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Bye Bye Singtel's 2Wire 5012NV

Date: May 31, 2011

This article is to teach you how to dump Singtel's 2Wire 5012NV Router for your Internet High Speed Fiber Broadband.  This is for those people who ONLY needs Internet at home, and no need to have MIO TV at home.  Although SingTel always bundled both together, means, they give you FREE MIO TV.  But still, I will keep on researching to see how to make it work for MIO TV.  Stay tune.  For now, only for Internet uses.


1.  What do I subscribe?

I had my fiber Internet for almost 2 months now.  I have been enjoying the high speed internet very much.  I had the following plan from SingTel...  At this home, Internet is important as almost every night there are teleconference to US, Europe using collaboration tools such as WebEx.  What I had before is a 15Mbps High Speed ADSL2+ Plan.  So, upgrading to the 50Mbps will give you true 50Mbps LOCAL download, 25Mbps LOCAL upload, and real 15Mbps International download.  I have been testing it, and so far, it is a true upgrade for me.  As for MIO TV, it never work at my home, it freezes every 20 seconds or so.  So, at this point, I don't care about MIO TV.  But with the method described below, may be it will also work for your MIO TV.

Screen shot 2011-06-01 at AM 06.30.26.png

2.  What I have before?

This is my home settings.  I asked the OpenNet to pull the fiber into my Kitchen / Washing area.  Because I don't want UGLY cabling in my home.  From there, I used Aztech Homeplus (using Power Line) to bring the network to my Switch/Router cabinet that hooks into my internal cabling at home.  As me and my wife each has iPhone4 and iPad2.  So, we need 3x Wifi Zone to provide maximum coverage of the Wireless Access for our Apple handheld devices and those will talk to my Apple TV2 and AirPlay movies, Photos onto my TV.



My Home Network.png

A bit complicated for me, but it is necessary at my home.

3.  So, What is the problem with SingTel 2Wire 5012NV Router?

This router provided by SingTel, does not work well with my AirPort Extreme or AirPort Express.  70% of the major appliance in my home is Apple, so, I would pretty much want to use Apple AirPort here fore the wireless.  I cannot throw away my Apple AirPort.

The symptom are, even when you set the AirPort Extreme or Express to BRIDGE MODE, all the wireless devices at home does not get a DYNAMIC IP address from the DHCP running on the 2Wire 5012NV.  I google it and found that it is indeed a major problem.  And every one suspect that the 2Wire DHCP is non-standard.  Because my AirPorts work with the previous SIngTel ADSL modem plus DLINK AP Router.

So, I end up have to set STATIC IP on every Wireless Devices.  And worst has yet to come, AirPort Extreme or Express will sometime loses Internet, and blink amber lights.  And when you check it, double NAT detected.  It has to be some conflict somewhere, and all finger points to this SingTel 2Wire 5012NV Router.  It's crapy.

4.  Can I simply plug another router to replace the SingTel 2Wire 5012NV?

The answer is NO.  Because SingTel push VLANS onto the Singtel 2Wire 5012NV.  Unless your Wireless AP support VLAN tagging, you are not able to change the 2Wire 5012NV.  Now, that's evil.  May be SingTel don't want users to simply anyhow change the router so that they do not need to support any other brand of routers except their own.

5.  So what are the VLAN tagging needed?

SingTel tag the following VLANs.  So, you make sure you tag the port with these VLAN ID, then, you should be able to get the IP from SingTel.  I did this using the 2nd and 3rd Aztech HL280e Gigabits Switch, and I actually can get 2x SingTel IP for the Fiber Internet.  (This is interesting!!)  Does it mean that I can get 2x 50Mbps??  I will test it out and let you know.

VLAN 10 = Internet


VLAN 30 = VoIP

VLAN 40 = Management

6.  So, the solution is to put a Managed Switch that support VLAN tagging.

After google it on hardware zone, the recommended switch is Cisco Linksys SLM2008 Switch.  You can buy this from Bizgram at 5th Floor Sim Lim.  And it cost about S$165.


And then, you simply plug in any Wireless AP behind the switch to do the routing and provide DHCP address.  In my case, I used back my old DLink Wireless AP.  Configure it to get IP from Singtel, and then provide your Internet Network.



7.  How to configure it?

Screen shot 2011-06-01 at AM 07.32.17.png

You log in first.  Configure your laptop to have manual IP of 192.168.1.xx, with sub netmask of, plug into the switch.

Screen shot 2011-06-01 at AM 07.35.55.png

Create VLAN of 10, 20, 30, 40

Screen shot 2011-06-01 at AM 07.36.41.png

Screen shot 2011-06-01 at AM 07.37.25.png

Screen shot 2011-06-01 at AM 07.37.40.png

Screen shot 2011-06-01 at AM 07.37.50.png

This is how I do for VLAN 10, 20, 30 40.

After you created the VLAN ID, and make it a member to 1, 2 and 3.  You have to set the VLAN Port Settings.

Screen shot 2011-06-01 at AM 07.39.12.png

So, in my case, the ONT will come into Port 1.  So, I will need to Enable Ingress Filter, and select Tagged Only.  For PVID, I leave it at 1.

