Sunday, May 1, 2011

GE 2011: Mr. PAP, Mrs. PAP & Miss. PAP

Date:  May 1, 2011

First of all, Happy Labor Day!!  Don't forget to allow your Domestic Helper to have a day off, be it let her go out or let her do nothing for today.


I like to share this story, as I found it quite amazing ... and fascinating... Actually, I am not offended by all these, but I found it quite amusing.

I encounter the following scenario.  There was this PAP supporter, whom is quite close to me.  I can tell that she is a PAP supporter as some times, she will comment things about why why why on oppositions.  I started to make fun of her, and call her Miss. PAP.

That day, another PAP supporter came and join our little conversation about politics.  She is a mid-age person, married, lets call her Mrs. PAP.  Miss. PAP told Mrs. PAP how I spoken to her, trying to convince her my views about the GE 2011 which I tends to lean towards the opposition, but not blindly.  My view is very simple, I think we should have a little more non-PAP MP serving the government so that we do not have a single party ruling party in the government.

Then, Mrs. PAP suddenly said: "Aiya!  He is not Singaporean, and he cannot vote!"


I was like huh?  "What does the conversations to do with the fact that I cannot vote?"

Mrs. PAP "He cannot void, no need to listen to him.  Whatever he say is 做乱 (Chuo Luan, create chaos) only. "

I was like... "Well, she is correct, I am not singaporean, and I cannot vote!"

But "Cannot vote, does not mean that I cannot comment about the politics in this country.  Right?"

Today, I met another good friend, who used to be in youth grassroot.  And a group of friends were discussing about the rallies, and he, Mr. PAP, too, comment almost the same thing... "He is not a Singaporean, cannot vote!"...


It  is very interesting to note that...

1.  If I spoken to a PAP supporter, I almost get the same comment from them.  I am not a Singaporean, and I cannot even vote.  To be fair, I only spoken to 3 of them, so, the sample size could be too small to stereo type them.  Somehow, all the close friends in my circle are mostly oppositions inclined.

2.  But I spoken to the oppositions friends, all the oppositions inclined friends are willing to listen what me - the non-Singaporeans - have to say.  They are interested to know if we - the non-Singaporeans approves their manifesto or not.  Very interesting.  They won't mentioned about I being a non-Singaporean, cannot vote.  Some even ask me to volunteer.  Very interesting.  Some even agree to my observations.

3.  Yes, I am not a Singaporean, but I am concern about the politics of this country.  Simply because, I cannot vote, and I am a tax payer to this country.  So, I need to be concern about this.  As what I always complaint, IDA spent so much money to build the crapy Wireless@SG.  Those are from tax payer money.

4.  Yes, I cannot vote.  Does not mean that I cannot participate in politics conversations and express my views.  Who knows if a non-Singaporean can have views that concur to the oppositions, even though the oppositions are not too friendly on the FT (Foreign Talents) topic, is it not telling you something about the politics here?

5.  I converted my 2 sons and wife to become Singaporean.  And I always believe that my wife will have the wise choice when voting comes.  So, I also contributes to this country what...

HaHaHaHa... I rather to hear them saying "Don't listen to him, he is drunk!"  Cheers!


Found this cute photos on the Internet.  Really cute.



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