Sunday, April 17, 2011

Math Education: How to Add if it is Beyond 10 Fingers ...

Date:  April 16, 2011

First of all, go check it out!  McGraw Hills is giving away a lots of FREE iPad/iPhone Apps.  They wrote a lot of education Apps for kids.  And some how it was free yesterday for a limited time.  I downloaded all.  Some is for primary schools, but its Free!


So, Jay Jay was playing this Math Addition game.  So, in school, they taught him how to use the 2 hands 10 fingers to do the additions.  Jay was very proud of it.  But when it comes to 7+5 or 6+6, where does he come up with so many fingers to count?

Solution 1:  As you can see from the photos, I used his favorite puzzles.  Take 7 pieces puzzles and another 5 pieces, and then mix them up and count the total of puzzles in the box.  So, he counted 12.  And he was so happy!

Solution 2:  Then, he says "PaPa, you do your finger 6", and he counted 6 on my fingers add on to his own 6 fingers, he got 12.

Teaching kids has to be creative, and have to let them think how can complete a simple task like this using things that is surrounding you.  After this, I think I should go and buy an abacus for him.  Just for fun and learning.

Happy Learning!

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