Sunday, October 31, 2010

Walking and Run at Botanical Garden

Today, to continue baby Kay walk and run practice, we were at Botanical garden.

It's going to be a routine in future besides bringing him to mall that has big space to run...

The game is to allow baby Kay had huge enough space to walk and run...

But try select an even grass plane instead of inclined grass...

By the way, you can try Yo play kite too, but I doubt it can fly...

Of course we brought our smallest kite, dragon fly.. But eventually it did not fly...

Baby Kay also wanted to play...

And all of us have fun...

Well done! Rain again????

Well done baby Kay

The more you expose him to nature, the more faster he will grow...

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Baby Kay Walking On the Grass


After meeting the teachers, Jay playing with his classmates, we decided to go to fly kite.


My kite is flying high... oh no... why the strings is so short, and the next thing you know... the strings is not nailed to the handle, and phew... there she goes, the kite and the strings... 断了线的风筝

And the lost kite flew over the west coast highway towards the condo there.  very very far... Surprisingly, it is the same kite that dropped into the water too.

And the day ends when the rain comes...

But today highlights is this...


The small boy who just learned how to walk, and we let him walk on the grass without any supervision.. because all of us are busy with our kites... and he happily roaming around... hahahaha


He was happily running here and there...


When a kid just learn how to walk, it is very important to let him experience walking himself, let him fall, let him pick himself up, let me walk, let him run, and don't put too much care and concerns.. this is how a kid should grow.  Be independent on his own...


So, I think we will bring Kay to big huge grass land to walk and run more often for the coming weeks...




Saturday, October 30, 2010

Scissors Paper Stone

Elders always win when playing Scissors Paper Stone with a 4 year old Jay Jay.

Here is how you can please your child while yourself having fun too.

1. Use your left hand and play 3 times. Pretend to lose all three games and make your kid proud.

2. Then you protest and wants a rematch. But tell him or her you need to use your right hand. And try to win all the three games.

3. Repeat with the same result.

4. Your son will enjoy playing scissors paper rock with you.

The aim of this is to teach him or her that sometimes you can win, but sometime you can lose too. And always let him choose which hand to play with....

Have fun!!!

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N2 See Teacher Day

It's always the fun time for us as this is the day that you get to see your son's work, and development during last term.

The first week..

The crown..

The funny expression... Not sure what expression is that...

The family tree

I like this the best. Sun flower painting...

It's a lion finger painter...

It's a shape man..

A photo frame...

Suppose to be a Shinkansen...

Toyota steering wheel...

I like the butterfly painting too...

Spider web

Another Shinkansen...

It's amazing He can show and tell these...
And he will be going into K1 next year...

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's Painting Time...

Sometimes it's fun to mess up the place...

It's fun to play with your kids and mess up the whole place with paints...

This is baby Kay eating table... See how he have fun mixing the color and create the art...

At the end of the funtime, don't forget to get the signatures... Err the hand and foot prints... It's Jay's hand and Kay's foot...

Of course you have to use non toxic, edible paints...

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Han Yu PIn Yin (汉语拼音)

It is a challenge for today's kid to learn Chinese in a English speaking environment.  At school, all Jay's friends speaks in English.  At home, he speak English to our domestic helper.  So, what can we do so that our kids can still remember how to speak in Chinese/Mandarin.

One of the first thing is to get him involve in Han Yu Pin Yin.  Although at his young age, they don't really know what is Han Yu PIn Yin, but as long as they touch a bit of it, when they grow up, it will be useful.

I saw this on one of the online store in China.  So, I bought it.  It is about RMB 68.  Including shipping, its about S$18-20 like that.  I found it useful.


So, what I do is, I asked Jay to press each character.  And listen to how it is pronounce, and follow by reading it out.  Every night, before Jay goes to sleep, ask him to do it.  After a few weeks later... he now can understand what is the meaning of all these PinYin.  And he can also differentiate it from the English pronunciation.  So that is where I taught him, J follow by IE is JIE (杰) which is his name.

I think it is very useful.  Recommend for those 3-5 years old.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Child Labour: Birthday Presents and Goodie Bags

Jay Jay has a very weird daddy.  Who has very weird ideas.  Mommy was traveling in Germany, and no one can help me to wrap presents.  So, what do I do?


I bought the presents, Jay's own birthday presents, and make him wrap or help me wrap those presents.  So, Jay knows whats the content inside.  And he will behave extremely well for few days before he gets to open the presents.  HaHaHa what a good idea.


You only give surprise presents when you propose la.  So, what so secretive about it?  Make your son wrap the presents, and you will get unexpected joy out of it.  In addition, ask him to wrap his friends goodie bags too.  This is what a family about, help each other.  HaHaHaHaHaHa

Always do fun things together with your kids.  He will remember.  And you want him to remember.


Playhouse Disney - Birthday Book

It was 1 month ago.  When I log into Playhouse Disney website trying to find out how to put your child photo onto their birthday book.

And the rules is you must sent your picture to them 2 months before, and it is up to them to choose.

So, I told my wife, you better write something so that they can select the photo.  So, she did.  She told them that both me and her have lots of traveling.  And we forgot to sent in the photos.  We were like begging them to select Jay's picture and put it on to the book.

1 month later, we received this...


And we we recorded down all the 5 session and try to find out which one Jay is on.  And yes, we saw it...


There you see Jay on TV, together with his favorite Agent OSO.  Ever since that day, his mouth can't stop laughing, smiling.  His friends father saw it on TV, and told him about it, and he keeps on laughing and smiling.


Happy Birthday Jay Jay.

Always do something special for your kids.  Especially when they start keeping the memories.  This is the most special present to him.



Wines - Types of Grapes

How many of you drink wine?  Red of white?

and How many of you know what kinds of grapes you are drinking and how they look like?

Here are some of the grapes, and you will say "So-de-su-ne...."


Golf Buddie: Freecaddie

With the strong push factors from your boss, then you can improve your golf.

When you are on the green, everything can go wrong.  But the last thing to go wrong is to guesstimate the wrong distance.  I would like to recommend this following App.


When I was playing the Jumbo Challenge last week, I downloaded this fantastic App called "freecaddie".

When you need to hit the iron, always measure how far away it is from the pin.


With freecadie, you can start learning the distance of every iron you have.  And with the consistent stroke, hopefully you will know which club to use to play the shot.  Freecaddie of course make use of the GPS to calculate all the positioning and gives you the distance you need to know.


Hopefully with this and lots of practice, one day or some day, I will be able to hit hole in one.  Huge ambition...

Underwater World with Baby Kay

When your wife is busy, so as your domestic helper, and you are left with your kids, what can you do?


Drive him out... go visit interesting places and when you know it, 3 hours has passed.. hahaha


Yeah, I am talking about big aquarium.  Singapore Underwater World.


And sitting on a conveyor belt and watch the fishes swim by, it is very cool indeed.


Your son enjoys it, and you can sit on the conveyor belt for as long as you like.  Me and Kay sat there for 5 rounds.


When Kay is hungry, don't forget to make milk for him.


What can beat this... lying down on the conveyor belt, watch the fish, and watch the visitors too.  Eh... 靓女...


Don't forget to visit the pink dolphin too at the end.  And that concludes a 2-3 hours short trip and a very relaxing and wonderful babysit session.

Always spent time with your kids!