For Port 2, that will go into my DLink Wireless AP Router, so, I tagged 10 and Enable Tx Force Untag.  Once you have done this, plug in your laptop to test it, and you will get a Dynamic IP from SingTel.  So, on your DLink Wireless AP, you simply need to do DHCP address from the Internet.

Screen shot 2011-06-01 at AM 07.42.14.png

So, every things work!  I plug in my Wireless AP Router, and then all my AirPort Extreme, Express works seamlessly as before.  And I do not need to configure Static IP on my wireless devices and they do not lost Internet connections.

8.  What else that I have found out?

I also put everything behind the Aztech HL280e.  That means, I don't need to put the router in front of it.  The Aztech HL280e magically acts as a MEDIA in this case.  i.e. a wire/cable.  If your home does not need to run Internal Network as I need, (because of the NAS), then, you can buy lots of Aztech HL280e just to run Internet into every devices (which able to get Dynamic IP from SingTel).

9.  What's Next?

Next, I will try to replace the DLink Wireless AP to Gigabits version.  Now it is still 100baseT.

Also, I need to figure out why Synology and iMac does not run stable on 1Gbits.

I will try Jumbo Frame.

Lastly, I will try to make MIO TV work, since now I found a way to do all these.  Let's see how.

I will update more.

[UPDATES] - Sep 13, 2011

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7.  Oh ya, about the black diamond.  In Malaysia, LoYat building, you can get it at least S$30 cheaper.

8.  I tried to explained why it is important to watch out the power plug and what is the surrounding power noise.  Understanding it, then, you can improve your powerline/Homeplug experience.

9.  The latest benchmark I have done.  I switch to use AFP instead of SMB on my Synology box.

10.  If you read KLSeet.Com website, you will now that now ASUS Black Diamond has a Beta Firmware that is supporting both Malaysia Unifi and Singapore Sintel exStream Fiber. &

Screen Shot 2011-09-14 at 9.16.56 AM.png

Again, I am not a tech reviewer etc... I am just an average guy trying to enjoy building my own network, and share whatever I have learn at my blog.  So I have not try to install the yet, because I already have SLM2008 running, there is no urge for me to upgrade it to test out.  I always believe a router is a router, a switch is a switch, and try not to "overload" everything in a single box.  :)  Have fun readings the updates.



  1. Can I ask u a question?
    I have added a linksys router onto my 5012 and my 5012 subsequently keep losing connection...what could be the problem?
    Or cannot add wireless router to expand network but switches only?
    Thanks for any advice!!!

  2. Hi, I am not sure what is the problem. But all I know is after I had 5012, and all my Wireless AP behind it does not work. i.e. all configured with bridge mode, get IP from 5012, but is intermittent. and the wireless devices cannot get IP from 5012. That is why, I replaced the 5012 with a Dlink AP router, and it works well with all my other wireless AP.

  3. Hi kenliew, may i have your phone no to ask you a question please. Maybe i just hire you to help me solve singtel problem. My email is Mobile 97830060.

    Thanks Ken,

  4. Hi Ken, Very nice info.

    What do you do with port 3-8? will these ports become redundant when i place a DHCP router on port 2 and connect all my devices?

    Can i reroute DHCP IP into 3-8 by creating a new Vlan?


  5. Yes you can. I reused all the 3-8 ports to connect to my iMac, Synology, etc. As it is a managed switch, I can present the port speed. Sometimes, some OS does not work well under automatic settings. So, for some, devises, I will have to force the port to GE to try out.

  6. Hey Ken,

    Thanks for the update! I have been google around and found Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH has the ability to do Vlan tagging just like you did on cisco. do you think it will work?

    I dont watch miotv at all, so dont care but Buffalo does not have RJ-11 phone jack for Digital voice like the 5012NV... do you use the Digital voice or abandon it?


  7. Hi Raymond, if the buffalo router comes with VLAN support, it should work! But, can you google and see how easy to configure the VLAN. There are some discussions on several brands, and I recall there are mentions on some easy to configure, such as SLM2008, some are quite confusing...

    Yes, I plug one of the switch port to route untagged traffic to the 2wire and run miotv. Don't use mio VoIP. Singtel can actually give you voice line on original phone lines.

  8. I found out if i use a aztech powerline to connect my miotv it would freeze intermittently, when i direct wire no issues. found out that powerline was causing some flooding on my 2wire modem, are you able to use powerline with your current setup with mio tv?

  9. Hi

    I saw that you have placed the Gigabit powerline after the modem. I would like to check if placing the Gigabit powerline between the Opennet termination box and Singtel modem will work?

  10. Hi Jem,

    Yes. You can connect between the openNet and Modem. No problem. The gigabits powerline act as a bridge.

    But bear in mind, power line noise still exist. so, some phone charger that uses nearby plug will cause some interference.

    Also, In a later posting, search under "HomePlug" I did share with people my experience using the HL280E, which has some issue on overheating problem. That is why I have switched it to HL115EP which generate lower temperatures.


  11. Hi

    Some powerline will cause MIO TV to freeze. That depends on how your home power is run, and along the way, are these power line generates too much powerline noise that interferes with your data line. Things such as hair dryer, hand phone chargers, washing machines, vacuum cleaner tends to generate interference.

