Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Perfect Timing

Date:  May 23, 2011

There can never be such a perfect timing again.  But it is a proud story to tell.


We booked 2 tickets on Jetstar.

It is 12:50pm flight to go to KL.

As usual, I followed his car to his apartment at Meyer Rd.  So that I can pick him up in one car to the airport.

We reach Terminal 1 at 12:05pm.

And this is when he told me "Oh!  Sh*t!  I left my passport in the car."

There is no time to lose, so, I pass my car to him, so that he could drive back to Meyer Rd to get this passport.

He passed his IC to me, and said "Try to see if can check me in, most likely cannot."

By the time I walk to the counter, it was 12:10pm, and they are about to close the counter.

The counter girl was nice to check me in, and she also check him in.

But the condition is he must change his boarding pass at this same counter before 12:30pm.

I called and waited for him.

I told him that I need to go to the boarding gate to try to explain and stop the gate from closing.

He said, "Still got time!  You wait for me outside the Departure Hall."

Around 12:27pm, I don't know how, he made it back, and pass me my car outside the Departure Hall.

The clock is ticking....

He ran to the check in counter.

I drove the car and U-turn into car park lot and park the car.

He SMS me and said "I am walking to gate D33, quick."

After I park the car, I ran.

About 12:33pm, I reached the custom gate, continue my run to gate D33.  Damn the renovation, I have to climb stairs.

I ran.

He called "Where I you?"

I waved my hand from far.  He sees me, and walk inside the gate D33.

At 12:38pm, I reached the gate.  I asked the counter girl, usually what time you guys close the gate.

She said 10 minutes before the flight.

I walked in, perspiring.  Sweat all over the place.

I am glad we both made it.

Worst case is he has to catch the next flight or fly Firefly.

But we both made it.  Just imagine ... Jetstar counter should be closing 40 min before.  And the Gate closing 10 min before.  And the passport is at Meyer Rd.

I am glad we both made it, and it is a proud story to tell.

I am very sure this will not happen ever again.


Then he said, "你的车很好跑!"  (Your car can drive smooth and fast!)



Sunday, May 22, 2011

Marsedit, Blogger & Picasa

Date:  May 22, 2011

I used Marsedit from Red Sweater Software on my Mac to blog.  On my iPhone or iPad, I used BlogPress App.

I like Marsedit because it is simple to use, drag and drop the photos from Safari or iPhoto or Desktop, it will upload the photos for you and your blog page magically looks nice.

Now.. hold one... where does the photos uploaded to?  Is there a limit?

So, recently, I encountered this problem, where I was unable to include/upload any photos in my blog to blogger.com.  I kept getting "File Upload Failed" problem.

Screen shot 2011-05-21 at PM 06.46.04.png

After much research, I finally figure out that... when you upload your blog to blogger.com, they will store all the photos in picasa.  And when they do so, they actually created a default album to store it.  i.e. "Marsedit Images" (if you edit and upload your blog using Marsedit).  So, there is a limitation on Picasa album.  i.e. every album can store only 1,000 images.  So, as you can see that my default folder has already reached 1K images, that is why Marsedit keep complaining it cannot upload the photos.

Screen shot 2011-05-21 at PM 07.55.22.png

So, what do you do to solve this?  You simply created another album to store the photos.  To do so, under Marsedit, you simply fill in the blank of "Section" and it will store all your photos in a new album on picasa.

Screen shot 2011-05-21 at PM 07.55.44.png

So, don't panic if you cannot upload any photos to blogger next time.

Also remember, you have only 1GB space on Picasa.  But you have option to purchased more.  So far I only used 69MB.  Also, you can only create a maximum of 1,000 albums with 1,000 photos in each album.  That means, you can upload 1,000,000 photos onto picasa.



Saturday, May 21, 2011

The New 北京楼 in JB - Happy Birthday Grandma!

Date:  May 21, 2011

Peking Restaurant (北京楼) has been in JB for many many years, It was there since our family moved to JB in 1981.  Recently they open another branch, it is just opposite the Damai 18 Public Golf Course.  (Not the one in the Golf Course, that one is a Halal one).


