Wednesday, May 18, 2011

English Speaking Tour for Tokyo

Date: May 16, 2011

Before I came, I booked an English half day tour of Tokyo to visit Tokyo tower, Imperial Palace and Asakusa temple. Remember, one of the key objective is to bring Jay Jay to see Tokyo tower, that was featured in one of the Mater's tale cartoon episode.


We are at the tower finally.



Nothing much to see actually inside the tower. Just the 360 degree scene of Tokyo. There is some interesting sculpture there too.


The tour guide is very interesting, pretty and have lots of jokes about Japan. Decent Jokes. And she also explain a lot of facts about Japan that I had never had time to read.


How I train my son not to be afraid of heights? This is how, place him on that small windows that you can look down from the tower.



Jay saw Kay does it, he also wanted to take a picture lying down there.



Then we off to see the Imperial Palace garden, that has planted about 2,000 pine trees. It is taken care by 100 gardeners. You can see our boys enjoy this much better as it is not packed at all compare to yesterday Shinjuku trip.



The Liews with one of the building at Imperial Palace.



Our last stop. Surprisingly, I love it! Is the Asakusa temple, it is the oldest buddist temple in Tokyo. Why? Because, there are more than 300 shopping stalls. With 30 min, it is impossible to visit all. So we decided to come back two days later.



I know Kay Kay is having fun.



Jay Jay washing hand using the holy water.



This is their joysticks. It comes in a pack. Cute.



Here you give 100 yen to pray for a good luck. If you happen to get bad luck, not to worry, you can tie the bad luck on the hanger beside these lucky stations.


Wow, I will have good luck coming...


This is almost the entrance.



This is how the red bean sponge cake is made... Jay was happy to see it. And he ate 5 pieces that day.



The red bean cake was very nice, and this stall happens to have long queue, and have the nicest one.



Thank you Hato Bus tour, and thank to Mina San, our pretty tour guide who is funny and sweet. We have lots of fun in this half day tour.


Thanks again Mina-san... (the girl on the right) she is our lovely tour guide.

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