Sunday, February 15, 2015

Home Feng Shui 2015

Date:  Feb 14, 2015

Believe in Feng Shui can be said to be a hobby of mine.

My purpose is very simple, trying to do everything to protect yourself, your health, and your family.

Feng Shui make you feel good.

When you feel good, positive energy will come.

When positive energy comes, everything will be smooth.

Don’t go and look for so many different type of Feng Shui books.

Only pick one and try to understand them.

IMG 7721

The purpose is to make you feel good.

Believe it when you feed good.

Before you do everything, decide what you need to throw away.  Those tarnished one must go away.  5 Element Pagoda must go away.  

IMG 8033

This is Lilian Too’s Flying Stars 2015.  I usually have two of such calendars.  one placed at home, and one placed in the office.

IMG 6652

So, this year, I am going to throw away majority of my last year Feng Shui protections (because it has worn out its power).  And place a set of new things here and there.  Very simple stuff.

Screen Shot 2015 02 15 at 7 24 30 am

Looks like this year, I will need to take note of the West (which is my Living Room sofa area) where all the 5 Yellow (五黄) and Three Killings (三杀), and the South East corner (which is my bed room balcony area there) where the illness energy located.  Since it is in my bed room, I will have to place a lot of Wulu there to protect.  The only other 2 locations needs the protection is South Front Door which is the Violent Star and the Centre area of my living and dining hall which is the Argumentative Star.

IMG 7722

5.  Luckily I have no daughter.  Also, there is no Roosters at home.  My bed room is not at the West too.

Since it is my living room, I will try to spend lesser time watching TV this year. Hahahahaha

I have these three killing animals placed there.

IMG 8027

And of course, the 5 element pagoda with a little bit of my home soil to protects it.

IMG 8032

2.  The illness Star is something that is a bit worry.  Because my bed room is in South East.  It will bring illness to the liver.  So, I will not drink so much liquor this year just to be precaution.  There is not Dragon and Snake in this house.  I guess we will have to take turns to sleep in the kids room this year to half the effect.  Hahahahaha

My new Wu Lu will protect me.  So as all my old Wu Lu which is still perfectly fine (non-tarnished)

IMG 7715

3.  The Quarrelsome star is at the middle of the house.  Will remedy there with a red carpet.  Time to shot at Ikea.  HaHaHa

Here are two red ball and apples I had with me for years.  It shall protect us.

IMG 8089

7.  Always lock the door as this Violent Star falls at my front door.

The Rhino & Elephant.

IMG 8028

Of course I have the old one too.  They will guard the door for me.

IMG 8090

This is more info on the Flying Stars from Lilian Too book.

IMG 7723

Next is to see how to activate all those Auspicious Stars.

IMG 7724

8.  Is the Wealth Star.  so I placed the 8-rod Windchime with Water Crystal Droplets way up in a pleasant location.

IMG 8024

This is the description of the enhancer.

IMG 7732

6.  Is the heaven Star.  In the kids room, I placed this Ngan Chi Wealth Tree.

IMG 8020

This is my wealth enhancer.

IMG 7728

1.  At the East, this is the White Star.  So, in my study room, where I work, there will be this Ru Yi stick.

I am going to vacate all the clutter there to place another two Ru Yi which I had for years.  All those has been washed and shine under sun.

IMG 8023

4.  At the North West Corner, I place things to boost my people power.

IMG 8031

Although it says to place it in the East, but I think I will place it in the North West as it will boost my kids study luck too.

IMG 7731

9.  Is the Lucky Multiplying Star.  It is also a Wife Position.  Whatever you place here will boost Wife Power.

IMG 8025

OK.  Some other Tips for Feng Shui.  You need to protect yourself too.

Check if you have conflicts with Tai Sui or not.

Try carry this with you at all time.

IMG 7730

I also carry this with me to give extra protection.

IMG 7729

All these are placed in here.  Easy to carry.

IMG 8088

I think Monday is an average day.  so, Start work on Monday seems to be a good idea.

IMG 7725

Other days...

IMG 7726

Keep door close at all time for South facing house.

IMG 7727

Use a real compass if possible.  iPhone compass is affected by magnetic field at home.  so, not so accurate.

IMG 8029

OK.  Where I bought all these?



Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Good Food: Keith Crackling Pork

Date:  Feb 10, 2015

That day, I sent my kids to Art Boot Camp @ Bukit Timah Turf Club.

While waiting for them, I walked around Pasarbella.

And I saw this shop.

IMG 7913

The roasted pork looks very nice.

IMG 7915

It looks really golden crispy.

IMG 7911

So, I buy one portion to eat.

And it is very nice.

It is very crispy.

It is not too salty.

Eat it plain is really nice.

IMG 7912

I have not taste the Char Siew yet.  But if the quality of Siew Bak is so good, then, I think Char Siew should be OK bah.  I will try it next week.

IMG 7914

I don't Recommend Rooting Your Android TV Box

Date:  Feb 10, 2015

I don’t recommend to root your 10moons TV Box.

- After I rooted one of my box, the box run extremely SLOW.

- Some of the Apps are not functioning properly.

- You can’t change it to English, as I could not find the correct settings to do so.

- Something is broken, but I don’t know what.

However, if you feel the urge, here is how to root your 10moons TV box.

1.  Download this App.

IMG 7770

2.  You have been warned.  There is no UNDO button hor.

IMG 7771

3.  Run the app, simply press the button to get Rooted.

IMG 7772

4.  Again, this is the App to use.  From Baidu.

IMG 7773

5.  Once you press that blue button, it takes awfully long time to root your machine.  May be 10-20 minutes.  Depends.

IMG 7774

6.  You just need to wait very patiently.

IMG 7778

7.  When you almost done rooting, a few box appears asking you to install some rooting app.

IMG 7782

8.  The root is controlled by the individual App.

IMG 7783

9.  Finally, your 10Moons D6Q is rooted.

IMG 7789

10.  These are some of the things you can do with your root privilege.

IMG 7793

11.  Even Shafa App Store can get the root privilege.

IMG 7794

12.  Not sure what I did, the default launcher stopped working.

IMG 7795

13.  Trying to unload some useless system App.

IMG 7796

14.  And it does not work!

IMG 7797

15. Finally I installed the SuperSU App.

IMG 7798

16.  It seems to be able to change the language.

IMG 7799

17.  Changing it to Singapore English.  And it worked.  But most of my App is in Chinese which does not come in English flavour.

IMG 7800

After playing it for a few days, I don’t like it.  Installing Apps is not as smooth as before, you have to use Mouse to do the selection.

The systems running very slow.  

I think a lot of things broken.  I don’t know what.

So, I am not recommending the rooting.