This new 北京楼 is very grand.


It consist of wedding dinner hall, and it has a underground parking space.


This new 北京楼 is located at Johor Jaya.


When you enter the 北京楼 building, it is so grand that you don't even know where is the restaurant eating area...


No joke, once you found it, it is so big that you only see these kind of setup in China.


Here is a very nice calligraphy on the wall.


Ok.  Today we are celebrating Jay's grandma's 73rd birthday (my mom's birthday).  So all of us in the family has come together (except Melvin who is on a church missionary trip).  We book a room, with two table.  There are 23 of us attending.  We even invited Uncle Heng and his wife to join us.


Wow, I have not seen Uncle Heng & wife for almost 10+ years.  It was a long time.


All 12 of my mom's grand children came to celebrate her birthday!


It is a very auspicious number for 12 grandchildren.


OK.  Let's take a look at the food.


The clamps is very very good and tasty.  And it is huge too.  I added in this additional order thinking that all the rest of the dish might be small and not enough to eat.


The second dish, which is the appetizer.  Consists of scallops, octopus , bak-kian, fried pork and fried dumplings.  All of these were quite tasty.


OK.  The shark fin soup is not that fantastic as it has a lot starch in it.


The size of the fish is big.  The fish is fresh.  But it looks like a steam fish in Hong Kong style, but oyster sauce is added in.  Hmm... interesting dish.


The chicken is not too bad.


The spare ribs is quite tasty, but the size is huge.

Argh... by the way the size of each dish is very BIG.


My mom likes this simple dish.  It is the fried bee-hoon.


Very tasty Sambal Kang Kong.


Lastly, there are the you-mak choy.  As you can see the dish is big portion.  And we cannot possible to finish it all.  So, we have to ta-pao.


After 1 hour of eating, still left with lots of food.


Sane as the other table too.


Lastly, we are waiting for the o-nee and the sea coconut.


The o-nee is not cooked with pork lard, and it is not so sweet, so it is very nice.


The sea coconut and longan is always my favorite.


Its time to prepare the cake.  Wow, bought from Season, and it is halal.


The cake is pretty with lots of strawberries.


Mommy looks very happy indeed.


All her grandchildren, children and uncle are gathered and sing birthday song in 3 languages.


And all start taking photos and post on facebook.


Happy Birthday Mommy!


Jay & Kay is enjoying themselves and playing there too.


ah... Live seafood.


Another look at the smoking area.


So, this place is huge.  It is new, and it is 北京楼.  One of the oldest restaurant in JB.  And guess what?

The whole bill come to be RM 1121.  It is about SGD$465.  For 2 tables, 23 people, 10 course + 1 lunch, and every portion is huge, etc.... WOW... It is CHEAP for me.

I got a feeling that I am going to return to this restaurant quite often.  May be next year re-union dinner can have it in JB.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Disneysea@Tokyo - Our Journey Continues...

Date: May 17, 2011

The weather forecast says today will be cloudy and possible rain.  So, we decided to switch the Disneysea visit to today.  So, we bought some new cloths for Jay & Kay so that they have thicker clothing.  Look at these lovely T-Shirts.


The Disneysea landmark looks like Universal Studio.


As usual, we got to find some food first.


Jay, you want to try my beer?


What?  Kids drinking beer?


HaHa, only in Japan that your kids can enjoy beer too.  ZERO percent alcohol.


Yikes!  I guess Jay don't like it... look at his face.. hahaha


Kay Kay loves the scenery in Disneysea.


Water bumper never fail to have fun.


With nice puppets and robots, and great singing, Jay loves the Sinbad's Adventure...


He put on these 3D glasses and Jay enjoys the 3D Alladin Movies... and he keep trying to grab the 3D images... hahaha

OK... He loves the Roller Coasters, the steam liner...

But too bad, Jay is too short for Indiana Jones ride, and because of Earthquake, the Journey to the Center of Earth is closed...


Also this ride is cool...


The Disneysea not as nice as Disneyland in terms of programs, but my kids do have lots of fun there...