Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Swimming Lesson Progress Report

Date:  April 10, 2011

The sky were full of dark clouds.  But this will not stop Jay Jay for his swimming class.


Usually, I swim with him at the other side of the pool.  But today, since the sky is going to rain soon, I took my iPhone and capture some photos and understand Jay's progress in Swimming.


I can see that he is now very comfortable swim with a back float behind for 4-5 strokes with 1-2 take air session.  This is a very good progress given that he is like me, afraid of the water from the beginning.


Watching him swim is enjoyable.  Err.. he is too talkative a bit even when he swims.


You can tell that he is having lots of fun in the pool...  As for the young one...


A totally opposite from his brother Jay, Kay Kay does not afraid of water at all.  Instead, he loves water, and always wanted to jump into the pool on his own.


At his age (19 months), he already very daring to stand beside the pool....


Then, he will walk towards the center of the pool himself.


Oh no, its raining.....


Or is it not raining?  Let's cover over head also...


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