Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's Good To Be Healthy Again

Date:  Mar 31, 2015

Oh boy, it is good to be healthy again.

My Coughing

Last month, I have been non-stop coughing.  

The flames is sometimes yellow, sometimes white, sometimes green.

It feels like infections.

It feels like hundred days coughing. 

It feels like sore throats.

Nothing Works!

The coughing is so terrible that at night I would wake up at least 3-5 times.  

Could not sleep as I cough violently.

The next day my throat will be dried and itchy.

So, the doctor gave me antibiotics.  And it does not work.  In fact, I feel weaker.

Then, I take the cough syrups.  It does not work.

Then, I try the acupuncture for the first time of my life.

And take the Chinese medicine.  Some cough syrups.

Then, I felt so heaty in my body, and my eyes becomes very red.  And it feels like they want to pop out like that. 

IMG 0107

I went the next day and the sensei recommend another acupuncture treatment.  And he advise me that instead of drinking 30ml of the cough medicine, drink 15ml instead.

Well, the next day, after acupuncture I feel great.  But my eyes still full of blood vessels.  It is totally red.

So, I decided to throw away the cough medicine.  I think it makes me too heaty.

What Works?

I tried drinking manuka honey.  It does not solve my sore throat.

I tried drinking Liang-Teh, and it does not help.

I tried 京都念慈安枇杷膏 and it does not work too.

I tried Panadol Cold tablet, and it does not work.

I don’t think I have flu, but I feel like a lot of flames.  

My flames is white at night, but in the morning, it turn yellow but not green.

Then, I figured out what went wrong.

My cough was a Cold Cough, but my sore throat is heaty.  So, if I take too heaty medicine and it will worsen my throat, and when throat gets itchy, I cough too.

Then, my friend Benney suggest me to buy medicine from Eu-Yan-Seng.  He said it works for him.

And I must say, that is the medicine I shall take in future to cure my cough.  It works!


When I walked into the Chinese medicine shop.  The sales man speak to me.

What is my symptoms?

“Is the flame white, yellow or green?"

I told him at night, I would cough very violently, and my flames is mostly white color.

I also told him, but when I wake up in the morning, the flames becomes concentrated and turn a little bit yellowish.

I told him I could not sleep because of this cough.

I usually wakes up 3-5 times from 12 mid night to 6am.

And that is when he recommend me these off the shelves medicine.

1.  The Hot Cough remedy.  Take one in the morning for two days.

IMG 9563

2.  At night, take the Cold Cough remedy.  Before sleep. For two days.

IMG 9564

3.  On the third day, the cough should have become better.  Then, take a mild hot cough in the morning and a mild cold cough in the night.

And he says that should do it.

IMG 9566

Take a look at the packaging.  This is the Hot cough package.

IMG 9561

Seems to have some super Chinese ingredients in there.  No chemical.

IMG 9562

Now.  Here is what happen.

a.  The first night, after I took the cold cough remedy.  I feel much better.  I don’t cough much.  My flames magically gone.

b.  The next day, I still got some yellowish flames.  And the hot cough remedy immediately cure it.  And my throats are much smoothen.

c.  By the time I took the two days hot and cold cough remedy, I feel I already 85% recover.

d.  I can sleep thru the night on the 2nd day.  First night, I still awake I think 2 times.  Instead of 3-5 times.

e.  And the third day, I was off to Melaka to take part in a two days golf events.

So, as soon as I come back from Melaka, I went to buy a few more bottles.  Just to make sure I can be 99% recovered.

So, this is what I take from right to left for 5-6 days.  And I feel so good after I had these medicines.

IMG 0195

The Hot and Cold Cough does not come cheap at all.  I was a bit surprise to see the price tag.  It is around $25 per bottle.  The Mild one is between $5-$8 I think.

I am so glad that I took the Eu-Yan-Seng special cough medicine and it cure me in time for the two days golf event and the following Carrier World trip in Bangkok.  Otherwise, I won’t be fit to play golf for the trips.

Also, one important thing.

You have to watch what you eat.  戒口.

a.  No cold drinks.

b.  No Tea.  Coffee OK.  But hot ones.

c.  No chilli or spicy food or curry.

d.  No fried stuffs.

As long as you can follow these, and take the medicine, you can recover very fast.




Monday, March 30, 2015

Don't Play iPad Lah! Play "Sushi Go!"

Date:  Mar 30, 2015

At home, I have all kinds of board games or card games.

