Monday, September 30, 2013

Unboxing Sony Cyber-shot DSC QX10 & QX100

Date:  Sep 30, 2013

[UPDATED NOV 3, 2013]

Ok, I take it back.  I have said sometimes ago that Sony’s Camera App (a.k.a. Play Memories) is sucks!  

That is because I run the App on my iPhone 5.  It hangs a lot, and sometimes crash.

But yesterday, was the first time I run the "Play Memories” (Sony App) on my iPhone 5S, and to my surprise, it never hang on me at all.  After taking the photos, the photos are quickly processed and transferred to my Camera Roll, and I can even do all the sharing very smoothly.  

 Screen Shot 2013 11 03 at 5 08 31 am

So, as a conclusion, If you want to own a Sony Cyber-shot DSC QX10 or QX100, better run it on a iPhone 5S.  (of course, you got a choice to run it on Android or the Sony phone.)

Here are some of the gorgeous photos taken using either the QX100.

IMG 0673


IMG 0674

Kay Kay with his funny V-finger smile.

IMG 0681

Musical Instruments by QX100.

IMG 0756

Building cards by QX100.

IMG 0772

A sleeping prince (QX100).

IMG 0820

It is easy to carry.  It is not bulky.  It is easy to attach on a tripod.  And it runs perfectly on iPhone 5S.

This shall be my camera for my upcoming Taiwan trip.  Instead of brining my Super Zoom HX200.


I like to blog about a lot of things.  

Especially blogging about the growing funs and pains of my two sons.

Usually, I like to use my Sony Super Zoom DSC HX-200.  

Although strictly speaking, it is not a DSLR (my wife says cannot change lenses), but I like the way how it can Super Zoom to shoot very nice photos.

IMG 8467

However, it is too big to carry around most of the time.  

So, when Sony announced the QX10 & QX100.  I like it!  And almost immediately, I pre-ordered it from Amazon.

What is it?

It is a smart camera lens that has WiFi & NFC capability so that your iPhone or Android phone can connect to it and act like a ViewFinder.  The smart lens can attached to your smart phones, and you can either use the soft shuttle or hard button shuttle to take photos.

The most amazing thing is, it is SMALL.

IMG 8403

Well, today, I received both of them via DHL.

IMG 8396

I am not going to write a full review, but rather would like to share my experience and comments. 

The books looks like this.  Feel a bit like recycle hard board material.

IMG 8466

The lens are placed in this plastic like bag.  The feeling of the bag is also feel like recycle material kind of feeling.

IMG 8399

The black cup that place the lens.  Underneath are the manuals and cables with some additional card boards.

Everything looks pretty "cheap".  But I am guessing those packaging are using recycle materials.

IMG 8400

Contents of the box.  Nothing much.  That black round thingy is the holder to hold the lens that clip onto your iPhone.

IMG 8401

I am very sure this is a proprietary battery.  Only fits into the QX series of smart lenses.

IMG 8408

The model is Sony Lithium ION N Type Model: NP-BN.

IMG 8402

This is the QX-100.  This is the hard button, so, you can detach this lens from iPhone, and then, start pressing this shuttle to take photos.  And thru WiFi, it will transmit the photos (2M) and save it on your iPhones.  If you save as 18M files, then, the photos are stored on the MicroSD  or the Sony Micro Memory Stick.

IMG 8404

So, I bought the SanDisk Extreme MicroSDHC UHS-I Card for it.  You need these to take movies/videos and high quality photos.

The one I bought can transfer the images at 80MB/s (533X).  

IMG 8464

OK.  Made in China.

IMG 8405

This is the ON-OFF button.  And the NFC logo there too.

IMG 8406

This is where you slot in your battery.

IMG 8407

Wait now.  The SSID.  So, all you need to do, is to make your iPhone to connect to this WiFi SSID.  With the given password.

IMG 8412

Seems very easy to setup.

IMG 8413

Then, you have to download the PlayMemories Mobile Apps for iPhones (or Android) in order to launch the ViewFinder.

Screen Shot 2013 09 30 at 8 44 42 PM

Let's turn it on!

IMG 8409

The QX-100 comes with Carl Zeiss lenses.

IMG 8410

Wow!  The Quality of the photo is amazing.  The focus is on Kay Kay.  Look at the hair on his hand.  and Jay Jay sitting at the background with no focus. 

IMG 8414

(Full Size Photo Above)

Here is another photo.  Look at the Count Dooku.  It is sharp.  And the background is not focus.  Very nice photo taken from QX-100.

IMG 8422

(Full Size Photo Above)

The View Finder is great.  Not a whole lot of features yet, but I am sure Sony is working on it.  This photos I taken using iPhone Camera, and you can see a lot of pixels and noise.

IMG 8439

This is another photos taken using QX100.

It is very sweet to see the face color so warm and nice and natural.  

IMG 8436

(Full Size Photo Above)

Now, let's turn on my QX-10.

It is much lighter than the QX-100.

It is using Sony Lens G.  Don't know what is that.  But since it is cheeper than the QX100, this should be a cheaper Sony own developed lens gua.

IMG 8444

This photo is taken using iPhone 5 Camera.  

