Friday, September 30, 2011

ACC 2011 Cebu - continue

Date: Sep 30, 2011

Today, I took a break. I finally visited the local mall - Ayala Centre.

It's a mall the looks the same as Malls in Singapore and Malaysia.

But there are few things which you may not get in Singapore. Such as this Angry Bird Tikam game. It's about S$9 only.

So the kids will pick their choice behind and see what Angry Bird prices they can get.

The Angry Bird Sharpener. Jay's birthday coming up, this definitely a goodie bag item.

I took the Shangri La hotel shuttle to the mall. And guess what? They have WiFi on the bus.

I heard this cookie is very nice.

I also bought a few dried mangos. Different types.

And this!! Pork skin. Haha

The massage in town is about S$21 for an hour. And the food massage and nail cutting is about S$16. Cheap. But not good so good skills.

After few hours shopping, it's time to go back. The beach looks damn nice.

You can swim out to the little platform there. All the fishes will come and follow you.

The grand closing party is about to start soon. And the best food I found is this beef. Yes they are cooking the whole cow.

And it taste good!

As usual, take some photos with the models...

Enjoy the fireworks...

And have lots of liquor by the sea side.

We have lots of fun. The Asian Telco elites are all here in Cebu. Challenging each other on beer, whisky, etc.

See you next year in ACC 2012.

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Location:Buyong Rd,Lapu-Lapu City,Philippines

Thursday, September 29, 2011

ACC 2011 Cebu

Date: Sep 29, 2011

So far, Enjoying the trip. Fruitful meet up, seeing old friends, food, drinks, etc...

Mabuhay Cebu!

The typhoon did not affected Cebu at all. But pity for those who come via Manila, there was a strike at the airport and lots of friends stranded in Manila.

In Cebu, weather is just fine.

The event was held in Shangri La Mactan. The registration process is good. The conference pass is nice and big too.

First night hosting a late dinner to my friends from Malaysia. The seafood restaurant at Movenpick, a hotel just beside Shangri La simply cannot make it! The only food that worth to go into this entry is this colorful mud cake.

On second day, we skipped the conference dinner. And a gang of good friends came to this Abaca restaurant, just 5 minutes walk from Movenpick. It is a boutique hotel with very nice food.

The Champagne and wines from the duty free are ready. Not in the pictures are the other few bottles of red and whisky.

Tonight is Lao Chek - Keith's birthday. So, this is a creme burlee birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Keith! Some friends take leave and flew Tiger Air just to join in this memorable event.

The wood charcoal grill chicken is said to be very nice.

The charcoal prawns is said to be very nice too.

But this charcoal grill steak, with the fat fat portion is really really good. Almost as good as the Cote du Beef @ LBDS.

Of course the thin crust pizza was nice too. I was too hungry and forgot to take a photo of it!

Then, we walk back to Movenpick and open our whisky for second round celebration with proper birthday cake.

A fun night, a fun party by the pool side. Some broken back mountains ah Laos by the swimming pool... Good company, lots of liquor, talking cock, and laughters.

3rd Day, as usual, waking up 6am in the morning... I am ready for the run!

This year very lucky to get 138. 一生发!

Benedict is in the run too. A 5KM run which is not too bad for a morning exercise.

Last year, I wore my Crocs to run. And this year, I got proper shoes.

However, this gung-ho Sue (left) first time in Cebu, and she wore a slipper to run. Yes those sand slippers.

And a very disappointing performance for Jocelyn (right above) drop a place and come in no. 3. She was runner up last year event.

As for me, half run have walk came in 45 min together with the slipper girl. Haha

Another day to go, and will be going home soon.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Visit to Fragile Kingdom @ Zoo

Date:  Sep 25, 2011

Sometimes, you have to envy children of today's world.  Back in our school days, we only went to kindergarden at 6 years old, and did not go to a school trip (zoo, botanical garden, etc) not until you are 9-10 years old.

This time is the visit to Fragile Kingdom (i.e. insects world) at the zoo.  I can't go, as I am on business trip.  So, mommy got her chance acompany Jay & Kay on this trip.  Actually, they only allow parents to follow when your child is at the playgroup or N1.


This is our school bus.  We are going to the Zoo.


Welcome to the Zoo!


Wow.  The kids are enjoying the walk in the zoo.  Everyone, please follow Ms. Jocelyn.  Here, this way please.


Mommy mommy, look, its monkey!


