Monday, May 16, 2011

Jay & the Shinkansen

Date: May 13, 2011

One of the main purpose of this Japan trip is Jay wants to sit in the Shinkansen. He really missed the train. Yeah! We going to sit in Shinkansen!


Because the JTB promo is so packed, so, we were forced to take the flight to Kansai Airport @ Osaka... So, from there, we will need to go to Tokyo to take our return flight. That is why we have this Shinkansen ride from Osaka to Odawara and from there to Shinagawa.



Always amaze with the scene from Shinkansen.



A small display about the steam engine at Shin Osaka.



Jay spotted a new train that he has not sit before.... Oh dear... That is the new train to Kyushu... I.e. Fukuoka



See how happy our son is?


Kay still young and his interest does not seems to on train...

As long as Jay is happy sitting on Shinkansen, we are happy!

I made a huge mistake ... As I did not buy the Shinkansen ticket from Singapore. So I paid the price here at Japan... The ticket for the reserved seats was so so so expensive.... But as I said, as long as Jay is happy, it's worth it. See the big smile on his face?

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