Monday, May 2, 2011

Believe Japan, Trust Japan, Support Japan

Date:  May 2, 2011

Yes, we know Japan got radiations, got earth quakes, got aftershocks... but we cannot resist...


JTB is currently running a promotion.


Which Plane?  Singapore Airlines

Must fly to where?  Either inbound or outbound has to be Tokyo.  The other can be Osaka, Nagoya or Fukuoka.

How much is the Plane Ticket?  S$88 per pax

How much is the Airport Tax?  S$348 per pax

When must place order?  Before May 6, 2011

When must fly completed by?  Before May 31, 2011

How long I can stay in Japan?  14 days

Good for?  If you want to visit other places other than Tokyo, you can arrived in Tokyo and fly out by Kansai airport.

What have I booked?  I book 1 of these for Kay Kay.  As he only needs a plane ticket, a seat by himself, and hotel is free for him, below 2 years old.  If I don't want a seat on the plane, the price will be S$288 (including the airport tax).


Since I will be staying in Hakone & Tokyo, I have booked 3 days Tokyo hotel.  I will be staying in Keikyu Ex In @ Shingawa.  It comes with two Twin bed, and the room is 30 meter square.  Quite big.  So, I paid $10 more for this upgrade.

What hotel they give you?  Asakusa Vista Hotel.  JTB girl says quite small.

What other hotel you can stay?  Keikyu Ex Inn @ Shingawa (30 meter square Twin) for S$49+S$10 per night, Shinjuku Washington Hotel (16.5 meter square Twin) for S$49+S$45 per night.

What other condition they have?  Must stay min. 3 nights. (you pay the extra day hotel) and max 14 days.

Any other catch?  Min 1 Adult + 1 Child must travel together and must complete the journey before May 31, 2011.


Believe Japan - Trust Japan - Help Japan!

I am very sure that Japan is safe to travel now.  It's very cheap, why not?  And don't worry, I won't get bitten by radioactive spider... I am too fat for the costumes.  :)


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