    Also, I am not sure which model you are using. If you are using those 75Mbps, these interference will cause enough damage for it to freeze. If you use higher like 300Mbps, then, lesser chance to get stucked.

    You can check it out on my other post too... which is related to Home Plug.

  12. Hi Ken,

    I'm actually suffering the same fate as you are on this situation of Singtel controlling the devices allowed to connect to the ISP. I'm very irritate with this because like you I have a barrage of Apple devices. Not being able to connect directly as I do with Starhub cable make me mad. I would like to discuss more on this issue.

    Do hope to hear more from you.

  13. Hi Ken,

    Great website you have here. I actually have a setup not too dissimilar to yours. My original setup was :

    ONT (in living room) - 2Wire 5012 - Aztech Homeplug HL110EW - Aztech HL110EW (on level 2)- mioTV + Desktop PC.

    This would give me a LAN connection via my desktop, and I could watch mioTV and use LAN at the same time, but the LAN was not running very satisfactorily.

    Recently I bought a ASUS RT-N56 like yourself, and I replaced the 2Wire with it. My internet worked fine, but I realised that the mioTV would not work properly. I realise that I had to connect it to LAN port 4 for the mioTV to work properly, but this would mean that I would not be able to use the internet at all. Can I ask if you have any advice for me in this case? Sorry for the long winded question!

  14. hi booonster,

    no prob. drop me a message. :)

  15. hi Danny,

    Not sure how you setup the system. But would like to share this.

    I learned about Black Diamond RT-N56 support SingTel from website.

    You go to the ASUS firmware site, you will learned that there is a beta firmware there. It support SingTel.

    However, there is not much manual there, so, I am guessing you need to find out from asus tech support or search google on it.

    For me, I did not use Black Diamond to untag the VLAN tagging. I used the SLM2008. And for MIO TV, I used back the SingTel 2Wire for the MIO TV. And Internet I uses ASUS Black Diamond.

    Hope these info help.

  16. Hi Kenneth,

    Thanks for your info, actually to simplify my question, I would like to know if it is possible to use two pairs of home plugs (1 plugged to LAN port 1 and 1 to Lan port 4 of the ASUS Black Diamond and the other two pairs, 1 to my desktop PC and one to my mioTV STB).

  17. Hi Kenneth,

    I am using the Asus n56u to completely replace my 2wire5012NV from the singtel ONT. Using the firmware, I can get internet access from LAN ports 1 and 2, and Mio TV from LAN port 4.

    Unfortunately, I have more than 1 device at the TV area that needs internet services. I have 1 physical LAN point at the TV area which is connected to my N56U router. I just bought a Netgear GS108T( its a managed switch like the SLM2008) for use at the TV point.

    Can you help me configure it such that one port from the Netgear switch gives out MioTV, and the rest just internet access? I know it has something to do with configuring VLANs etc.

    Right now, I can get either only Mio TV(if I plug the switch into LAN port 4 of the Asus), or only internet access(if I plug into either LAN port 1 or 2).



  18. Hi Danny,

    The answer is NO. In your home, usually, there is only single phase of power behind your power meter. I believe there can only be 1 transmitter and 1 or more receiver. And thus, I don't think you can put 2 pair of aztech to run 2 different network, i.e. mioTV and Internet.


  19. Hi Danny,

    I still cannot get what is your home config. So, ONT in living room, mioTV in living room, internet in 2nd floor, another mioTV in 2nd floor? is that correct?

    If that is the case, the simplest solution is to buy another Aztech. And put Aztech in front of any router, instead of behind. i.e.
    ONT -> Aztech1 -> Aztech2 -> 2wire -> MIOTV at living room
    ONT -> Aztech1 -> Aztech3 -> 2wire -> Black Diamond at 2nd floor
    Black Diamond port1 -> Internet
    Black Diamond port2 -> another MIOTV

    Or you can buy additional switch to do the work too. Bear in mind, the more Aztech you put, it will split up the bandwidth.

    Hope this help.


  20. Hi Jon,

    Black Diamond running beta firmware of has already untag the VLAN traffic for you. And ASUS actually try to provide the VLAN tagging functionality in the same router.

    And your Netgear switch (managed switch) don't have to untag traffic.

    So, you have to run another LAN cable connecting to port1 or port2 to your TV console area. And plug it into the Netgear, and use it as a smart switch (means, need not to do any config at all).

    If you do not have another LAN cable, then, use Aztech HomePlug to deliver it. that will solve your problem.

    May be you share exactly what you try to do, I can give more advise. :)


  21. Hi Ken,

    Thanks for the response.

    Is there a way to get a "pure" signal from the ONT to say LAN port 3 of the Asus N56U? Can I configure the Asus 56U to have one of the ports deliver an unmolested signal from the ONT?

    I cannot run another physical LAN cable to the TV area, and I do not wish to use a homeplug or wireless solution


  22. Hi Jon,

    I did not install the beta firmware. But from, i.e. , there are screen shots that I am guessing that, you can try to use the "OTHERS" in the "Select ISP" field, and see if you can put "10,20,30,40" there or not? If cannot, then, you may want to write into ASUS help desk and seek for help in this area. But the chances are slim, I guess. :(

    Sorry, may not be any help here. May be later, I got time, I take a look at the source code and see if there are any reference or guides there or not. :)


  23. Hi Jon,

    I took a quick look at the source. I think there is "manual" setting that you can choose, instead of "SingTel-MIO" and "SingTel-Others". Unfortunately that there is no other documentations and readme file that I can refer to, so, I have no idea how to configure it. As I did not install the beta firmware.

