Saturday, December 31, 2011

Recycle Bags

Date:  Dec 31, 2011

When I came home, I saw these few items that my wife bought for herself.  It's quite sleek at first glance, then, I reliaze that it is all recycle items... She bought it from Wheelock Place, one of the shop who brings in product from this

Save the Earth, buy recycle product....

This is a very nice purse made of .....


Looks familiar.... If you like to drink can Coke or Pepsi, or Tiger Beer, you will know what is this.  The whole purse is very light and good to hold.  Nice.   She wanted to buy the big bag, but when she decieded to buy it, it run out of stocks... and she settle with this small purse...


Wow.  I like the way how they design it, reuse the material and make it so Zen, and Sleek.  just like Apple.


Here is the info of this company...


Page 2...


So, these people know what they doing, and I guess it is a good thing.  Save the Earth while you make money.  hahaha


Can you guess what is this bag made of?


This is made of Fire fighters hose material.  Those hose has been used for 30 years, so, they recycle that material and made it into a very sleek bag.

This bag is from Elvis & Kresse...


Here is the descriptions of the bag.


Personally, I think carrying such bag is more classy than Coach or LV, etc.  What do you think?


Friday, December 30, 2011

When Is the Last Time You buy a Book (Hardcopy)?

Date:  Dec 30, 2011

Today is the last day the Salvation Army Donation drive at my condo.  So, better clean up some old stuffs.

These are books that I have bought.  Not sure when, but books that some how I bought, and I don't even recall I have bought them.  I am guessing that mostly are from Airport bookstore.  :)  Buy something to read on business trip.


If you take a good look at them, these books actually looks OLD.  They become sticky.  And there is a lot a lot of dust collected on them.  I am not sure how many times I had ever take them out and read, but I am very it is almost none.

That is the old life.

Today, you have iPad, iPhone and MBA.  You can easily buy a soft copy version from the online bookstore.  Or if you want to, you can always find a copy of .epub or .PDF of the book or magazine you want from Google.

No longer you need to keep these books to collect dust.

This is how many books that I throw away (used to be 4 shelfs full).  Now, I only keep the comics, cook books, Feng Shui, and some nice collector items.  That's it.  The bottom one all will go to the office.  :)  No longer technical enought to read these technical books.  hahaha...


To thnk about it... it is really long time ago since I really buy a physical book. hahha






Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sky Dining Fun!

Date:  Dec 26, 2011

Many donkey years ago.  My wife bought me a Birthday Dinner on the Cable Car.  Back then, it was small cable car, and the ventilation was bad, and the cable car was a bit shaky.  May be due to its small size.  The Cable Car operator only offer this special dinner once in a year, which is on February 14 Valentines day.  The experience was bad that year, as a lot of couples needed to queue up, it was hot and humid, and then, If I remember correctly, the whole evening are dining cable cars.  HaHa

Well… after so many years.  We are back!

This time, we decided to bring Jay & Kay to dine with us on a cable car on the Boxing day.

IMG 7896

The love cable car.  The two brothers simply look at the cable car views.

IMG 7902

Of course they have sat in the cable cars for many times before.  But to dine in a cable car, this is their first time.  I guess, this would be one of the best Christmas present for them.



We arrived earlier at 5:45pm.  So, we got the chance to take lots of photos.  The two brothers just sit there patiently and wait for 6PM to come.

IMG 7913

Of course, they can see the cable car in operation too.

IMG 2579

This few days, the wind from the NorthEast is blowing very hard.  Before the Sky Dinning, we were a bit worried if the strong wind will affect the operation of the cable car.  It seems fine from here.  The wind is not as strong as in my home.

IMG 7917

As 6PM arrives, we went to registered and get our welcome Champaign.

IMG 2582

Kay Kay is still young.  So he does not need to buy ticket.  But at the same time, there is no meal for him.  As well as drink.  As for Jay, he gets a Mocktail.  And he loves it!

IMG 2583

Lai… Gambai!!!!!


Ok.  It is our turns to wait in the queue.  We are Dinning Car #4.  Where is it?


Let's take a group photo before the Sky Dinning.


Meanwhile, opposite us, when the empty car came, the waiters pushed in the table, clip on to the window, more waiters bring in the food / appetizers, and by the time the cable car move to us, it is ready for us to board.  Wow.  That is fast and impressive.

IMG 2587

Kay Kay was shocked and happy to see there are food inside, and there are cable cars around him.


Jay Jay, as usual, observe and try to figure things out.


Our appetizer - smoked salmon.  It is very nice.  Not too salty and nice touch of sweetness.

IMG 2591

Jay has his corn soup.

IMG 2593

All of us are very happy indeed.

IMG 2599

Here is the victory sign.

IMG 2598

Good view from here.

IMG 7982

Kay Kay keep counting the cable cars.

IMG 2604

Mommy trying to figure out how to use my new Lumix.

IMG 2603

And every one just look at the outside view.


Meanwhile, on the other side, i.e. Sentosa, there are so many people queuing to get on to cable car.  Wow.  And all of them just stares at us.  :)

IMG 2600

So, you asked a question "Who sit in Cable car?"  This Kay Kay will raise his hand. "Me!"


IMG 2606

Its time to take more photos...



OK.  Round two.  They collected the wine glasses, and deliver the main course.  It will be Salmon for me, and Roasted Chicken for Mommy.

IMG 2611

The Salmon is nice.  Again, the sauce is just perfect.

IMG 2615

I don't like the Chicken thou...

IMG 2616

WAIT!  Where is the Fish & Chips?

Oh no… The waiter sent the message and says that the kitchen is not ready to deliver the Fish and Chips… oh no… the kids will be hungry then...

IMG 2617

No Fish & Chip did not bother the little one.  "Who sits in cable car?" Kay answered "Me!"

IMG 2621

Finally, we are heading back to Jewel Box again...


Let's set up the Spider Leg…. and take a full family shots… Not bad… the Size from XXL to M to XS and to 130.


Wow.  It works.  Look at the blinking lights.  10-9-8…..3-2-1 CHEEEESEE...


The sun has set.  Too much clouds, could see the sunset.  But we have lots of fun just keep continuing asking the questions "Who sits in cable car?"  Kay said "Me!"  and every one responded.

IMG 7989

Third round.  The waiter came in and deliver the belated Fish & Chips.  It is actually quite yummy.  And he said "We will give you another round complimentary."  Wow!  That is great!

IMG 2636

The night scene is very nice too.  This is the reflexion.


The Universal Studio directions...


The PSA and the city directions.


Last round, the dessert...

IMG 2638

and the tea.

IMG 2639

OK.  I must admit, after you sit 3 rounds, you start to get bored too.  hahahaha.  But still we can shoot some nice photos.

IMG 2640

Jay Jay took out his new camera too.  And start shooting here and there.


OK.  Who sits in cable car?  "Me!"

IMG 8014

Before going back, the bubble machines is up and running.  Had some fun there.

IMG 8012

OK.  I think the boys had a great time yesterday.  We will try to think of something to do next week too.

IMG 8017

I think they did a good job revamping the Sky Dinning.  Now is no longer once a year!

I think, if budget allow, you can bring your kids to a Sky Dinner once a while.   It is a fun thing to do.  And this is better than the Singapore Flyer one, as that you are dinning with a few people and KIDS are not allowed.  I bought a POP Corns on board the cable car.  Before I bought, I asked, are we allowed to bring own food to cable car.  They said, "of course!"  Because I thought SMRT don't allow, so, may be cable car also don't allow.  hahahahaha

Enjoy the photos….



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