Don’t play iPad lah!

Playing iPad sometimes destroy their eye sight.

Playing iPad makes them become isolated or unfriendly.

Let your kids play board games.  Start training them to play.

Let them grew up playing card games or board games.

There are many board game out there.

This is one of them.  I found it quite cool.

It’s fun!

Sushi Go!

IMG 0166

There are 108 cards in there.  

Shuffle them well.

And setup the game as follow.  

IMG 0186

For example, I am playing a 3 players game.  So, each one get 9 cards.

IMG 0168

Every player look at their own deck of cards and choose 1 card and place the card face down.

IMG 0169

All players then open the cards at the same time.

The bottom player chosen a Tempura Card.  At the end of the round, you got to have 2x Tempura cards in order to score 5 points.  If you only end up with 1x Tempura card, you score nothing.

The right player chosen a Dumpling cards.  He will try to collect more dumpling cards, the more dumpling cards he has, the more he scores.  1 dumpling worth 1 point, 2x dumplings worth 3 points, 3x dumplings worth 6 points, if you get 4x dumpling you will have 10 points, and lastly, if you have fun dumpling cards, you score 15 points.

The top player played a “Chop Stick Card”.  Later I explained why.

This is end of first turn in first round.

IMG 0170

Next turn, every one pass his own deck of cards to the player on your left.

IMG 0171

And every one choose 1x card from the new deck (passed over from the player on the right), and place the card face down.

IMG 0172

For the person (Top Player) who has the “Chopstick” card just now, before every one open the 2nd card, he can yell “Sushi Go!”.  This is when he find very good cards in his present deck.  And wish to play two cards at the same time.  After he scream “Sushi Go!” he take the 2nd card out and face down.

IMG 0173

And he plays the Salmon Nigiri card together with the Wasabi card.  So, he score a total 6 points as the Wasabi multiple 3 times the Salmon Nigiri value.

IMG 0174

After he opened the two face down cards, he put the “Chopstick” card back to his own deck.

IMG 0175

Face down.  (Chopstick card).  This deck of card later will be pass to the left hand side player.  So the left hand side player will have a Chopstick card to play later.

IMG 0176

Let’s check out the 2nd turn.  Bottom player has 2x Tempura, so, he will collect 5 points.

The right hand side player has two dumplings.  So, he will have 3 points now.

The top player played a Salmon Nigiri on top of the Wasabi cards which multiply 3 times to the value of Salmon Nigiri value.  So, a total of 6 points.

IMG 0177

Continue to 3rd turn, you pass the cards to the left hand side player.  All the decks are swap to the left hand player.

IMG 0178

You continue to play the cards each turn until you finish all the cards.  That is when you take a paper to calculate points.

IMG 0181

Bottom Player’s Cards Scores:

The single Tempura score nothing as it is not a pair.

The pair of Tempura cards will score 5 points.

The single Sashimi card score nothing as it is not a set of 3x cards.

He collected 4x sushi cards.  He has the most.  So, he score 6 points.  Now if there is any one also have the same and most cards, then, the 6 points will divided by 2.  If all three players scores the same number of sushi cards and all have the most cards, then, it will be divided by 3 and ignore the remaining.

He has an Egg Nigiri card, which score 1 point.

So, in this round, the bottom player score a total of 5 + 6 + 1 = 12 points.

IMG 0182

Top Player’s Card Scores:

Chopstick card score no points.

The Salmon + Wasabi pair give 2 x 3 = 6 points.

The Egg Nigiri is 1 point.

The Sushi card, he has 1x.  And that is the 2nd most card, so, he scores 3 points here.  As the third player did not play any sushi card at all.

So, in this round, top player scores 6 + 1 + 3 = 10 points.

IMG 0183

Now, let’s look at the Right Player’s scores.

He has only 2x Sashimi cards where he requires 3.  So, he score zero points.

He has pudding 3 cards.  He has the most.  So, he score 6 points.  Take note, if at the end of the round, the least pudding player will take -6 points off their points.  So, you must make sure you do not compete the pudding.  As the loser will suffer.

The Salmon + Wasabi earns him 2 x 3 = 6 points.

He has another pair of Salmon + Wasabi which earns another 6 points.

In total, the right player has 6 + 6 + 6 = 18 points.

IMG 0184

So, you continue play three rounds and then calculate and add up all the points.  

Remember, the pudding is kept until the last.  