    May be you sent me some of the screen shot of the config options for the Select ISP, i.e. "manual", "singtel-mio" and "singtel-others", may be can figure out from there.

    But according to what I read, there are options to set port by port VLAN ID. But whether or not you can set up a port to pass thru the tagged traffic, I am not sure.

    I think the best way is to send an email to ASUS support to ask them directly. Ask them how to setup the VLAN, etc. may be there are people who knows? How about hardware zone? any one has figure that out?

    Sorry, could help much here. Thanks.


  24. join in the fun, Ken!

  25. Hi Kenneth.

    I am considering to subscribe to SingTel's fibre service, under the following conditions.

    1. exPlore Home 50
    2. MioTV is not critical to have.
    3. Would like to have digital phone line.

    Issue: Would like to replace SingTel's 2WIRE router with my existing router, which is Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station, as scanners, printers and hard drives are shared using this router and like to keep it that way.

    Could I use the above mentioned steps to guide me through?

    Thanks and much appreciated on your advices and help!

  26. Hi Joseph,

    In order to reuse everything you have. You need a switch to untag the VLAN. And then, you simply place your Apple AirPort Extreme behind the switch, and everything will work as before.

    For the switch, I uses Cisco SLM2008.


  27. Hi Kenneth. Thank you.
    I would assume that configuration across any switch will be the same?

  28. Hi,

    Yes. The config merely untag VLAN 10 for internet for port #2. And I use most of the rest of the ports for normal switching.


  29. Cool. I'll subscribe to SingTel then. I don't think I'll be using the switch besides using it to replace 2WIRE entirely. So the AirPort Extreme will be the main router and switch.

  30. Oh yes, besides the Cisco SLM2008, what other switches would you recommend? Considering there's no budget and would like to have excellent performance. Thanks Kenneth!

  31. Oh yes, could I still use the digital line? How is done? Connect to the 2WIRE? 2WIRE still work while Airport does the routing?
    Should I get Cat 6 or 7 cables? I am novice when it comes to networking. Please guide me :)

  32. Hi Joseph,

    You need to configure one of the port so that you do not untag the VLAN. And then, plug the 2wire in. You still need the 2wire to deliver the VoIP for you. But my advise is, just tell Singtel to deliver a normal analog phone line for you. As they still have the copper line into your home.

    All switches simply doing switching function. so, all switches should be in the same class. It is just a matter of how easy to configure it. In Sim Lim, I see there are this MikroTik switch, and it is about $65+. It is a small switch that you can do VLAN tagging. I think it is on the 4th floor. You may be able to try it. I am sure hardware zone has it too. You can google it too.

    Yes. you can still use the 2wire, and you need to pass thru the same tagging (means you do not untag the vlan) and connect the 2wire to that port. So that the 2wire can untag the voice port.

    You only need to get Cat 6 cable if you run a server at home, and your PC and other devices needed to connect to the server, i.e. NAS at 1Gbps speed. Otherwise, a cat5 cable will do.


  33. Hi Kenneth.

    Thank you for explaining!
    May I further clarify the following?
    Configuration can be be:
    TP->ONT->Mikrotik->2WIRE and AirPort
    (2WIRE->DECT Phone and Home PNA)
    (AirPort->Desktop, Wireless, printers, hard drives, etc.)

    Note: Do not untag VLAN for cable to 2WIRE and tag VLAN for cable to AirPort.
    How do I perform tagging on Mikrotik? Never done configuring switches before.

    Does it mean that 2WIRE and AirPort can function at the same time, just that I disable the wireless and routing function of 2WIRE?
    According to your post, MioTV can't work. In this case, can the MioTV work?

    Thanks Kenneth!

    Waiting for SingTel to get back to me on installation.

  34. Hi Joseph,

    TP -> ONT -> (Port 1 normal) Mikrotik -> (Port 2 normal) -> 2WIRE

    TP -> ONT -> (Port 1 normal) Mikrotik -> (Port 3 tagged VLAN=10) -> AirPort

    OK. I have not used Mikrotik before. I bought one at home, but I have no time to configure it yet. So, you need to study. here are the manual.

    some mentioned on hardware zone.

    2Wire will get a new IP from Singtel, and Airport will get another IP, so, both router will need to set to different subnet in DHCP. So, if you don't need to run wireless and routing, just turn it off.

    MIO TV works in my post by simply place the 2wire behind.

  35. Hi Kenneth

    Thank you. Will try all that out and let you know if it works!

    "2Wire will get a new IP from Singtel, and Airport will get another IP, so, both router will need to set to different subnet in DHCP. So, if you don't need to run wireless and routing, just turn it off."

    How do set the routers' subnet so that they can work concurrently?

  36. Hi Joseph,

    Your 2Wire will get a separate IP from SingTel, so, if you need to run wireless and routing function, then, you have to make it a DHCP so that it will give out say a subnet of 192.168.0.x (make sure it is different then the Apple Airport dynamic IP range) private IP. The 2Wire basically will automatically untagged VLAN10 and get an IP.

