Saturday, December 18, 2010

Golf Day #2 - My first ever birdie at Olazabal course

I had never see such a grand golf course.  Until I stepped into Mission Hills (观澜湖)。


If you play golf in China, besides the natural course, you must pay a visit to Mission Hills.  There are 12x 18 holes of world class course here.


The fairway is very nice, and the green is fast and very well maintained.  And the rough is really really tough and crazy...


Today, we have booked the Olazabal Course...  It is said to have the most bunkers golf course... This is hole 15 that has 27 bunkers.


And of course, all the people from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries... all wanted to play here... not cheap, but what the hack.... we suppose to start at 10:40, but there are about 6 flights in front of us.. hahaha Jam!!!!


Today, the weather a bit cold, and windy.  That is what we wear...


Very nice first hole...


The bunkers is really scary... once you in the bunker, it is usually very hard to maintain good score.. ahhaa


And this is hole 11 par 5, where I don't know how, I had 2 long shots and my ball landed on the green.  TWO ON!!!!!

and I missed the eagle, and got the birdie.  This is my first ever birdie that I can remember clearly.


This is the signature hole 15, the one with 27 bunkers and you have to hit it to a sort of island green... very tough...


A good course must have a good caddie... This is Mr. Lim's GOLDEN CADDIE... we all got common caddie...


OK... Signature hole, must take more pictures...


And at the last hole, you can see a Guan Yin Goddess guarding the course...


We have great fun at Mission Hills...




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