Monday, September 16, 2013

Jay Jay - The Return Camper for In-Line Skate Camp

Date:  Sep 16, 2013

Last week, when wife is in US, I spent a lot of times with the kids, and no time for blogging.  This week let's do some catch up.

During his September school holidays.  I tried to sign him up on the "Superhero Ice Skating Camp".  Unfortunately, due to poor interest from the public, they have to cancel the Ice Skating camp.  So, Jay Jay gets to go for a 2nd term Superhero In-Line Skating Camp organised by Skate With-Us.


Out of the 5 students, Jay is the one most comfortable with his skating skills.  3 new students.  And there is one girl who is also a return camper.


And Jay Jay gets to skate with his best friend, Lukas and his brother Louis.


Being a "senior" Jay Jay has to do some demonstration how to fall down.


Every one simply learn how to fall on their knees.


Yes.  These are the two return campers.


First day, Lukas with his Zombie Walk Skating.  But on the 4th days, he are able to skate comfortably.

IMG 7184

This time, they get to do a lot of skills.


He can skate very decent fast.


And he still fall down.


Then, they do more test on the skills.


Oh ya.  On the last day (4th day), there are 5 more students joining.  These are the students who did not join the last day training during the June holiday due to Haze. 


Being a happy kid, Jay Jay always can positively encourage his friends.


And now let's do the backwards.  (I don't even know and dare to do backwards)

And he passed.


OK.  Now they go One Big Round!  See who can race faster.


And now, they all waiting at the high side, and they are preparing to roll down the slope.


And here we go.


And this is his booklet.

IMG 7614

It has all the record of things he has learned.

IMG 7615

He now advanced to Level 3.  So, he know how to do backward, and the V-Stop backwards.

IMG 7616

And he is able to draw a lemons when he skate backward.  Wooo-hoooo.

IMG 7617

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