Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Eve - Making Ice Kacang

Making own ice Kacang can be really fun.

Thanks to the $14 Ice Shaver...

And it actually works!! And everybody is having fun with it...

Happy New Year 2011...

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TIE fighters invaded Star Cruise...

Help!  The TIE fighters is every where... The are coming from behind...


No, there are everywhere... they are invading the Star Cruise... Millennium Falcon, its your job to destroy them all...


After breakfast, there was this guy standing on the deck and started to turn 360 degrees and moves his arms up and down with his iPhone4.  It is awesome!  It was fun!

The camera takes in the real time images from your surrounding and added the TIE fighters in it.  Your job is to detect these TIE fighters and destroy it.

iPhone4 App:  Star Wars Arcade:  Falcon Gunner



Jay Jay & Music

One day, Jay Jay demands "Mommy, I want to buy a guitar..."...

So, mommy went to the Mother Works @ Great World City... and bought the following for Jay Jay.


Jay Jay opens the guitar box and then, he asked: "Why this guitar does not have the stick?"

Mommy: "A stick?  ? What stick?"

Jay puts the guitar at his neck and make a pose... "There should be a stick here..."


Mommy & Daddy then says "That's a violin! Jay!"

Jay Jay "Yes.  I want a violin..."

We were not sure why he wanted a violin, but we can see that he really wanted it.  So, Mommy searches the Internet, makes some phone calls and we found her... Rita Yeo of Stradivari Strings.


She sells a lot of violins including the kids violins.... and a few expensive collectors violins...


So, after we used various methods to ask Jay Jay if he is interested to learn violin, we finally made our decision of "renting" a violin for Jay Jay for 1 month, and sent him to a 3x trial class to see what is his reaction towards music.  So, the kids violins actually cost around S$290.   But we wanted to play safe, so, we rent it for a month for S$60.  If he really shows interest and talent, well, no harm buying it la.

Then, I saw this... Ukulele... a small size four strings guitar, and I asked Rita for the price, and she says is S$72.  I was like, laughing to the ground, and I bought the Ukulele home for myself. IMG_3045.JPG

Why I laugh?  Because I told my wife, I once bought a guitar 20 years ago for S$60.  So, when she bought the colorful guitar from Mother Works for S$69, I told her it is very expensive and she does not believe me.  So, when we knew about Ukelele's price, I was so happy that, I don't even think twice and bought it... because, it is cheap, and the quality is so good, and the sound is so crystal clear.  But the song books cost $33 though.  hahahaha

We should always expose our kids to all kinds of things.  Slowly observe them and try to find out what they like, and groom their interest.  But not to forcefully make them learn things.  So far, we went thru the tennis lessons at Tennis Tots, the swimming class with teacher Angelina, Jay have put in efforts in learning the swimming, and his interest of tennis is minimal.

Now, let's wait and see about the violin class goes.  We rented the violin, and put him on three trial classes.  I will update this blog on his progress as the first class is on Sunday 11:45am.



Sleeping Songs

I always sing the following songs (in the exact same order, repeat 2 times for each songs) to Jay Jay.  And seldom I failed to make Jay Jay to sleep with these songs...

Today, we came back from the Star Cruise at 3:30pm and I need the kids to sleep for at least 2 hours so that they can have lots of fun at auntie Melissa's New Year countdown party tonight starting 7pm.  So, I sang the songs and Jay Jay as expected sleep soundly after the songs...

- London Bridge is falling down....

- Row, row, row your boat...

- Polly put the kettle on...

- Peas porridge hot, peas porridge cold...

- Bah, bah black sheep...

- Twinkle twinkle little stars...


- Do you know the Muffin Man...

- She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes...

- Do a deer, a female deer...

- 我有一只小毛驴...

(Backup songs includes The wheel on the bus goes round and round, Old MacDonald have a farm... just in case Jay is having hard time sleeping...)


But whatever works for Jay does not means it will work for baby Kay.  No matters how hard I tried, these songs does not seems to does the trick.  The only thing that will work is to make baby Kay very tired, and let him choose to sleep on his own, either in the car, or in his stroller at the mall, or...


Find a cozy place at the mall, and carry him until he is asleep, and then you also too tired and sleep with your kid.

If you have more then 1 kid, be prepare to adjust your magic tricks, whatever works for the first kid does not mean it will work for the second one.  So, one must be patient and tries to see how to find ways to please them.  And it should be fun!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jay Jay & Ms. Sabrina

Ms. Sabrina was a teacher in Lorna Whiston Pre-School.  She was not Jay's home teacher, and only teach him twice.  Some how, Jay likes her a lot, and on one fine day, brought his camera to school and wanted to take photos with Ms. Sabrina.