Here is the quick game summary and their scores of the different cards.

IMG 0194

This game is easy to play.

It is suitable for 6+ and above.

Each game takes about 10-20 minutes.

It is fast pace game.

IMG 0187

It is a strategy game.

You get to see all the possible cards after 3 turns in a round.

However you know it has the cards in somebody deck, but it does not mean that they do not play them.

IMG 0188

Like what we see above, some player trying to collect the Sashimi cards.  But you really need 3x cards to score 10 points or nothing.

So, you have to be wise to make the decision to keep playing Sashimi cards.

IMG 0189

Actually, do you remember the Sushi place that revolving belt?  This game is like that.  The deck of unplayed cards keep moving one direction to the left.

Each time, you pick what you want and pass your deck of cards to the left side player.

IMG 0190

It is also interesting that you need to eat dessert - Pudding after all three rounds.

IMG 0191

Of course you can have different ways of playing.  Create your own.

IMG 0192

And the game is easy and fun.  Even Kay Kay loves to play.

IMG 0193

I recommend this game.

I bought it from Amazon.

Pay Respect to Dad 2015

Date:  Mar 29, 2015

Dad, your grand sons wish to tell you something.

IMG 0074

Your grandsons say: “Gong Gong, the founding Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew died on the same day as you.  Buy you died 26 years earlier.

IMG 0075

We never miss a year coming in to wash up your grave.

IMG 0078

Well, of course, now we have the grandsons wash your grave for us.

IMG 0080

Guess what are they doing?

IMG 0081

The kids decided to buy you a hut or house.  And a bridge.

IMG 0082

Yeap… Your new vacation place.  nice isn’t it?

IMG 0087

Here we start the repainting job.

IMG 0089

Hard work.  My back is a bit pain after doing all these.

Yup, I have grown older.  45 now.

IMG 0091

After repainting, it all look so new.

IMG 0097

And it rains.  

IMG 0099

OK.  See you next year.

A Good Malay Feast: Kedai Makan Rahmat

Date:  Mar 29, 2015

Yesterday, we went into Malaysia to visit my father’s grave.  My dad passed away 26 years ago on Mar 23.  It is before Qing-Ming, therefore, we always came in to pay respect during this time.

IMG 0099

The grave is around Kong Kong, which is close by Pasir Gudang,  So, we decided to search on Google places to eat after paying respect.

And we found this place.  Apparently a famous Malay restaurant by the seaside.

IMG 0144

Wow!  The restaurant only sell afternoon meals.  And close on Friday.

IMG 0102

The restaurant is just like those you find in Batam or Bintan.  But this restaurant sell Malay food.

IMG 0143

The restaurant is full of people.  People who is hungry just like us.

IMG 0106

The restaurant is just beside a fishing village.  This is where they supply all their sea food I suppose.

IMG 0104

Let’s check out what food they serve here...

This is ikan Siakap.

This fish is on EVERY SINGLE table.

IMG 0118

They slow fry the fish into very crispy.

IMG 0117

Inside and under the crispy skin is very delicious meaty fish.

IMG 0128

Every table also have this fry prawns.  Very nice and fresh prawns.

IMG 0119

The prawns go very well with this sauce.  Some kind of soya sauce with a bit of Onions, and lime, and chilli in it.

IMG 0109

The fish taste great with this home made sambal.

IMG 0111

This Tempeh is REALLY GOOD.  It sort of taste like banana, a bit sweet a nice.  Especially mix with the samba chilli.  This is actually fermented soybeans.   

IMG 0121

The beef rendang is very tasty too.

IMG 0122

The chilli ayam (chicken) sauce is nice.

IMG 0123

Fried kampung chicken.

IMG 0120

We never meant to be here, but here we are, and it is the only restaurant around where we are, deep inside a Malay fishing kampung.  So, let’s enjoy ourselves.

IMG 0130

OK.  The food was delicious.  Even the banana.

IMG 0132

There is even TV show recommend this place.

IMG 0133

This restaurant is opened by important people in Johor.

IMG 0138

It is located just slightly below Tanjong Putri Golf Resort.  Now we ate so full and did not have a chance to eat Famous Mee Soto.  hahaha

IMG 0131

This is the address and their name card.

IMG 0137

Map behind their name card.

IMG 0136

And here comes the bill.  Wow.  79 Ringgit.  About SGD$30 for a nice full table of food.  :)  Good value and delicious.

IMG 0135