    But I thought you say you do not need to run network on 2Wire. So, just turn the wireless off.

    Then, your Apple Airport will need get another IP address from Singtel as the Switch (MikroTik) has untagged the VLAN10 traffic for you, so, Apple Airport will do the same, run the DHCP and provide the original subnet that you have design, i.e. may be 192.168.1.x.

  37. Hi Kenneth

    Assuming that 2WIRE is using 192.168.0.x by default, it should not be a problem as my AirPort Extreme is using 10.0.0.x.
    I will most probably off the 2WIRE wireless, but if it is on, would it cause any problem?

  38. Hi Joseph,

    Should not be any problem at all. I turned both wireless and routing on in my case, so that my living room got a Guest network. :)


  39. Hi Kenneth

    Ah yes, I was thinking about a guest network too though AirPort is capable of creating one.
    Thanks a lot Kenneth!
    Now waiting for SingTel to get back to me and going to get the Mikrotik switch. Will keep you posted if I am successful :)

  40. Hi Kenneth,

    Nice blog you have to support newbies like me with network problem.

    I want to replace my unstable 5012 with N56U for my singnet fibre. Do I need to buy the smart switch to untag the Vlan and then use together with the N56U? Or does the N56U has this Vlan feature?


  41. Hi,

    If you replaced the 5012 2wire router with N56U. What you need to do, is to download the firmware and upgrade the firmware to the beta firmware. In this release, they will include Singtel MIO settings and it will untag the VLAN ID for you. So, you do not need to buy another switch to do so.

    When I buy the N56U, there are no firmware then. That is why I buy a managed switch.


  42. Hi Ken,

    Thanks for the explanation. I can go and hoot the N56U now.

    Also, I noticed you like to use Aztech home plugs. But I find them unreliable. I have 3 of the Homeplug AV 200Mbps. Middle LED always red flashing. I used the Ruckus for my mio TV and no freeze. Maybe it is my power line that is not clean.


  43. Hi Ken,

    I read the review on the R56U. I noticed that it is stable for the wireless feature. My problem with the 5012 is frequent d/c even with wired connections. Do you think changing router will solve this d/c problem?


  44. Hi Kenneth. On second thoughts, would you recommend me to get the same switch as yours? Cisco sounds like a more reliable brand than Mikrotik. Thanks!

  45. Hi Joseph,

    If you have the budget, then go for it. The config is easier. If no budget, then, buy the cheaper one. And see can figure out how to config or not.


  46. Hi anonymous,

    What is a d/c problem? I am not familiar with the term "d/c".


  47. Hi Ken,

    My kids always use the word d/c, which I learnt from them is when the internet is disconnected (dc)when they are gaming. Haha, I am more "in" than you.

    I have bot the N56U at Cybermind yesterday at $209. Going to install it today. Hope it is seamless.


  48. Hi Ken,

    I cannot connect ONT direct to N56U. I think it has not been flashed with new firmware. So I connect back 5012 to ONT and connect R56U to 5012. I am able to go internet. But I cannot go to Asus to update the firmware. I go webpage and type but it is not there. It is located at but I cannot access it. So how do I flash the firmware which I have downloaded to PC.


  49. Hi Kenneth. I've got the switch. Would you have able to guide me to config it? May be we could do email, Thanks!

  50. Hi Anonymous,

    You need not to connect the ASUS R56U to internet to flash the firmware. As you already downloaded it onto your PC. So, connect your PC to the ASUS directly with a LAN cable, then, your ASUS will assigned your PC a dynamic IP, and ASUS will be

    Then Go to Advanced Settings -> Administration -> Firmware Upgrade, do the upgrade.

    I am not sure why your ASUS get a, is it because you plug the ASUS behind your 5012 which allocate a dynamic IP of
    If yes, disconnect the Internet.



  51. Hi Joseph,

    OK. Let me know what questions you have.

    1. Connect your laptop/pc directly to the switch. (with nothing connecting the switch except but the laptop/pc.)

    2. You have to configure your laptop/pc to be the same subnet as the switch. So, if the switch is by default, then, you will configure your laptop/pc to with a subnet mask of Then, this will enable your laptop/pc to be able to see on the web browser.

    3. in the web browser,, this should bring out the config page.

    4. Go to configure the VLAN first. So, in VLAN Settings, create VLAN ID 10, 20, 30 & 40. tick the member/port # you want to use. i.e.
    Port 1 = Member of VLAN 10 & VLAN 20, & VLAN 30 & VLAN 40
    Port 2 = Member of VLAN 10

    5. Then, you go to VLAN Port Setting.
    Port 1 = tick on Enable Ingress Filter, tagged only, PVID = 1
    Port 2 = tock on Enable Tx Force Untag, All, PVID = 10

    6. Then, you may want to change the switch IP into as your Air Port Extreme is of subnet range of 10.0.0.x range.

    reboot, that's it.

    ONT ==> Port 1
    Port 2 ==> Air Port Extrene

    That is done.


