Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kansuiro Meals - Day 1

Date: May 13, 2011

The Ryokan stay comes with excellent breakfast and dinner. During tea time, they serve green tea and sweets. The sweets is a local famous sweets, taste good, red bean mochi covered with sesame powder.

Not too sweet, but just nice. As for the kids, they have the local favorites snacks.

The dinner, is served after we had our onsen bath. Exactly at 6pm. Look at the preparation, it was nice. The even place a heat retainer paper on top of the food while transporting the food here. This is just the initial appetizer. And each adult get this.

Both Jay and Kay will share this. It is actually for one person/kid.

The 10 course meal comes with English translations...

The rice is cooked using the spring water here from the stream. By the way, they also serve unlimited supply of spring water in the room.

Below is fish, on top is special and made noodles, a nicely presented miso soup...

Five kinds of local specialty. Do you notice the small little white carrots there?

Our white asparagus. Grilled Salmon as well as the thick mushroom.

Here are the sashimi.

Look at the egg. Yummy...

This bowl has a lot of nice boiled cooked food.

The tempura dish. Look at that small plate with wasabi green salt. Very nice...

Finally the finishing soup and dessert.

Well, we did not control our in take on this first night, so, there are some left over... In general, the food is really nice.

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