Sunday, April 24, 2011

Facebook Apps Problem

Date:  April 24, 2011

The latest Facebook App 3.4.1 has caused a lot of users to see this page.  And it is affecting everybody.  A simple search on google, and it seems some one has posted some solutions.  And it works for me now.


Thanks to Dee Kay Dot As Gee.  My life is back to normal again!

Extracted from the Dee Kay Dot As Gee page...


This bug seems to be affecting version 3.4.1 which was released on 20th April.

Right now, the only workaround solution is:
1) Go to Facebook app’s main page
2) Go to Account on the top left corner
3) Select Help Center
4) Login to your account (Remember to check “Keep me logged in”

This should work for most users. But there are some users reporting that this method doesn’t work for them. Let’s wait for Facebook to fix the issue.

PS: If the steps above doesn’t work for you, try going to the Accounts settings on to disable Secure Browsing (https). Note that by disabling https, you are surfing Facebook unencrypted. Do not do this if you are using Facebook on a open WIFI.

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