  52. Hi Ken,

    I don't know what happened. Earlier, when I connect ONT-N56U-PC,it cannot goto internet. Tried without connecting to ONT, also not able to goto my router IP. But somehow, it works again when I did the original connection, and was able to flash from the file in my PC.

    So far, connection is good with this new router. But connecting to network printer was another long struggle. Trick is to use setup using local printer on each PC and select TCP/IP connection to install a USB printer on the router.


  53. Instead of an expensive Cisco switch, you can get the super low cost TP-Link TL-WR1043ND for under $90, install OpenWRT and you'll have VLAN tagging feature.

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. Hi there, im looking to replace the 5012nv provided by singtel to a Buffalo WZR hp-g300nh. Do you know how to configure vlan on it because my network is suffering from poor local network speed transfers because of 2Wire and i would like to get my buffalo to do all the internet and local network managing.

    i have miotv but not using and also on explore home 100. may contact me at email

    Thanks :D

  56. My 5012nv is bridged to my (Apple Extreme Base Station)AEBS and AEBS gets local ip from 5012nv. Those 2 boxes are connected using Linksys powerline adapter.

  57. I didn't encountered the problem posted by Ken. But I was thinking of replacing 5012nv for much better control on my network. I wanna put some MRTG, monitoring or bandwidth shaping to my setup.

    1. Hi, it could be that the AEBS or 5012nv has a newer firmware. I changed the 5012nv, because the thru put is suck! So, I went to research and found out the BlackDiamond has the best LAN to WAN and WAN to LAN thru put. This is what it concerns. How fast your traffic can go in and out of your WAN router. :)

  58. Thanks for the excellent article. Just wish to find out will we still get free unlimited local call when we ask SingTel to deliver voice thru' normal copper tel wire instead of using their VoIP (via 5012NV)?

    1 thing bad about all-in-one mio bundle is that: you can't easily use your fax machine w/o using a voice splitter to share with your phone; and even with that, you still need to run ugly wire to your fax.


    1. Sorry Martin, I don't have an answer, may be you can ask SingTel customer service. But whatever service I have before, they will give it to me. But my guessing is, if it is not VoIP, then, there will be some cost associate to it. So, I am guessing they may not give you unlimited call.

      Yes, the Fax has a certain protocol and standards. So, sometime it is hard to get the right hardware to do the correct thing. :)


  59. Hi,

    From Cisco managed switch,is it possible to connect port3(vlan20)to miotv box and port1(vlan10) to my belkin wireless router?

    My email address is

  60. Hi,

    Thanks for the reply. So if i replace the cisco managed switch with Asus NT-56U wireless router, can i receive MIOTV signal from ONT box? My intention is to remove away the 2wire router from the setup.

    1. If you have the Asus NT-56U wireless router, there is a new firmware, once you update it, you can run MIO TV. For me, I am lazy to remove my Cisco managed switch now. I don't watch too much MIO TV too. So, I am still using my old design. Or you can check out he is the first few guys that ask ASUS to do this for Malaysia broadband, and later ASUS decided to add in Singapore broadband too.

  61. Hi Ken,

    Do you need to change any setting on your ASUS RT-56U wireless router so that the traffic can flow into the NAS for BT downloading purposes?

  62. Hi Ken,

    How did you VLAN tag the homeplug - whether it is the HL280 or the HL115EP?

  63. @Freddy: I did not change anything on homeplug. The homeplug will simply pass thru everything, all the VLAN taggings in and out to another homeplug outlet. So that I can simply plug in the 2Wire + MIOTV.

    Hope this help.


  64. Hi Anonymous,

    It depends on how you set up your BT downloading. For me, I have my iMac running Bit Torrent Client, and store everything onto the NAS. Depends on which ISP that you are using, Most of them will throttle your bit torrent traffic. I have both SingTel and ViewQwest. So, I can clearly see the different when you run downloads on both side. :)

    Did I answer your questions? Thanks.

    >Do you need to change any setting on your ASUS RT-56U wireless router >so that the traffic can flow into the NAS for BT downloading purposes?

  65. Does anyone have the technician password for this Singtel 2Wire router so that I can enable UPnP? I can't get UPnP to work through the media player box that is streaming from my Synology DS410 NAS. Thanks.

  66. Hi Ken,

    I'll have my Singtel Fibre installed next week, but I'm concern about power line noise and am inclined to wireless repeater, do you have any recommendation?


  67. I used both at home. My Singtel line now running on a wireless repeater. My ViewQwest line now runs on the Aztech Homeplug. Both works fine for the last few months. The wireless repeater I bought it from Simlim. But that shop close down. I think they moved it to Burlington Square 7th floor. I will blog my new network setup soon.

  68. @Freddy: I don't have it. That is why I throw away the box. haHaHaHa

  69. hi do you think this is possible?
    modem ---> switcher (ground floor) ---> airport extreme (3rd floor) ---> miotv cable box?
    Would the airport extreme work with the miotv cable box?

    1. no. I don't think it will work. That is because the MIOTV cable box needs to untag the VLAN. But your airport extreme does not understand the VLANs.

      have you tried?

  70. HI,

    i bought the cisco managed switch but the layout is different form yours.

    I managed to connect to my linksys router but i cannot connect the 2wire for the miotv in my room.

    my connection as follow

    ONT>SLM2008T(port2)>Linksys610n>my PC

    I am able to correctly received the wireless signal, but the 2wire no signal.