Here are all the Lemur.  Wow, the kids are have such a close encouter with them.


As usual, Chen lao-shi is the photographer... taking photos of many things...


Don't squeeze me....


The kids always likes the buttons to press...


Press Press Press...


Eating time... that's Jay Jay...


Jay looks a bit King Kong size in front of Kay Kay's classmates.


Ah.. our favourite fruits and spices garden...


Back to the school and its lunch time!



Don't Force Your Kid to Follow You or Your Dream

Date:  Sep 25, 2011

Jay Jay took his violin lesson at Elite Music @ Sultan Plaza.


The admin lady there said, "Jay Jay is a good kid."

I said "Why so?"

She said "Compare to the little girl in the class before Jay, Jay Jay is a very good kid, and easy to teach, and teacher Leong likes him a lot."

I said "Oh, what's wrong with the little girl?  Is it the little girl with the very pretty mommy?"

She said "Ya... that one.  But her daughter is very naughty.  Always run here and there, don't want to learn seriously, and talk back to the teacher.  So, teacher Leong always  have to scould her."

Then, I asked the real question "So, does her mom force her to learn violin?"

She said "Oh, I don't know.  Possbile."

I asked "How old is the girl?"

She said "Don't know?  May be 6-7 years old?"

I said "We did not force Jay Jay to take up this violin lesson.  It all started on one fine day, where Jay Jay asked his mommy to buy a 'Guiter'.  so, mommy went to toy shop buy a toy guiter.  And Jay Jay then put the guiter on his shoulder.  Then, we asked, that is not how you will play a guitar.  Jay said, yes.  That is when we reliaze that he wanted to learn violin.  so, we enrolled him at this Elite Music school.  And the most funny thing is, both mommy and daddy does not have any musical cells, we do not listen to lots of music, we did not went to any music class before, and we definitely not knowing violing."

She listen to my story, and is very amaze about Jay Jay.

Then, I continue "In order to keep to the pace, as a daddy, I bought myself a Ukelele, and it seems quite easy to handle as it has only 4 strings.  The most importantly, is I have to learn music, and hopefully I can learn faster than Jay so that I can answer any question he possibly have."

We both laugh...


Later, outside the class room, there was this couple watching their daughter learning flute.  Again, the mommy opened the door, and say "I am standing outside, I saw what you did.  You talk too much, need to focus."

A while later.  The teacher came out after the lesson.

Teacher said "I am still trying to teach her and make her get the idea of blowing the flute.  It will need sometime for her to get the hang of it."

So, given the story above, there are many parents really sending their kids to enrichment class simply because they "think" their kids will have the same gene and hobby as them, and some even wanted their kids to follow their footsteps.  Some may have the dream, to become a musician, but never fulfill the dream, and they wanted to expose their kids to music.

So, my view is... Please don't force your kid to follow you and your dream. They are not you.  Forcing them is not a good way.  Sometimes you should expose them to all kinds of things, and let them tell you what they want to learn.  That is very important!

2 years ago, I enroll Jay into Tennis class.  After half a year, I think I finally realize that Jay does not like tennis at all.  I have learned my lesson too.

So, at the moment, Jay is taking violin lesson which is a request out from his own little mind.  And he is also taking Swimming classes where he wanted to learn how to swim.  And since these are both his hobby and his interest and he requested for them, he is learning well in these two hobby.




My Garden - Update (1)

Date:  Sep 25, 2011

You can plant almost anything at your home garden.  We had this small garden at the balcony.  We planted a lot of spices, flowers, etc.

It is possible to grow the Padi (Rice) at your home.  See, this is Padi.  And it will grow to a stage where, it will stop the water in take, so that the "rice" will become dry, and hard and in golden color.  And after you peel of the skin, you will see the white rice inside.


Compare to the real Padi at the Padi field, looks the same.


Next, is our egg plant tree.  Yes, you can grow the egg plant in your balcony.  Our egg plant tree has grown big.  Not sure how it will taste, but I am sure it will be good as it is organic.


Usually, we bought the seeds from Lim Chu Kang, during our visit to the farms, etc.  They will sell the seeds there.  You can also go to the Far East Flora to buy these seeds.  Next thing is to plant them, and give tender loving care.  So, Jay Jay is the one watering the plant.

Jay the farmer planted his next plant.  It is a葫芦 (not sure what it is called in English).  It is a more complex project and hopefully it will grow into this as shown below.  :)  Stay tune!