As you can see, I tis Jay Jay.  And there is a lot of noise.  Because the background is brighter, and the lunch table light is yellow and dim.

There is a lot of noise and you can tell from the pixels from the photo below.

IMG 8448

(Full Size Photo Above)

Now, you take a look at the photo taken from the same lighting, same bright background, and same dim and yellow lunch table light.

Did you see the different.  See the skin color, the tone, it is much nicer.  No noise.  And this is shot from QX10.  (Not even QX100, which I have used up the battery just now, have not charged yet.).

IMG 8447

(Full Size Photo Above)

And if you put the iPhone 5 photo (top), and compare it to the QX10 photo (bottom), immediately you can spot the difference at low light situation.


IMG 8457

(Full Size Photo Above)

With QX-10.  The fishes in the tank is moving.  And this is what I got.

IMG 8449

(Full Size Photo Above)

And with the Intelligent shooting, it knows only the hand is moving.  So, take a look at this shot.  I am very sure that iPhone 5 will give you a blur face.

IMG 8451

This is another shot of Master Yoda saving it into higher "original" quality.  The file size is 4.1MB instead of 300K+. 

IMG 8488

(Full Size Photo Above)

WOW!  You click on the above file (Master Yoda) and then, you can zoom further.  And this is the details of the image you are taking using the QX100.

Screen Shot 2013 09 30 at 10 03 28 PM

 Of course, you can take video too.  

But the videos file is save on the Micro SDHC card.  Not to worry, as you can copy it over to your iPhone 5 easily.

IMG 8480

After you taken the great photos, you can share it out immediately.  By pressing the Share button.

IMG 8475

You can share it in a lot of ways.  

IMG 8476

Once again, a last look at the shooting options.  It is a pretty neat camera.

IMG 8478

OK.  It is time to charge you guys.  Good night!  (Takes less than an hour to fully charge them).

IMG 8458

And IDA sure approve this.  Because it has NFC and WiFi component in it.

IMG 8468

So if you blog and you need to have a lighter and easy to carry camera, this can be the great camera that you are looking for.

I bought it from Amazon.  

One last thing.  You can attached a tripod to it too.  

IMG 8490

I think Sony has figure a few things out and slowly come back to focus on great products.  They almost lost the battle.  But then, they came back.  The 4K TV is nice.  The waterproof phone is nice.  And now this, the NFC/WiFi Smart Lens is great!  Hope they do well on their PSP and PS3 game console.  That one, they loosing the battle even faster.  HaHaHa.

Kay Swimming - 打铁成热

Date:  Sep 30, 2013

Just a day ago, you can tell how torturing swimming is to Kay Kay...

After we fix the fear, drive away the fear at the end of the lesson ...

打铁成热 (Hitting or shaping the iron must wait until it is still hot)...

So, we bring Kay Kay down again and jump into the water the more relaxing way.


You can see that he seems not afraid of water any more (95% of the time).

When Shawn brought Aiden and Cheryl down for a walk, Kay Kay swim even with confident.

You can see that how fun he likes once he learned that there is no immediate danger in swimming.  And it is fun kicking the water.

He also learn how to do bicycle kick.

Jay Jay also showing off his diving skill he just learned from class.

We mad Kay do some Bicycle kick, and then we want him to do dive in the water for 1-2 seconds.  Very reluctantly, he did it, and he is super not happy after that.  But still he loves the water.

I think, this week, we going to bring him down more often so that he can sense that swimming is very fun, and he will enjoy the swimming lesson every Saturday.

Good Job Kay Kay!  Daddy & mommy is proud of you.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Another Lantern Outing

Date:  Sep 28, 2013

Wow, did not know that MP is so rich, and they can sponsor Lantern Party.  Thanks for the food and drinks.

IMG 8259

Jay's best friend - Lukas asked us to come over to their place for another round of Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations.

Mommy replied a few days ago…  "Not going." (I knew she wanted to catch some sleep because of her late night teleconferences.)

But this decision was over-ruled.  

I think it is very important for kids to be together at special event.  The more they go, the more they remembered their childhood.

So, I told Jay "Later after dinner we go to Lukas' house".

And as expected he was so excited about it.  At first, he was a bit sad about it when mommy say not going.  

IMG 8220

On this occasion, kids get to stay up longer.  No matter how tired they are, their eyes will keep open until the very last batter juice is finished.

IMG 8225

It's lantern night.  So, got to have some lanterns.

IMG 8234

Look a that big smile on Kay Kay face.  

That is the look that will make you (mommy) forget about tiredness.  hahaha

IMG 8242

The young ones are having lots of fun.

IMG 8245

Later that night, we end up staying another 30 minutes in Lukas' house looking at his fish tank, playing Thomas the Train Track, etc.

And all the kids have fun the whole night.

So far, I think we did pretty good to get the kids together.

We have mega parties at our home.

We went Skiing with Claire's family.

We went Taiwan with Lukas' family.

During Haze, I brought the kids to Bangkok with Justin's and Conrad's family.

We went to watch movies a couple of times.

And this coming December, 7 families will gang up to go Taiwan again.  It's going to be lots of fun for Jay and his friends.

Building friendship this way is a cool way.  I love it!

And the parents also enjoyed each other's company too.