When I go and fetch Jay that day, he was so happy to show me that he took pictures with Ms. Sabrina.  The next day Ms. Sabrina left Lorna Whiston.  And she wrote this on her wall.

Screen shot 2010-12-26 at AM 06.11.36.png

Jay wishes Ms. Sabrina all the best in her new job, and keep in touch.




Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rainbow Again ...

Two days earlier, while driving out towards Orchard, we saw this amazing rainbow trapped between two very thick dark clouds.  But since I was driving, and we were not face enough to draw our camera/iPhone to take down that amazing scene.  I was a bit unhappy about that...


But, two days later... it was a quick shower outside, and there, the rainbow appears again.

Hello rainbow, how are you?


That's is me pointing at the rainbow.

It is said that rainbow is a very auspicious scene.  When you spotted it, make a wish and hopefully everything will come thru.  I wish everyone I know has good health and good mood to do every happy thing.


Jay and his Swimming lesson

It's already the 8th week. He took the lesson.

Every week, I dip into the pool and have my 10 laps. This is the first time I stay dry and have my iPhone with me. So I manage to see how's Jay doing in the lesson.

Jay is very competitive. When he sees his classmate swim well, he will put in efforts to also try to be better. Also, he spend lots of time talking. He is damn talkative. Haha just like his dad... But seeing him playing with his classmates, the lesson does not seems difficult...

YouTube Video

By the time you realize it, he already grown up little bit by little bit. Now he is comfortable with water, can do short breathe, can swim a bit without floats...

I am very proud of him. Even the father still cannot float well in the water as if today.

I think Jay really picks a good sport to learn and I can see he is having lots of fun in the pool with his classmate...

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Scissors Paper Stone Spock and Lizard

It was originated from The Big Bang Theory...

Here is how you play...
The Rules:
Scissors cuts Paper. Paper covers Rock. Rock crushes Lizard.
Lizard poisons Spock. Spock smashes Scissors. Scissors decapitates Lizard.
Lizard eats Paper. Paper disproves Spock. Spock vaporizes Rock.
Rock crushes Scissors..

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Golf Day #3 - Mission Hills Norman Course

OK... Yesterday's Olazabal course was a very good course... that is why, we ask our agent to book another game at Mission Hills.  And today, we are going to play at this even challenging course - the Norman Course.


The start of tee time is 10:40am.  Benney has left Shen Zhen, so, we have only 3 balls in the flight.  To make the game more fun, I joined in the skinned game, and Mr. Lim gave me 7/7 and my partner gave me 6/6.  To make it even more fun, we hired 3x Golden Caddies including Mr. Lim's favourite lucky caddie.  So, the game should be leveled.  We even have a Caddie Captain in the team, so, the game should be more challenging.


The course is very nice, and the first 9 hole is just OK.  I enjoyed it, although, I only managed to skin 1 hole on a Par 3 where I boogie the hole.  But my game was sucked.  So, to prevent my caddie for not earning any money, Mr. Lim suggested that I bet with my caddie 谢蕾 with the following betting rules...

If I score a birdie, caddie pays me RMB 30

If I have a par, caddie pays me RMB 20

If I do a boogie, caddie pays me RMB 10

If I have a double boogie, I pay caddie RMB 10

If I have a tripple boogie, I pay caddie RMB 20

If I have a quadruple boogie, I pay caddie RMB 30

If I have a blown hole, with maximum 5 over, I pay caddie RMB 40

Hmm... I think my caddie has gotten the best deal among the caddies.  Why?  because, If I played well, I skinned both of them, then, both will need to pay RMB 10 to her.  Of course, she have to pay RMB 10 to me if I did a boogie for example.  And when I played badly, I pay both the caddies, and I also pay my caddie.  So, to her, she win $$ whether I win or lose.

According to Mr. Lim, this is the only way to keep me play well instead of blow up the hole.  Well, after 2 days of golf, I was a bit tired.  It is not a short and easy course.  But I enjoy it.  So, I took up the challenge.


It is not an easy course at all!  The first nine is OK, challenging, but the bottom nine is even more challenging.  Especially when the rains and cold wind comes.  It was the betting systems and the skin game that keep me going.  My fingers are sores, and my arms and legs are cramping. But I am having lots of fun!