    I also try this (port3)>Aztech>miotvset. the result still the same.

    any advise ?

    many thanks

    1. The key is to configure port 3 to take in all the VLANS and pass thru it so that the signal in and out is the same, then, port 3 will work.


  71. Hi Kenneth,

    Chance upon while googling what things I can do to my mio router. Interesting! (:

  72. Hi Ken,

    I just got my Fibre 100mbs today.. but it seems that the 2wire cannot make it. i m playing online mmorpg games, the router seems to have performance issue whereby the latency start to rocket up to 4000ms !! Can please advise if i can directly replace that router with my Linksys Wireless N router? I don't need Mio Voice and Mio TV. So current set up : ONT -> Linksys router -> my laptop.. does this work? or do i need to configure anything? please advise. Thanks!

  73. I am not familiar with Linksys router. Can they do VLan tagging? If cannot, then, you cannot use it with Singtel fibre service. You need to have a VLan tagging capable router.

    Another thing, is depends on where is your game server located. Sometimes, it may not be Singtel problem.

  74. Hi Ken,

    Thank you for this information on Cisco SLM, can i find out after following the steps on the above, i was able to use port 2 to connect to air extreme. Can i know how to config port 3 to 8 to use with etc...mac mini..synology nas.. and other devices.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  75. Hi

    On my blog should have the info. Just copy the rest and don't do untag will do.

  76. Hi Ken, Thank you very much for teaching a lot of us how to bypass the singtel router. I have used your suggestion and happily been using cisco smart switch together with linksys e4200 and aztech plugs for a few months now.
    Only problem i have is this, and was hoping you might be able to help: i have a 200 mb singtel plan, and at best i only get 95mb down and 76 up. My setup is:
    ONT->smart switch->e4200. All the aztech and other stuff comes after that, and i tested it plugged directly into the router as well as the smart switch. Appreciate your kind time and feedback!!!
    Kind regards, Willem

    1. I have the same E4200 and got the same problem as you. Did a search on the internet and apparently all the recent firmware for the E4200 will limit you to just 100mb down.

      I guess your choice is either to change your router, or to try to find the 1st generation firmware which apparently did not have the speed limitation.

  77. Hi, i managed to set the 2wire 5012 to bridge with the service light "red" being the confirmation. However, the moment I plug out the ethernet from the lan port of the modem, the red light goes off and the bridge mode is gone. I tried connect the from the 2wire lan to the wan of Asus RT-N56 but the red light did not come back up. What could be the issue here?

  78. can i use a dlink dap2553 to connect directly to 2wire 5012nv ? if yes how to go about doing this?

  79. You can access the ONT's Webconfig by unplugging the fibre cable, connecting to port one of ONT and giving yourself a static address.
    The ONT's Address is Not much to change though.

  80. Hi Ken, if I configured the SingTel Fibre Optic 2Wire 5012NV Router to "Bridge" and then connect to my Linksys E4200 Router, will it work? If yes, does this configuration means I am using the full functionality of my Linksys E4200 as the main Router and not SingTel 5012NV degraded Router but just used it for VLAN tagging?

  81. @Max

    By right it should work. But I personally have not try that.

  82. @AndyQ

    First you must yourself what you want to do with the new router? Do you want to run it as a bridge or router? If run as router, it may or may not work. If run as bridge, it will work as your downclient will get the ip address from the Singtel ont.


  83. @Jack

    Not sure what problem you facing. Thus cannot help or comment.


  84. @Anonymous

    Your E4200 ranked 11th on small network builder router chart. The performance should not be far behind asus black diamond. So you should get more rather than <100mb. The only thing is how you do the speed test? Did you select singtel's site, or other site? If you use Singtel, then suggest you write a nasty letter to them to ask about it. Make sure you cannot via LAN cable, not wireless.


  85. Great blog Ken! Thanks on behalf of unhappy-with-Singtel-2Wire users.

    Just kudos, no question :)

  86. HI Ken, Nice write up on Singtel issue.

    I have a issue and hope you are able to help.

    How can i link up a spare Pace5012NV by RJ45 to my Aztech GR7000 router which is connected to WAN port from Aztech 1015ew(s) ( one of the ethernet port out) ?

    Ok why im using Aztech GR7000, it to boost the wireless of Aztech1015ew(s) B&G wireless and to use it as a gigabyte port. Aztech 1015ew(s) or Pace5012nv both does not come with gigabyte port except a port from Pace1015NV.

    The Aztech 1015ew(s) B & G wireless is able to cover my whole 5 rooms HDB point room flat but been cutting off and on. The Wireless from Pace5012NV is totally screwed . I cant get a good speed by standing 5 to 10 meters away and looking at the modem some more ... My GR7000 is about 50% better then Pace. not forgetting Singtel always like to comment, if you are using 3th party products, you are on your own and they cant troubleshoot or give support ! hate it when you say that .

    Hope you can able to solve my issue if you have the time

    Thanks & regards,
    9119313 eight

  87. Few comments:
    1. In your home, Aztech 1015ew seems to be the main ADSL router. This connect to SingTel ADSL network. So, if you want to extend your network, or wireless, the rest of the router has to be configured as BRIDGE MODE so that the Aztech 1015ew is the only router that gives DHCP and NAT.

