Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kay Kay Defeated The Fear Of Shadow

Date: May 14, 2011

Last week, we discovered that Kay Kay actually scared of his own shadow under bright sun. So, we always kept in mind about it, and whenever we have the chance, we will sure try to remove that fear since your age...

In Hakone, we happen to find that chance...

Again, he saw his shadow, so, mommy quickly join in to see another mommy shadow. And mommy explained, raised right hand, and mommy shadow raise it's hand. Then, mommy said, beat beat beat the shadow, I am not afraid, and little Kay also beat beat beat his own shadow.


That ends Kay Kay fear of his own shadow. Don't forget to give a high five to him for an excellent job well done.


And he knows understand where the shadow comes from. Keep touching it. And there is nothing to be afraid of.

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