Saturday, December 31, 2011

Recycle Bags

Date:  Dec 31, 2011

When I came home, I saw these few items that my wife bought for herself.  It's quite sleek at first glance, then, I reliaze that it is all recycle items... She bought it from Wheelock Place, one of the shop who brings in product from this

Save the Earth, buy recycle product....

This is a very nice purse made of .....


Looks familiar.... If you like to drink can Coke or Pepsi, or Tiger Beer, you will know what is this.  The whole purse is very light and good to hold.  Nice.   She wanted to buy the big bag, but when she decieded to buy it, it run out of stocks... and she settle with this small purse...


Wow.  I like the way how they design it, reuse the material and make it so Zen, and Sleek.  just like Apple.


Here is the info of this company...


Page 2...


So, these people know what they doing, and I guess it is a good thing.  Save the Earth while you make money.  hahaha


Can you guess what is this bag made of?


This is made of Fire fighters hose material.  Those hose has been used for 30 years, so, they recycle that material and made it into a very sleek bag.

This bag is from Elvis & Kresse...


Here is the descriptions of the bag.


Personally, I think carrying such bag is more classy than Coach or LV, etc.  What do you think?


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