    2. I am not sure what is your home wireless devices? if it is 802.11 b or g, then, it's IDEAL speed is UP-TO 11Mbps or 54Mbps. Also, I am not sure what is the PC, Laptop devices you used, whether or not they have Gigabits port or not? Unless you have a Gigabits NAS, and you seriously won't need Gigabits port. Remember, 11Mbps and 54Mbps is IDEAL, practically, you always get 30%-50% of the speed. Depending on where you place the wireless access point. Normally, WiFi signal won't just dropped, if it does, it could due to a lot of reasons, so, let's not blame it to the access point before fully understand your home setup.

    3. Also, your WAN speed (Internet speed) must be lesser than 25Mbps as it is ADSL. So, IMHO, whether or not running on Gigabits or 100baseT speed it does not matter.

    Where do you setup your access point?
    Where is the access point suppose to cover?
    what is the rooms layout?
    Where do you face most dropped network?

  88. Have you tried VPN with RT-N56U router?
    I bought a RT-N66U router, but not able to establish a VPN through internet.

  89. @Anonymous. Yes! By default the VPN pass thru mode (i think it is called this)is off? So, once you turn on, VPN will work. My strongVPN and my my wife's HP VPN also works once it is turn on.

  90. Hi Ken,

    Many thanks for putting up this excellent page. Like many others who've posted here, I've found it most helpful.

    Have a question for you if you don't mind..

    Have bought the Asus NT 56U router and will attempt to set it up as you've suggested. However, was wondering if it's possible to run either the MIO Voice phone line or the MIO TV off either a wireless bridge or powerline LAN, ie

    TP--> NT 56U --> wireless bridge --> 2wire router --> MIO voice phone, &
    TP--> NT 56U --> Powerline LAN --> MIO TV + other IPTV

    It seems from your posts that MIO TV and MIO Voice ports cannot be untagged, while all other internet traffic should go through untagged ports? Is there a way around this?

    Thanks for your help in advance!

    S Yong

  91. Hi Ken,

    I need some advise.

    I working on some settings for a small office. We have Singtel fibre on ONT mode and not RG mode. So there's no VLAN tagging. The problem is, the router does not seem to dish out DHCP addresses properly to the computers on the network. Only a handful of them get the assigned IP addresses from the router.

    I'm thinking of replacing the Netgear router with something more robust. Maybe a Cisco RV042G.

    How do you get your AP to capture the dynamic IP address from Singtel. I need to see if I can hook up the ONT directly to the switch (ONT mode) and get the router to just dish out IP addresses as a DHCP server.

    Any help is appreciated.

    - Jack

  92. You are genius! :)
    I'm going to get the SLM2008T and try out your method. Hope it works for me.
    I got a Mio TV STB, Digital Tel Line and Fibre BB.
    Thank you for the great info!!!

  93. Hi Ken,

    Thank you for putting this up and sharing this. I really appreciate the effort to share this as I'm not really tech savvy. This have given me an idea when I'm building my home network soon. You have shown us the light. Thanks.


  94. Hi Ken,
    My first post went disappeared after published. So I am trying to rewrite everything all.
    I have a current config ONT>2wire 5012NV>AP extreme>AP express. All devices works well without any glitch. However, I tried to install a QNAP NAS behind the AP extreme ended up with a double NAT problem. The same set of problem you mentioned. The worst thing is that I do not know how to assign a static ip address to each devices and disable NAT on the 2wire. The QNAP NAS could not be connected over the internet for some reasons I do not know. The DDNS is working. Do you think the SLM2008 switch could solve this problem? My MIO is bundled with some kids channel which my baby is watching. Will these still be accessible with the switch installed? Thank you in advance for your advice.

  95. Hi Ken,

    They just swap my 2wire with Aztech DSL 7000GRV and the bridging doesn't work anymore. I manage to get the advance configuration login password. But I don't know what to do inside there. would you care to help?

  96. got a question. will mioTV still work if I were to connect an unmanaged switch (eg cisco se2500) inbetween the 5012nv and set top box?

    5012nv -> switch -> mio box

  97. Ken,

    i followed your guide and bought a switch exaclty as you recommended.
    When i turn it on, the interface looked entirely different from your like there is no Tx force nor the ports and LAG are the same as you described here.
    Now i am stuck as to how to config this switch to make it work.
    It all started that when i switched to Singnet fibre, my company VPN does not work anymore, i thought this method will help me to use my TPLINK router so as to make my VPN works, now i am stuck, please help.



  98. LMK, sorry I have used this for my own use for last two years, and it has been running well. Equipment may updates their software from time to time, UI may changes. I don't have those new hardware to test. May be you post it in other forum to see if other people can help out?

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  103. I connected a cisco SG200-08(SLM2008) to ONT and then a router RV042G to SG200-08. Internet access is fine, the router has an IP from Singtel, however, ping from internet does not reach the router. I am using the RV042G to create a VPN for my own.

  104. Hi I need your assistance urgently. I bought the Mi router with nas attached. I not able to get internet access from my aztech modem 7002 model. Using singtel provider. Must I get a gigabit switch?

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