Monday, May 2, 2011

Our Monthly Hair Cut

Date:  May 1, 2011

All the boys in this home grew their hair very fast.  It is that time again.  Yeah!  Let's go find ICE 姐姐 to cut hair (me and Jay).

Kay Kay's hair is cut by his usual hair dresser (forgot her name, but it is the third time she cut his hair).


This 姐姐 (JieJie) cut hair very solid and steady.  She can stand up cut hair, sit down cut hair, or sit on the floor cut hair.  Kay Kay is a bit naughty this time, won't sit still for her to cut hair, so she has to use many positions to cut Kay Kay's hair.


As for Jay Jay, he is always very good.  He let ICE to cut his hair quietly.


Of course la.  ICE is pretty mah.  Hahahaha.


And ICE never forgot to GEL his hair so that the hair stand up and Jay Jay loves it.




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