Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Wife...

Date:  Apr 29, 2011

That night, I celebrated my wife birthday at Le Bristol De Sommelier.  It is a night without kids.


Max has recommended this bottle.  Max is the 1/2 owner of the restaurant, he came Il Lido.  He is the Sommelier.  A wine expert who recommends wine paring.


We ordered the Duck Foie Gras to start with the bread.  Fantastic!  Very sinful, but very nice.


Because it is only for 2 person, we cannot order too many appetizer, so, we settle with the Escargot in a very nice sauce.


Then, come the famous Cote Du Beouf.  A 1KG beef.  Very nice and tasty.


And of course, lastly, the dessert is so nice that we forgot to take a picture of it.  This is what left over of the Chocolate profiterole with vainlla ice cream.  And it is very good.

As you can see from my wife smile.  She is happy and satisfy with her birthday dinner.

A tip, the chef, Patrick cook very nice french food, and he is from Al Petit Salute.

Another tip, this restaurant is quite famous among the chefs in Singapore.  Chefs from Sangri La Hotel and others usually will hang out here after 10:30pm.  They eat good food and drink good wine here.

3rd tip, in the toilet you will see that Max has won yet another best sommelier award in 2011, and he placed the trophy in the very nice and clean toilet.

Last tip, reservation is a must for this restaurant.  If you come before 8:30pm plenty of seats.  But if you come after 8:30pm, usually you could not get a table without booking.

Happy Birthday, my wife!

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