Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CT Heart Scan Vs. Angiogram

Date:  June 14, 2011


Lying down on the bed, being conscious, and watching how your heart pump and beat is a kind of enjoyment.  You know your heart is pumping hard, yet, you try to stay calm.... Of course, talking to the nurses and doctor does help a lot.  I must say, before going into the room, I have prepared the worst what the doctor could possibly said, and I am prepared to continue to do the stem and balloon if necessary.

In 2007, I took an easy way out.  I don't want to run on treadmill and opt for a CT Heart Scan.  Everything is fine except that there is a minor coronary artery being blocked about 43%.  My doctor said it is nothing to worry about, but need to watch out the diet and take medicine for the cholesterol.


In 2010, I took the same test again, because being lazy, don't want to run.  However, the report used the  word "Severe" this time.  The heart is pumping OK, but this "severe proximal narrowing" got me worried a bit.


So, I decided to see a Chronologist last week and he recommend an Angiogram procedures (a one day surgery) to check it out.  And I done my Angiogram yesterday.

The Angiogram procedures takes only 10 minutes.  The doctor job is to pump the dye into your blood stream vein, and record down how the dye travels from all sort of different angle.  The CT images on the TV clearly see how thick your vein is, and how the blood flood into your heart.

The doctor, said "Everything is fine!", less than 50% blockage in the LAD.  And he rewind the video on the spot and explained to me, this is where the report said it is "severe".  But it is only less than 50% blocked.  The rest as you can see, all are fine.  So, no need to do any balloon or stems.  Only > 70% you need to consider a balloon and stems.

Wow.  That is indeed a great news to me. I felt sudden relieve when I heard that.  Continue the medicine, continue your diet, and continue your exercise.  You should be fine for the next few years.

The Angiogram delivered the most accurate result of a heart scan.  Dr. Koh also explained to me, what is the reason he don't really like the CT Heart Scan, as it is only accurate when it is below 50% blockage.  When it goes up to the margin, or beyond, the result started to be erratic.  When they claimed severe as in our case, it less than 50%.  But he admits it is a good tool to at least to show the earliest symptoms of a vein blockage.

So, lesson learned.  In my next medical check up, I will do my treadmill test in the chronologist's clinic, and then based on that to determine whether my condition has worsen or not.  And then a few years time another Angiogram if needed.


Oh, Thanks for those friends, relatives who prayed for me, be it Christians, Buddhist, or Muslim or no religion... Thank you.  I am healthy, and happy now.



  1. You might want to reconsider



    look up

    Dr. Davis, a prominent cardiologist, is a wealth of information on cardio care. He says seeing and measuring plaque is the only accurate way to know if heart disease exists and/or is progressing

  2. Came across your blog while looking for information on homeplugs on singnet. Have a question for you actually in that post.

    Congrats on the results of the angiogram. It must have brought u much relief.

    A question here on CT Scan..Isn't there some danger to X-ray radiation for CT Scan ? 3 years gap (2007 and 2010) sufficient ?

    I did a CT scan in 2010 too after some discomfort in the chest. It is fine with no observable blockage although i have very high chloestrol (on medication for the last 8 years).

    Thus wondering when should be next time i did another CT scan.

  3. I am no expert in answering this question. But I do regular check up, and I am sure if it is not safe, doctor will advise me.