The course is beautiful and excellent.  I specially like this hole 15.  Because, I suppose to played very well with 2 shots on the edge of the green.  But when I put, It was a little bit too hard, and it went down to the huge bunker.  And this bunker is huge.  If you get it out but have not landed the ball at the correct spot, it rolls down 50 yards beside the bunker.  Hahaha... that was what happened to me, and I have to settle down with Triple.  But I skinned that hole.  hahaha As the other two does not played well here.

At the end of the game, we were all wet.  The caddie did an excellent job.  Mr. Lim skinned 8 holes, my partner skinned 7, and I only managed to take 2.  The last hole is squared.  So, after all calculations, Mr. Lim's caddie got RMB 330 as tips, with the winnings.  My partner's caddie got RMB 300, and as for my caddie, she is the biggest winner, she has RMB 340.  So, as you can see, it was fun, it does no matter who comes up with the money most, but at the end of the day, the caddie got our winnings as prizes and their tips.

And we all have fun for the past 3 days.  And we all are tired, extremely tired and pains is everywhere after the game.

My new year resolutions is to train up and play better golf next year, and hopefully go below 100.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Golf Day #2 - My first ever birdie at Olazabal course

I had never see such a grand golf course.  Until I stepped into Mission Hills (观澜湖)。


If you play golf in China, besides the natural course, you must pay a visit to Mission Hills.  There are 12x 18 holes of world class course here.


The fairway is very nice, and the green is fast and very well maintained.  And the rough is really really tough and crazy...


Today, we have booked the Olazabal Course...  It is said to have the most bunkers golf course... This is hole 15 that has 27 bunkers.


And of course, all the people from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries... all wanted to play here... not cheap, but what the hack.... we suppose to start at 10:40, but there are about 6 flights in front of us.. hahaha Jam!!!!


Today, the weather a bit cold, and windy.  That is what we wear...


Very nice first hole...


The bunkers is really scary... once you in the bunker, it is usually very hard to maintain good score.. ahhaa


And this is hole 11 par 5, where I don't know how, I had 2 long shots and my ball landed on the green.  TWO ON!!!!!

and I missed the eagle, and got the birdie.  This is my first ever birdie that I can remember clearly.


This is the signature hole 15, the one with 27 bunkers and you have to hit it to a sort of island green... very tough...


A good course must have a good caddie... This is Mr. Lim's GOLDEN CADDIE... we all got common caddie...


OK... Signature hole, must take more pictures...


And at the last hole, you can see a Guan Yin Goddess guarding the course...


We have great fun at Mission Hills...




Golf Day #1 - My lowest scores playing Blue Tee...

Day 1 (Dec-13), we took Silk Air and fly to Shen Zhen.  The air quality is really bad as you can see from the plane.


As we touched down, our Agent took us to Green Bay Golf Club (碧海湾).  This is a new course to me.


Surprisingly, it is very nice course too.  The course is easy too.


I got a very good and hardworking caddie.  She always put in efforts to find my balls and corrected my strokes, etc.  I have lots of fun that day... and shot some amazing shots... And as a result... I scored my best Blue Tee... 108...  I am not a very good golfer, but I really enjoy the game... The rest of my friends are not playing their best ... I don't believe I have score < 110 when playing white tee too... hahahaha






Friday, December 3, 2010

How Evil Can A Mom Be?

This is how... letting your son taste Wine/Alcohol at very young age?


Ha Ha Ha... I actually let Jay Jay smell my wine glass every time I drink in front of him... We taught him that only after 18 years old he then can drink alcohol...

but now, all he can do is to smell... and differentiate the good and bad wine by smell... And today... look at what my wife did... She let Jay lick the finger that has wine on it... oh dear...

Jay writing his own name (Chinese Name)

I am very proud of this... when I see Jay Jay writing his own Chinese name...


The teachers at Lorna Whiston has taught him well...


Jay Jay & Lorna Whiston Concert 2010

It is the third year I attend this.  Being a parent, you want to see how fast your kid grows, this is the show you must attend...


All the kids from N1 to K2... will perform on the same stage...


Of course, you wanted to see your son performing... See how happy he is with his good friends surrounding him...


Also, you get to see other kids performing... like this one... the Hawaii Five-O....  Look at the girls...


Watch every single movement he made and burn it into your memory... next year Jay will be K1...


This year, he has a new girl friend... Erika... very cool girl...


Don't forget to tell your son how proud you are...


and let them play with their friends and create a wonderful memory...