Stage: 881 (Papaya Sisters)

Date:  April 24, 2011

Ever since I graduated in 1988 from my high school, I don't recall I have ever step foot into any theater to watch a drama or musical drama.  It was back done, the young Ken still have lot's of passion for stage drama, but after 23 years later, I still enjoy watching the play..


OK... The show started around 8pm, and if you are late, you can always get the tickets your friend left you with the usher.


This is a drama of the Papaya Sisters, how they become the top singing group at Getai, and how they fall in love with the same man, and how one of them die.


The stage curtains is 881.


Before the show begins, you can see some of the actors and actresses are at the audience place to mingle around.


Later we all give it a good love after we see how these actors transform into another role, be it guy or gal.


This handsome "Ah Long" really has his name card printed with the name "Ah Long".


There is some good conversations are in Hokkien.  And very fortunate that there are two TV screens that is showing the subtitle in English and Chinese.  That is how we understand what are they singing about and what are the Hokkien about.


During half time, all of us went to take photos with the 881.  All of the gals got very big smile on their face.


This is me and Boon Ching.  And I am wearing a grandma flower pattern short sleeve shirt.


After two and a half hour, the show ended, and all the actors and actresses came out to say thank you!


You can get an autographed CD if you queue up.  Looking at the queue, forget it!

Overall Rating:  I think the show is very entertaining.  If you know a bit of Hokkien, then, you will enjoy the show.  If you know how to swear in Hokkien, then, this will even be more funnier.  The best performance I would say is from the Fu, Lu & Shou (lead by Sebastian Tan).  It was so funny, and without them, the 881 will be very dry.  Everytime when the Fu Lu Shou came out, you will sure be laughing until your stomach pain. HaHaHaHa.  The performance for the Papaya Sisters are good too.  Joanna Dong is good, and she can sing.  Not to mention the Romanian Ang Moh Durian group.  When they sing Hokkien, you cannot catch what they are singing, when they sing English, especially the "Xiao Xiu Mai..... Kia Su Face" (Poker Face of Lady Gaga)... Aiyo, I laugh and laugh and laugh.  The costumes is fantastic.

Recommendation:  Buy the ticket and go see.  We bought the $88.10 ticket.

After the show:  HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa

Inspired by the AngMor Durian, we later went to eat durian at 717.

Jay & Wii Balancing Board

Date:  April 24, 2011

Sometimes, it is a very hard decision to make whether to expose your son to Computer game or not.  But what a heck, he is just a kid.  Need not to worry so much.  Let him have all the fun and childhood.


It is one of the the Wii Fit game - using your head to heading the ball.  Of course, you must avoid the shoes and toys.  It is a fun game, and somehow, Jay's action is exactly opposite the balancing.  i.e. He move to right, and it shown on TV that his head move left... hmmm... what went wrong...


But I am guessing it is because he tip-toe... Anyhow, he loves this game.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Getting Skillful on His Bike

Date: April 23, 2011

Jay is getting very skillful on his bike, but still, we still need to train him on two wheels instead of 4 wheels. :)


Yes.  He is still on his 4 wheels drive.


Now, he is very skillful in braking.  For this bike, the braking mechanism is to peddle the opposite direction to stop the wheels.


Water bottle is his energy drink.


And now, he really knows how to pose.


And put a very big smile on his face.


We usually will ride from Park West to the Clementi drain (the big long kang) there.  IMG_5699.jpg

There is this inclined road that we have to go thru, and this is where Jay will come down and pull and push his bike down.


The weather is very nice, and some lots of people jogging here, and some taking photos of the birds...


After half way, we will have to stop and I go buy some Pao for them to eat.

Like this, we peddles around 5KM and it was a good exercise indeed.